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Product Highlights

  • Indoor or outdoor use! Powder coated frame
  • Steel construction is built to last
  • Store your 2 kayaks anywhere you want
  • Add wheels and crossbar to increase mobility
  • Integrated safety strap for ultimate boat security
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2-Boat Kayak Storage | Freestanding Storage

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Product Highlights

  • Indoor or outdoor use! Powder coated frame
  • Steel construction is built to last
  • Store your 2 kayaks anywhere you want
  • Add wheels and crossbar to increase mobility
  • Integrated safety strap for ultimate boat security
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Product Description

The Double Kayak Floor Stand is part of Suspenz's premium line of freestanding kayak racks! This particular kayak rack consists of 2 basic components: a freestanding frame (U-shaped base support and a vertical support post) and 2 sets of 2 rack arms that attach to the freestanding frame to store your 2 kayaks. We also offer similar racks for 3 Kayaks4 Kayaks5 Kayaks or 6 Kayaks.

Freestanding Storage Frame. 2 separate base frame pieces come with this rack. The 2 freestanding frames are not attached to one another so you can set them up at whatever distance you need to accommodate your kayaks. Leveling feet on the bottom of the frames ensure that you set up your frames leveled, despite uneven mounting surfaces. This is great for unpaved surfaces like outdoor spaces, gravel, or dirt. Additionally, you can choose to add accessories that integrate directly with your frames: caster wheelsshelf brackets, and a connecting cross bar (see below). 

Rack Arms. These are Suspenz's "EZ Kayak Rack" arms; they're covered in high quality 600D Nylon foam padding to prevent abrasions, dents, and hull distortions that would occur if your kayaks rested directly on metal rack arms. Built into each rack arm is an adjustable and easy-to-use safety strap to keep your kayak securely in the rack. This strap provides peace of mind for your favorite boat and prevents your kayak from accidentally falling out.

Steel Construction. The kayak rack's monolithic, tubular steel construction will ensure a long lifetime and allows you to store a variety of size and shape kayaks! With a weight capacity of 100lbs (per level), this rack is suitable for most whitewater, sit-on-tops, and smaller recreational kayaks. This rack will store your kayak on its side (gunnel) where it is strongest, too.

Indoor and Outdoor Use. The rack and frame both are finished with a powder-coat built to withstand indoor and outdoor elements and not rust or deteriorate. This means you can move your kayak rack (hopefully using the optional wheels!) from your garage, to your car for loading and unloading, to your dock or deck, to wherever else you want it, and you'll know it will last.


Caster Wheels and Crossbar Kit - as an option, we offer a caster wheel and adjustable crossbar kit:

  • Caster Wheels: the caster wheels include 4 locking and 4 non-locking wheels that replace the leveling feet and integrate directly into the rack. This allows you to move your rack to wherever you need it, and lock it in place so it stays there.
  • Adjustable Crossbar: the crossbar is adjustable in length from 4ft to 7ft and connects the two freestanding towers. This adds stability while you're storing your kayaks and connects your freestanding frames to make it a lot easier to move your rack. We strongly recommend the casters and crossbar set.

This product has a one year warranty from the manufacturer. 

  • 24" x 24" base for each freestanding frame
  • Total freestanding frame height is 48"
  • EZ rack extends 21" out from frame
  • Holds up to 100lbs per level
  • (2) Sets of EZ kayak rack arms
  • (2) U-shaped base supports
  • (2) Vertical support posts
  • Steel core self-leveling feet
  • Mounting hardware and instructions
What is the difference between this 2-Boat Kayak Floor Stand | Suspenz EZ Rack stand and the 2-Kayak Freestanding Rack | Suspenz Jay Rack? How do I know which is best for me?
Both of these rack systems are made by the same manufacturer, and are excellent freestanding choices for storing kayaks and SUPs.
The"EZ rack" has EZ arms to hold the kayaks: they are padded, and the kayak lies on its side on the padding, then a safety strap holds the kayak on the arm. The padding will offer protection for the hull of your kayak.
The "Jay Rack" system has J-shaped rack arms to hold the Kayaks; the Jay Racks offer even more protection for a Kayak or SUP. The board or kayak is suspended in the suspension cradling system in a Jay Rack, on its side, which prevents any pressure points from occurring and damaging a board or kayak over time -- so generally the Jay Racks are a good way to protect your investment in your kayaks when you are not out on them.
So the main difference between the two different stands is the difference in the type of rack arms they have to hold the kayaks, though both sets of rack arms have the same load capacity, each set of arms can hold boats or boards up to 125 lbs.

Otherwise, they are the same modular freestanding system, and both have an optional set of casters and a stabilizing crossbar that can be purchased as an add-on, should you wish to have the ability to move the stand around.
What is the max. width / height limitation for each kayak if you want to store 2 kayaks on the free standing EZ rack?
Our 2 kayak freestanding rack works best for 2 boats if they are each 34" wide or less. If they are much wider, there is an extension post that can be special ordered which makes the frame taller, so you have more vertical space to work with for your kayaks
If I don't get the caster wheels and crossbar can I purchase them separately later if I find that I want them?
Yes, for use with our two kayak freestanding racks, the caster wheel sets and crossbar can be purchased separately, later, at those links
Excellent Product and Service
Posted: March 27, 2017
Written by: Carl F.

The stand is industrial strength and works better than advertised!

all good
Posted: December 29, 2016
Written by: Cay J.

I did have trouble figuring out which screws went to which location. but once that was figured out, it all went together easily. Thanks for supplying tools very helpful. directions were comical, I did have a cocktail after putting i all together. Kayaks seem to be happy, they never complain. thanks.

Well made, perfect
Posted: December 28, 2016
Written by: Patrifcia S.

I bought these racks to store my 2 ocean kayaks in the garage. They were easy to assemble and light enough for me to move to their winter home in the garage. I am very pleased and will never regret my choice. I may move them outside for the summer.

kayak stand
Posted: November 23, 2016
Written by: Dean C.

Very good product. I bought this to create some space in my garage, and mount it on the wall in the spring. Very sturdy easy to assemble.

Works perfect
Posted: October 26, 2016
Written by: Greg A.

Didn't buy caster set but added on later aftermarket casters. Casters make it much easier in garage to move around.

Better than advertised
Posted: October 18, 2016
Written by: Brent K.

When I ordered this I thought that the price was a little high for my budget but after receiving the stand and seeing the quality of the unit I would say that it was a very good price.

2-Boat Kayak Floor Stand | Freestanding Storage
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