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Ceiling Ladder Rack

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This ceiling ladder rack is the best way to store your long bulky ladder. Instead of laying it on the ground or trying to use some hooks on the wall, use all the space overhead that you never even think about. This ladder lift is equipped with a mechanical pulley which means your ladder feels a lot lighter than it is, to be specific an 8:1 mechanical advantage (An 80lb ladder feels like 10bs). This ladder rack is actually a lot easier than trying to hoist the ladder onto a pair of wall hooks. 

The way the ladder racks works is that one end is a fixed steel hook that holds one end of the ladder and the other end is where you attach the strap and pulley rope. The strap is attached to the rope which goes through the pulley that allows you to easily lift the ladder to the ceiling, up and out of the way. The lift is rated for 150lbs so it should store all your big heavy ladders with ease. Because the two ends are separate pieces, you can easily store any length ladder, just mount the two ends the appropriate distance apart. 

This was designed for ladder storage and it does that exceptionally well but since it is such a tough rack you can use it for a lot of other creative overhead storage ideas such as storing your motorcycle ramps. Just think of the possibilities.

  • 8:1 mechanical advantage 
  • Rack capacity = 150 lbs
Great Product
Posted: March 23, 2013
Written by: Terry Justice

I received the product quickly and it works great. Easy to install and allowed me to hang two ladders from the ceiling rafters.

  Can this product be used on a covered open carport?  
This ladder lift installs into ceiling joists, so it would depend on how the ceiling of your carport is constructed, as without such structural joists, you would not be able to properly install the lift, or have it support the load. Another factor to consider is that the hooks for this ladder are made out of steel, and so are not weather or rust proof for long-term use outdoors.
  Is this safe for the weight of a 24 foot fiberglass ladder?  
The ceiling rack has a maximum capacity of 150 lbs, according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Your 24 foot fiberglass ladder is probably in the 45-55 pound range, so would be fine.
  How far down in inches does the ladder hang from the ceiling? From ceiling to bottom of ladder? I have to hang it above garage door and need to know if it has enough clearance to open and close garage door.  
The ladder lift-rack needs a 16” clearance on either end, if installed above the garage door.
  Will it work with step ladders?  
This ceiling rack could possibly be made to work for step ladders. The fixed metal hook will need something to hook onto to though, at the one end. For an extension ladder, the metal J-Hook holds the top rung, and for platform ladders, the top of the platform is held on the J-hook, to give you an idea. The strap at the other end is adjustable, so should be able to work for most items. There are installation and usage instructions on our listing here, that can be opened up and viewed online, which might give you an idea whether it will work for you.

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