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Wakeboard Storage Rack

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Product Description

garage-wakeboard-rack.jpgExtremely versatile wakeboard rack. It is also super strong to hold all your wakeboards and gear. This wakeboard storage rack will hold up to 4 wakeboards or you can use it to store your other boards like wake surfers, wake skates, water skis, snowboards, surfboards, skateboard, skis, kiteboards, and any others. 

This wakeboard rack is built from steel so it will stand up to the wear and tear for years to come. The great thing about this rack is that it is based off of 2 vertical support members. These are independent of each other so you can mount them on your wall at a spacing that will accommodate all your boards. The rack also includes 4 sets of arms that can be locked into the rack at any location along the vertical supports. The great thing about this is it can accommodate any wakeboard, with bindings or without, just find the perfect spacing and lock the arms in. Take a look at the video below to learn more about what this rack can do: 

The wakeboard rack also has holes cut into the arm brackets to take hangers or clips which can be used to hold things like life jackets, wetsuits, helmets, mainline, handles. This wakeboard storage rack will hold ALL your wakeboard gear so you have a nice compact spot on the wall to safely store your wakeboards and gear so you are ready for your next session. 

Have a wake surfer? Have a wakeskate? Have water skis? This is the wakeboard rack you need to store all your water sports gear! Get one now and you will wonder what you did before you had this rack.

Rack Vertical Uprights can be mounted at varying widths to accommodate all your boards.

Rack includes installation hardware and mounting instructions.

If you're are just looking for additional rack arms, then check out these extra rack arms

  • Arms are 14.6" long
  • 3" wide cradle for your board
  • Total vertical height of support beam is 48"

If you have a lot of wakeboards and gear that you need to get organized - this is the rack for you.  Not only can you store wakeboards but it will also hold wakesurfers, kneeboards, wakeskates, waterskis, and many more.  With the open circles in the arms it is also really easy to fit an hanger to hold and dry your life vest, wet suit, and mainlines.  The fact that this wakeboard rack has the adjustable arms lets you store all this gear with ease.  For example, if you have a wakesurfer you are not going to have bindings so the vertical space you need is less that what you would need for a wakeboard with bindings.  I just love that you can store a ton of stuff in a very small space and keep it all organized.  If you are a wakeboarding, you pretty much have to have a lot of gear - get this rack to get organized!

Did I mention it also looks pretty sweet when it is loaded up with all your boards!

Ride on,

Josh Gordon 



Perfect Rack
Posted: August 28, 2014
Written by: Shelley C.

We bought two of these for our boathouse and absolutely love them. We love the storage for the boards but also love that we can hang wet suits and life jackets on hangers and hang the hangers via the holes on the bottom arm.

Satisfied customer
Posted: June 19, 2014
Written by: Susan Z.

It was just what we needed to store our wake boards. It was also easy to install.

Good, but could use some work
Posted: June 19, 2014
Written by: Zachary R.

This storage rack is nice if you are storing boards just in your garage or something, however, the blue rubber part that protects the boards easily comes off if not put on slowly and carefully. Another issue I have with this product is how over priced it is. You can find the wall mount in a hardware store for $2 each as well as the rack attachment arms that instead of coming out at an angle, come out straight. If you are looking for a cheap way to mount your boards just go to a hardware store and do it for less than $10. But this product needs to be redesigned and have more to offer if they want this company wants to sell it for so much.

Have to work with it.
Posted: June 12, 2014
Written by: Michael S.

The screws given weren't very strong. I broke one or two and some got dull. So I had to replace all of them. Also When putting the shelf like arms on the bracket... I notice that is was very flimsy and easy to detach from the the bracket. This made me worry about my boards falling down.

However, none of my three boards have fallen after a couple of months. The setup was quick and easy, once I replaced the screws. The whole setup looks great and everyone loves it.

On the fence if I would have bought it again but satisfied.

Storage Rack
Posted: June 9, 2014
Written by: Billy K.

This rack does great holding all your boards and keeps the clutter down in the garage. The adjustable arms makes it nice for different size boards. Good Job!

