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Kayak Storage Rack | Freestanding

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Product Description

A very stable Free Standing Kayak Storage Rack. This Kayak Storage Rack has a very nice design with the top kayak/canoe laying flat and then the bottom shelf allowing the boat to be stored in an upright fashion. This rack comes standard as a two kayak holder but you can add an additional arm to the backside to store a total of 3 kayaks or canoes. Having the top storage rack level means you can hoist your kayak on top will all the rigging and gear you need without having to take everything off. This also serves as a good spot to work on your kayak if necessary. The top rack is 42" off the ground, so depending on your height you might need a stool but this provides a nice stable place to work on your kayak. 

Many customers prefer freestanding racks because of their ease of use. Instead of having to fasten a rack to the wall all you need to do for this rack is assemble it and put it on a flat level surface. You can also move this rack around much easier (unloaded of course) in case you want to have it one place during the kayaking season and then move it out of the way during the off season. 

The arms that hold your kayaks are padded in high density foam which will protect your kayak while it is in storage. The lower level arm is also equipped to fold up when it is not in use. 

The top rack can hold a kayak up to 90lbs and the bottom rack can hold a kayak up to 65 lbs. This rack is also a good way to store your canoe, SUP, or cargo box. Once you get it you are going to wonder why you didn't buy it sooner.  

  • 48.5" wide x 42" tall x 25.25" deep
  • Top rack supports up to 90 lbs
  • Bottom rack supports up to 65 lbs
Excellent customer service, excellent product
Posted: September 24, 2015
Written by: Kyle V.

Great experience. The original order was missing a part. I called StoreYourBoard customer service on a Sunday and got a live person without waiting on hold at all! That person took detailed notes and next day I received an email from StoreYourBoard asking me to send a picture of the missing part. I sent the picture and received the needed part within a couple days...Very helpful. The product is great, too. High quality components and very sturdy. Stores my (2) kayaks exactly as hoped.

Kayak Storage Rack | Freestanding
Kayak storage rack freestanding
Posted: August 27, 2014
Written by: Ray W.

Sturdy, well worth the price.

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Can the steel freestanding kayak racks accept casters so they can be rolled while loaded?
This kayak stand does not work with casters, however we have this freestanding kayak stand that will work with casters while loaded, for comparison.
Can this kayak rack be used to store SUPs? We have two 12'6" SUPs with catamaran hulls and need a storage solution. Width at center of the boards is 28" and they are about 8" thick.
The stand can hold a kayak up to 30" wide, so the width of your SUPs might be fine, but the length of them would probably be a questionmark, as the stand has a very narrow stance, and is not very long, so it might not be the most stable and secure option for your specialized boards. A better option for them would be this freestanding suspension system. With it, you can set each side of the rack stands at whatever distance you need, so the length of your SUPs wouldn't be a problem; it also has a state of the art cradling/strap system to not only hold the boards in place, but it also applies zero pressure points to your SUPs, which helps protect your boards while in storage; it also is a very expandable system.
Can the top be adjusted to hold the kayak on it's side as opposed to flat?
This freestanding rack's top level cannot be adjusted to hold a kayak on its side - its for flat storage of your kayak. If you order the expansion rack for adding 3rd kayak, that would attach to the other side of the rack, and would allow you to store a 2nd kayak on its side.
I asked this same question about a previous rack that was 28" wide. This one is 25.5" wide and has other features I like. Will it also support a 30" wide kayak?
While only about 25.5" deep overall, this kayak stand can hold a kayak up to 30" wide. The top level can only hold the kayak flat, so it might not fit there well, since the ends of the rack arms angle up some, though it could probably sit on that level, but the bottom level would be fine to store it on its side, which would probably be preferable.
Can this free standing kayak rack be placed in the water
Our Freestanding Kayak Rack can be exposed to the elements outdoors in a fresh-water location, but it isn't meant or engineered for standing in water.

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