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Product Highlights

  • Modular and expandable freestanding storage solution
  • Zero pressure points - unique suspension system
  • Indoor or outdoor use! Powder coated frame
  • Integrated safety strap for ultimate boat security
  • Cost-saving bundled package of Suspenz's top selling kayak rack
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Freestanding 3-Boat Kayak Rack | Suspenz Deluxe

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Product Highlights

  • Modular and expandable freestanding storage solution
  • Zero pressure points - unique suspension system
  • Indoor or outdoor use! Powder coated frame
  • Integrated safety strap for ultimate boat security
  • Cost-saving bundled package of Suspenz's top selling kayak rack
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Product Description

The Freestanding 3-Boat Kayak Rack is part of Suspenz's premium line of freestanding kayak racks. This particular kayak rack is a complete kit that comes ready to store 3 kayaks in Suspenz's Deluxe series of kayak suspension racks. To reiterate, this is a cost-saving bundled package of Suspenz's freestanding frame and the Deluxe series of racks. Please read below to learn more about the great features of Suspenz's freestanding racks as well as the Deluxe cradle in particular.

Suspenz Freestanding Storage Solutions
Modular, expandable, and high quality are the best way to describe Suspenz's line of premium freestanding storage racks. The freestanding racks consist of 2 basic components: a freestanding frame (U-shaped base support and a vertical support post) and the particular rack you desire for your boat or SUP. The system is designed such that the freestanding frame is a generic component that you can choose to add any type of Suspenz rack to. Suspenz designed (almost) all of their kayak, canoe, and SUP racks to mount directly on to the freestanding frame so that you can mix and match whatever racks you need for your particular storage needs.

As mentioned above, the freestanding racks are also expandable. If you have the standard freestanding frame (holds up to 2 boats or SUPs), then you can expand it to hold up to 6 boats or SUPs! This makes the Suspenz freestanding rack an excellent storage solution for the future because it can expand with your boat or SUP collection. Another great feature about the freestanding racks is the availability of add-on accessories. For instance, we offer caster kits, paddle holders, shelf brackets, and more that all are designed to attach to the freestanding frame. 

Deluxe Rack
The Deluxe Rack is a unique kayak wall rack because it will store your boat with zero pressure points. This rack includes Suspenz's exclusive Cradling Strap System (CSS) which is effectively a suspension strap system. These suspension straps conform to your kayak's geometry and are what allow this rack to not create any pressure points on your boat - awesome!

This rack is Suspenz's premium kayak rack and includes load assist pivot arms that make loading and unloading your kayak easy and a one-person job. The Deluxe rack is also great due to its heavy duty and powder coated metal frame. The tubular steel construction will ensure a long lifetime and allows you to store kayaks up to 100 lbs. The rack is powder coated in bright yellow for high visibility and rust protection. 

Another key feature about this suspension kayak rack is that it has built in safety straps. These are adjustable straps that can be tightened down to ensure your rack stays securely in place. This is a great feature if you store your boat outdoors in a windy spot or if you're afraid someone might bump into your board. 

rolling-kayak-rack-with-casters.jpgCasters and Crossbar Kit
As an option, we offer a combination kit of casters and an adjustable crossbar. The casters are designed to replace the leveling feet and integrate directly into the rack. Each kit includes 4 locking and 4 non-locking casters, so you can prevent your rack from rolling away. The crossbar is adjustable in length from 4ft to 7ft and connects the two freestanding towers. Together, the casters and crossbar add stability and mobility to your freestanding kayak rack. This is our most recommended add-on for Suspenz's freestanding racks - you will enjoy you rack that much more with this combo kit. We've bundled them together to save you money and because you would never want to use casters without a crossbar - its just too unruly.

This product has a one year warranty from the manufacturer. 

  • 24" x 24" base for each freestanding frame
  • Total freestanding frame height is 6ft 4 in
  • Deluxe rack is 26" tall
  • Deluxe rack extends 22" out from frame
  • Holds up to 100lbs per level
  • (3) Sets of Deluxe kayak rack arms
  • (2) U-shaped base supports
  • (2) Vertical support posts
  • Steel core self-leveling feet
  • Mounting hardware and instructions
I am looking for a rack that can hold 3 Jackson Big Rig Pros in my garage. They are about 95 pounds a piece and 37" wide. Stand cannot be mounted to a wall. Must be a freestanding rack system.
You should consider this kayak and canoe stand. It holds kayaks and canoes up to 45" wide, and up to 100 pounds per level, so we think this would be a good option for your Jackson BIg Rig Pros.
Is this the marine grade model?
No, this stand is not marine grade, and would not be recommended for use outdoors in a saltwater environment. You can find the galvanized, marine grade version here: Marine Grade 3 Kayak Stand
Please give the full dimensions of the 3 kayak free standing rack on casters. I need height, depth (width), and length.
This 3 boat stand system has the follow dimensions:

Height: 78" tall without casters; casters add 5" so 83" tall (almost 7 feet tall);
Depth: The rack stands are 24" deep;Length:
Each individual stand is 24" long, then the crossbar that connects the stands for use with the casters, will extend between them from 4 to 7 feet: so the total length from one stand end to the other stand end would be between 8 and 11 feet long.

Should it be of interest, one can also customize this type of stand here for different configurations:

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