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Product Highlights

  • Steel construction - holds boards up to 100lbs!
  • 8" wide opening can holds extra thick inflatable SUPs
  • Indoor or freshwater outdoor use!
  • Integrated safety strap for ultimate board security
  • Zero pressure points - unique suspension system
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Clearance - Suspension SUP Wall Rack - Cosmetic Imperfections

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Product Highlights

  • Steel construction - holds boards up to 100lbs!
  • 8" wide opening can holds extra thick inflatable SUPs
  • Indoor or freshwater outdoor use!
  • Integrated safety strap for ultimate board security
  • Zero pressure points - unique suspension system
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Product Description

suspension-sup-wall-rack.jpgThis is a clearance version of our very popular Suspension SUP Wall Rack. This clearance rack is 100% functional, but has cosmetic imperfections mostly light scratches around the clip which holds the strap . Examples of these cosmetic imperfections are shown in the photos. Clearance items are sold as-is, no warranty, no returns.

The Suspension SUP Wall Rack is a unique stand up paddleboard wall rack because it will store your board with zero pressure points. Made by Suspenz, this rack includes their exclusive Cradling Strap System (CSS) which is effectively a suspension strap system. These suspension straps conform to your board's geometry and are what allow this rack to not create any pressure points on your board - awesome!

What SUPs does it hold? This Suspension SUP Wall Rack also is great due to its heavy duty and powder coated metal frame. The rack's monolithic, tubular steel construction allows you to store SUPs up to 100 lbs! The U-cradle of the rack is 8" wide, so you can store wider touring and race SUPs in the rack, too.

Powder Coated Finish. A powder coating on this rack allows you to use this rack for indoor use or outdoor use in freshwater environments. Having a rack you can use in your home, garage, shed, or even on the boat dock is a HUGE advantage. For outdoor storage in saltwater environments, here's a Galvanized Outdoor version of this rack.

Safety Tie Down Straps. The SUP rack has built in, adjustable safety straps to ensure your paddleboard stays securely in place. This keeps your SUPs secure when they're stored outdoors in a windy spot or if you're afraid someone might bump into your board. 

Already own this rack and want to expand it to hold 2 SUPs? We offer a complete expansion rack kit to help you do just that! You can also upgrade to these Quick Release Wall Mount Brackets for easier adjustment of your rack's arms!

About Suspenz:
Suspenz is one of the leaders in kayak home storage. Known for their bright yellow powder coat finish and unique suspension strap system, Suspenz makes a great product at an affordable price. Suspenz's main feature is their Cradling Strap System (CSS). This is a suspension strap system found on most of their racks that ensures there will never be any pressure points applied to your kayak or board. Additionally, Suspenz is known for highly customizable, expandable, and universal storage systems. All Suspenz products also have a one year warranty from the manufacturer. 

  • 21.5" tall along wall
  • Extends 10" out from wall
  • Has 8" opening for boards
  • Holds up to 100lbs
  • Includes two rack arms, to hold one board
  • Mounting holes are space 4" apart, vertically

Determine spacing for the SUP racks. As with all Suspenz racks, the ideal spacing is 40 percent of boat length, at least that’s what the engineers say. Always anchor into a wooden wall stud. Use a mounting screw to mark the hole locations. The mounting holes are spaced 4 inches apart. Use a 3/16 drill bit. Soap the screw threads – an old carpenter’s trick. Leaving the top screw loose makes it easy to rotate the rack to find the bottom screw hole. Studs are typically on 16 inch centers. Mount second rack arm at same height as first.

Adjusting the rack straps: Undo velcro on the safety strap. Undo velcro on the support strap. Set length so SUP is suspended without touching the arm. Re-attach velcro to position safety strap. Secure SUP with safety strap. With the expansion plate kit, it is easy to add storage for a second SUP. Assembling a double SUP rack. The single SUP configuration extends 10 inches from the wall. The double SUP configuration extends 20 inches from the wall.

Hey! This is Josh from here today to talk about the Suspension Standup Paddleboard Rack. Here it is in front of me alone and here it is on the wall. It does a really nice job of storing your paddleboard. The coolest thing about it is the suspension part, so here is the arm by itself, so you get two of these. You can space them whatever distance you need, depending on the length of your board and where your studs are, whatever firm mounting space you’re going to mount that to, go ahead and line them up. We got to have space kind of in the center that works well, so you got two of those and it’s made from really, really heavy-duty box steel, so this thing is really built tough. It has some nice nylon webbing that is what forms the suspension.

This top piece is to kind of strap your board in for extra security, so that’s this part right here. I’m going to undo that quick and the bottom part is what really suspends your board from touching any metal. With boards like this, this is a nice fiberglass board, surf-style SUP, pretty expensive. We want to make sure we keep those edges ding-free and this suspension style where the board rests here doesn’t touch any of this metal is really a cool option that a lot of customers like.

You get two of these. You get a hardware pack with four nice heavy-duty screws and then you mount it to your wall just like this. Like I said, once you have it loaded in, you can see right down here there’s room that the board is floating in this suspension-wise, so it’s a really great, great solution for that. What you have is with the racks, you got it’s thick enough 10 inches from the wall, so this is 10 inches, so it’s a very compact rack. People love it. Put it against the side of your garage, plenty of room to pull your car in still. Put it in your basement. Put it in your house. It’s a great rack.

Inside you got about 8 inches. This strapping is adjustable, so you kind of adjust how far this goes up and down and then with this piece, it adjusts to accommodate different widths of standup paddleboards as well. So you got 8 inches in the center and you got 10 inches out from the wall, very compact. With that, that’s how it works. This board has fins in it. It has about 6-inch fin in it, so just the way it kind of floats you’re able to have it with the front side facing out. You can just easily put your fins with the fins facing out if you have a deep fin, if you have a wide board and that works well, too. Check it out! The Standup Paddleboard Suspension Rack at

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