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Product Highlights

  • Build a custom multi-sport rack to fit your watercraft collection
  • "On the spot" pricing and build out of your ideal rack
  • Heavy duty steel construction won't buckle, bend or fracture
  • Select marine grade construction for all-weather use
  • "No stress" arms eliminate paddleboard fatique
  • Heavy duty kayak arms support 100 lbs.
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Customizable SUP and Kayak Freestanding Rack | Outdoor Storage for Up to 6 Kayaks & SUPs

Our Price: $199.99

Product Highlights

  • Build a custom multi-sport rack to fit your watercraft collection
  • "On the spot" pricing and build out of your ideal rack
  • Heavy duty steel construction won't buckle, bend or fracture
  • Select marine grade construction for all-weather use
  • "No stress" arms eliminate paddleboard fatique
  • Heavy duty kayak arms support 100 lbs.
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Product Description

We've helped so many people build out a custom freestanding storage rack that we created a "Build Your Own" listing that will guide you through the process of selecting the rack to fit your collection of SUPs, kayaks, surfboards, and even a canoe. Check out the info below so you can build the perfect rack for your needs!

Customize Your Rack Configuration: the rack consists of a 2 heavy-duty steel freestanding frames to which you attach your selection of SUP and Kayak storage arms.

  • Mix SUPs and Kayaks. Choose how many arms you need for how many boards and boats you have: 
    • SUP arms are "U-shaped" storage arms; if only storing SUPs, the rack will hold 4 SUPs.
    • Kayak arms are "J-shaped" storage arms; if only storing Kayaks, the rack will hold 6 kayaks.
  • Single or Double Sided Storage: your rack frame will have arms on a single side or on both sides depending on how many arms you select. See the images for a chart with more details.
    • Single Sided - rack configurations with either: 2 or fewer SUP arms or 3 or fewer Kayak arms
    • Double Sided - rack configuration with either: more than only 2 SUP arms or more than only 3 Kayak arms.
  • Fits your Length of Boats and SUPs: the rack consists of 2 freestanding frames that you can position as far or close together as you need for your gear.

Outdoor Storage Options: Selecting a Marine Grade finish upgrades the frame, arms and hardware to galvanized steel to protect against corrosion and rust.

  • When to choose Marine Grade: if the rack will live outside in a saltwater environment, marine grade finish is necessary. For other outdoor use, we also recommend the marine grade finish. 
  • Rack Color: marine grade rack components are black; non-marine grade rack components are yellow. 

Add Wheels for Portability

  • Caster wheels turn this freestanding rack into a portable storage solution. Great for retail shops, moving the rack to your car and back, and more.
  • If you order the wheels, you'll also receive an extendable cross bar (extends from 4' to 7') so you can transport the rack as a single unit. 

Canoes or Kayaks wider than 34" Add our Expansion Posts to extend the height of the rack and allow for a more comfortable fit for your larger boats.

  • Kayak Arms
    • Supports up to 100 lbs.
    • Extends 28" from center post
    • Weight = 11 lbs per set
    • Includes adjustable safety straps and padded arms
  • SUP Arms
    • 8" wide U-shaped opening
    • Extends 10" from center post
    • 21" tall along the post
    • 15" tall away from the post
    • Weight = 13 lbs per set
    • Includes "no stress" strapping
  • Rack Dimensions
    • Height: 76" tall or 48" tall, depending on rack configuration
    • Weight (does not include arms or wheels)
      • 48" Tall = 19 lbs. per tower x 2
      • 76" Tall = 24 lbs. per tower x 2
    • Footprint:
      • Single-Sided rack base footprint = 24" x 24"
      • Double-Sided rack base footprint = 24" x 48"
  • Wheels
    • Add 5" to overall height
    • Heavy duty 3" indoor/outdoor casters
    • 8 wheels for single sided rack and 12 wheels for double sided racks
    • Wheel selection includes extendable support bar which adjusts from 4' to 7'
    • Weight = 29 lbs.
I also have a canoe. 2 kayaks, 4 sup's. Can it be fitted to add a canoe?
This freestanding rack system has large kayak cradles that can work for many canoes.
However, at 4 kayaks and 2 SUPs the system would be at its maximum build-out, so would not be customizable to add another level for additional boats or boards. I really don't have an alternative that is similar and would offer 7 sets of arms/cradles. For that many boats & a couple of boards, I would almost suggest storing the SUPs on a separate rack.
Alternatively, although a different style, there is this 8 SUP/Kayak log rack where each set of arms can hold up to 100 pounds, it can be used in marine/saltwater environments outdoors and works fine for most canoes as well as kayaks & SUPs. It is available with fewer levels, but jumps from 6 levels to 8. Different than what you were looking at, but I mention it in case you want to look at alternatives.
1) Will it hold the following 4 kayaks. 2 Kayaks that are 16 feet long X 2 feet wide X 1 foot high and 2 Kayaks that are 13.5 feet long X 34" wide X 14" high.
2) Can I add more arms later? Currrently I have 4 kayaks and may want to add another level for 2 more kayaks or 2 SUPs. Can I add the arms for this later given the above existing configuration?
1)There’s not an exact measurement for the maximum height/width for the kayaks that the kayak arms will hold. It depends on the angle that you're storing them on (straight up and down versus tilted in towards the frame/wall). With a Free-Standing Rack it’s dependent on the boat that they have above or below it. The rack itself can hold a 38” wide kayak, but if it’s above another 38” wide kayak it may end up hitting the one below it. So if you have the larger sized kayaks on different sides of the rack, you should be fine!
2) You can order the arms later but the would have to be a special order done through us and it is usually easier to go ahead and order them with you original shipment.
Can you configure the arms to allow the stand to be on a slope to keep the kayak or SUP fairly horizontal?
For this particular Customizable SUP and Kayak stand, the cradles for the SUPs and the kayaks (which are two different styles) cannot be set up to hold the boards or boats in a flat/horizontal position. The kayaks will be slightly angled inside the cradle, on their sides, and then the SUP arms have a different type of cradle completely then the kayak arms. The SUP arms will hold your board in U-shaped arms where it will sit - so the board is held fairly tightly near the rack stand, but will take up the full width of the board in that position (the board is horizontal in that position, but not in the position I believe you are seeking, where it would be more of one a "shelf". You can see the SUP arms it uses in one of the photos on our listing, as well as more photos of that type of cradle here:

So, if you are looking for an option to store the boards & boats where you are more placing them upon a "shelf" set of arms, more flat, but maybe angled a bit, then there are some other options you may want to consider, such as this one:
It is shown pictured with the slightly curved kayak arms, but that one has SUP arm options that are either flat (to place the board flat on the arm) or angled. Another system which has a variety of arm types that include some flat arm choices, is this stainless steel customizable stand:
So those would be a couple of alternatives for your consideration, which might work more the way you are thinking depending on the arms selected.
Kayak And SUP outdoor storage
Posted: July 18, 2017
Written by: Tim K.

Although the directions left somewhat to be desired the product itself is outstanding and I would highly recommend the stand for anybody looking for an outside storage solution . We are using the storage rack down on our dock making it very easy to move the kayaks and SUP around on the dock and out-of-the-way when not in use

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