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Product Highlights

  • Quick release design - remove rack almost instantly
  • Polished Aluminum design looks sleek and professional
  • Rubber bumper inserts protect your board
  • Easy clamp rotation allows rack to fit virtually any tower
  • Securely holds up to two wakesurf boards!
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Double Wakesurf Boat Rack | Quick Release

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Product Highlights

  • Quick release design - remove rack almost instantly
  • Polished Aluminum design looks sleek and professional
  • Rubber bumper inserts protect your board
  • Easy clamp rotation allows rack to fit virtually any tower
  • Securely holds up to two wakesurf boards!
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Product Description

This Double Wakesurf Boat Tower Rack is all about bringing unparalleled quality and performance at reasonable prices. With a quick release system, polished finish, marine-grade bungee, and durable Aluminum construction, this rack has all the features you could want without the price tag. Having the ability to store two wakesurf boards is a huge convenience. Wakesurfing is the watersport sweeping the nation, and this wakesurf tower rack let's you bring along your whole quiver of boards so you can keep on surfing. 

The all Aluminum design not only makes this wakesurf tower rack look great, but it also means it is built to withstand the harsh boating environment. Aluminum won't rust, so even if you're riding in salt water this rack will won't be affected. Additionally, the high strength of aluminum means it won't rattle or break when you are riding through choppy water or other boats' rollers. 

bullet-wakeboard-rack-quick-release-knob.jpgOne of the best features about this Double Wakesurf Boat Tower Rack is the ability to quickly release the main rack from the clamp. Each rack comes with an oversized knob that is used for the releasing the rack. Having a removable rack is beneficial for a couple of reasons. For instance, if you need to drop your tower down, you often need to remove the wakeboard rack in order to have your tower fold up properly. This typically requires tools, time, and frustration. With the quick release rack, you have the convenience of simply using a knob you can undo with your hands. Another great benefit of the quick release system is it makes storing your boat easier and safer. Often times, the wakeboard rack arms are the pieces that protrude the furthest from the boat, so by being able to remove the rack your free up more space. Additionally, as an extra precaution, removing your rack will prevent theft of your precious rack! 

IMPORTANT: This rack is sold as a single piece (not a set). Also, please be sure to specify which clamp size you need in the options. To clarify, do not select "none" unless you already have Krypt's brand-specific clamp. Clamps are included in the price of the rack. There is a small upcharge on clamp sizes greater than 2.5". Please continue reading to learn more about clamp sizes and swivels. 

krypt-tower-swivel-rack.jpgClamps and Swivels: Clamps and swivels accomplish the same task – they bind your rack to your boat’s tower. As mentioned above, they are a necessary part of a rack system. Clamps simply lock onto the metal tubing of your boat’s tower to secure the rack in place. Swivels are an add-on that provide the functionality of …well, swiveling. To be clear, only a clamp + rack are required for a functioning rack system (the swivel is an optional add-on). In their normal storage position, clamps have the rack and your boards pointing out away from your boat. In order to remove or place wakeboards into your rack, you have to reach to the outside of your boat. The swivel allows you to easily spin the entire rack around to face the inside of the boat. This makes it much easier to switch out your boards. Swivels are an expensive add-on but are a HUGE convenience. Once you've used them, you'll be hooked and will be frustrated with the static style clamp. 

Make sure you measure your wakeboard tower tubing size so you get the right clamp size (drop down menu above). The clamp is what goes around your wakeboard tower to hold it in place on the tower. There are many different tubing sizes for towers so make sure you pick out where you want your wakeboard rack and then measure using the procedure below. 

How do I figure out what Clamp Size I need?
Once you determine the perfect spot for your new wakeboard tower rack get a piece of string and loop it around the tower. Then measure how long the string was that went around the tower, this is your circumference. Use the table below and read across to find out what diameter tubing your tower is. The diameter is the size clamp you need. Select this size from the drop down menu above. We also have some alternative clamps available in the option menu, that are fitted for these towers:  Malibu Illusion X, Malibu Illusion XS, Centurian Evolution, Centurian Gladiator, Four Winns Arch Tower, Regal Power Tower, and Sea Ray Arch Towers -- if your tower is one of these models, choose that option in the clamp drop-down menu.  


Circumference (inch)    Diameter (inch)    Diameter (inch) Fraction   
3.93 1.25 1 1/4
4.71 1.5 1 1/2
5.11 1.625 1 5/8
5.50 1.75 1 3/4
5.89 1.875 1 7/8
6.28 2 2
7.07 2.25 2 1/4
7.46 2.375 2 3/8
7.85 2.5 2 1/2
9.43 3 3


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  • Holds up to two wakesurf boards
  • Space between forks = 2.25"
Do you have a picture and/or a description of what the clamp looks like for a 2009 axis a22 “Axis wakeboard tower.” ?
We don't have a current picture available of the mount that you would receive with this double wakesurf rack if you order the "Axis Tower" option in our clamp size selection - however, it basically is a square block of aluminum with 4 threaded holes that match up to the 4 threaded holes on the Axis tower, if that helps you get an idea of whether it will fit your Axis tower. That mount option is suppose to fit them - so I hope that helps.

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