Love it
Posted: June 6, 2014
Written by: Charles S.

I love it!!!!!

Wake and surf board Storage Rack
Posted: December 3, 2013
Written by: Dave Nichols

Great product. Installed easily and works very well for wake and surf board storage. We back our boat in and store the boards on the wall from the swim step.

Decent Board Rack
Posted: September 30, 2013
Written by: Mario

It is ridiculous to assume your studs will be placed in the exact location you want your board rack. However, drywall screws (3/16" diameter, 3" long, toggle bolts) work great and are very strong.

Nonetheless, standard toggle BOLTS HAVE ROUNDED HEADS, yet the boardrack frame (or alternatively the rack arms) are not inset to accommodate the rounded heads. Therefore, if you want to use strong toggle bolts, find something different without rounded heads. This will allow you to mount anywhere without having to limit the placement of the rack arms. (Personally, I just left the rack arms with awkward spacing since it worked for my variety of boards.)

ALSO, the rack arms are tilted at too strong an angle, and with boards in, you cannot use the arm holes for clipping purposes. LASTLY, the rack arms are not as long, strong, or sturdy as you might think.

Still, great rack at a good price. I made it work and am satisfied. (I had ordered supplemental rack arms, but they didn't come on time...but it didn't matter because they wouldn't have worked, and the StoreYourBoard gave me a discount for their mistake...great customer service.)

Got Screwed?
Posted: August 23, 2013
Written by: Sott

Overall really like the rack and installation was quick and easy. However, I was really disappointed with the mounting hardware. 3 of the 8 screws needed to mount the rack snapped during installation. Luckily an extra 2 were provided in the bag and I had 1 random screw in the garage that did the trick. Would like to see better quality hardware with the rack.

Wakeboard Storage Rack
Posted: July 9, 2013
Written by: Anthony Dillenger

The rack was amazing and I was able to put 5 wakeboards inside our building when we are done for the weekend. I would recommend this rack to anybody looking to save space and get your wakeboards in a safer place too. We might even add another rack later on.

Great Rack!
Posted: April 22, 2013
Written by: Brandon

I bought two of these racks to hold our surf boards, long boards and a few other things. The racks and arms are awesome. The screws they sent with the racks are junk though. I broke four screws trying to tighten them. Just pick up a pack of screws from the hardware store and you are set.

Wake Rack
Posted: March 14, 2013
Written by: Zach

I never thought about getting a wake rack for my garage before but one of my buddies got this rack from StoreYourBoard and told me about it. It is a sweet rack, keeps my wakeboards organized in the garage until the next shred session! I also keep my snowboard on it which is nice

Posted: December 6, 2012
Written by: Trent J.

I got this rack to store my 2 wakeboards and 2 wake surfers in my garage. I usually keep at least one wakeboard and one wakesurfer in the boat but for the winter I take everything out of the boat for storage. Typically this means I stack up my boards against the wall in my garage until spring comes around. Now that I have this wakeboard rack all my boards are up on the wall and I have much more room in my garage!

  I am interested in the wake board storage system. I only have 46" of vertical space. What is the material? I'm thinking of cutting 2" off the top (the rough edge would be at the ceiling). Do you think I could do that?  
The rack is made from a mild steel. You should be able to cut off a couple inches of the vertical uprights with any common metal cutting tool such as a reciprocating saw. Since the vertical uprights have slots all along, you will be able to place the arms along the new 46" verticals and still be able to store your boards.
What material are the arms on this kiteboard rack made of? Are the arms cushioned?
The arms of this wakeboard rack are made out of a heavy gauge steel, that is then coated to help resist corrosion and damage. The top edge of the arms, where the boards sit, are then wrapped with a soft, polymer pad, to protect your boards.
  How far out from the wall do the arms reach?  
The arms on this board storage rack are 14.6" long, but because they are at an angle, they only reach out about 10" from the wall.

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snowboard home storage rack
wake surf board rack
$89.99 $69.95
wakeboard rack for fishing boats
freestanding wakeboard rack
$134.99 $129.99

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