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Product Highlights

  • Padded rack for SUP protection during trips
  • Fits directly into fishing rod holders
  • Holds two large stand up paddleboards
  • Organize and optimize space on your boat
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2 Paddleboard Fishing Boat Rack | Rod Mount SUP Rack

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Product Highlights

  • Padded rack for SUP protection during trips
  • Fits directly into fishing rod holders
  • Holds two large stand up paddleboards
  • Organize and optimize space on your boat
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Product Description

The Double SUP Rack works safely and easily with fishing boats and other center console boats to carry your paddleboards over water with you to your destination. The rack slides directly into your fishing rod holders and makes loading and unloading your paddleboards a breeze, all while saving you space on your boat and keeping your paddleboard protected. When you're not using the rack to store your paddleboard, simply remove the rack arms and your rod holders are accessible.

The Double SUP Rack is a set of 2 rack arms. As you'll notice in the pictures, the rack arms are completely padded to cradle and protect your paddleboards from dings and damages during your boat ride. Also, a sturdy, adjustable strap attaches from the bottom to the top of each rack arm to strap your SUPs securely in place on boat trips. You can tuck your paddle under the straps, too.

How robust is this rack? A common concern we hear is that the rack will fail (break) in heavy chop when the boat is being tossed around. These racks have been tested at 60 mph in 3' chop and performed flawlessly. They're constructed of high grade aluminum and stainless steel and are powder-coated to withstand saltwater abuse. The padding is SeaDek, a marine shock absorber that's designed for use on boats. It will keep your boards safe from damage in any sea you and your boat can handle.

PLEASE READ, IMPORTANT FOR FIT. Will this rack fit my boat's rod holders? The rack is available in 2 options: (i) to fit 15 degree flush mounted rod holders or (ii) to fit 30 degree flush mounted rod holders. The relevant angle is not how the rod holders sit on the gunnel, but top to bottom. Don't know what angle your rod holders are? Download the Angle Meter App: For Android or iPhone Angle Meter App to determine the angle. The rack fits rod holders that are 8.5" or shorter. For rod holders with a depth between 8.5" and 10.5" our Rack Extension may be used. Contact us for help if your boat has longer rod holders or happens to have rod holders of different angles.

Once installed, you can rotate the two arms to create storage spaces parallel with the side of your boat. The rack arms should be spaced approximately 2 to 4 feet apart on your boat to ensure best rack stability.  

Will this rack fit my paddleboards?

Length Any length SUP fits this paddleboard boat rack - the limit to size is the length of your boat.  

Thickness Each board can be up to 7" thick.

Weight Up to 100 lbs per board, so 200 lbs total.

I only have 1 SUP! If you've got only 1 SUP to store on your boat, check out the Single SUP Rack.

  • Holds 2 SUPs
  • Fits SUPs of any length
  • Fits boards up to 7" thick
  • 100 lb. capacity per board
  • Requires 2 flush-mount reinforced rod holders on same side of boat
  • Option for 15 or 30 degree rod holder mounts
  • Fits Rod Holders that are up to 8.5 inches in depth or shorter -- contact us before ordering if your boat has longer rod holders
  • (2) rack arms
  • (2) tie down straps
The Best Paddleboard Rack
Posted: April 15, 2016
Written by: Jake

I have a paddleboard rack for my boat and love how easy, and strong this product is. The others are cheesy looking, whereas this SUPrack is a very clean and professional looking board rack to carry my expensive paddleboard.

5 1
Any idea the rod holder angle on a 33 invincible?
It looks like your 33 Invincible came with various options for fishing rod holders, so we aren't certain what the angle of yours may be. You might want to give them a call or email to confirm, or your boat dealer or marina. Another quick option is to download an app on you phone that can tell you the angle. We would recommend an app called "Angle Meter" -- you just use it and follow the app's instructions. If you call or email them, the angle you need to know is not how the rod holders sit on the gunwale, but "top to bottom."
Do you have this same setup but for a single board? I am interested in this type as it is designed to utilize rod holders and is perfect for my boat.
Yes, we do have this double SUP boat rack available in a single sup version, shown here.

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