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Product Highlights

  • Freestanding design - no wall mounting necessary
  • Premium quality padding to prevent board damage
  • Holds up to 3 boards
  • Steel construction frame supports up to 120 lbs
  • Arms can be removed with a simple push pin
  • Easily holds large racing, inflatable, and surf SUPs
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Freestanding Standup Paddleboard Floor Rack

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Product Highlights

  • Freestanding design - no wall mounting necessary
  • Premium quality padding to prevent board damage
  • Holds up to 3 boards
  • Steel construction frame supports up to 120 lbs
  • Arms can be removed with a simple push pin
  • Easily holds large racing, inflatable, and surf SUPs
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Product Description

Store Multiple SUPs with Ease. The Freestanding Standup Paddleboard Floor Rack is a convenient way to store multiple SUPs in one compact rack. Made from steel, the rack is strong, sturdy and durable. Its freestanding design is perfect if you can't or don't want to mount a rack into your wall, or if you want a rack to be mobile. While the rack is very sturdy and constructed from steel, it is still easy to move around. This means you could take it to your beach house for the summer, then bring it back home for winter storage!

High-density foam padding: The rack arms come padded with a thick, nitrile foam - this is the high-density nice stuff, not the cheap-pipe-insulation-type padding. Rest assured your board will sit comfortably and won't get scratched or nicked thanks to this high quality material!

Removable arms: Another great feature about the arms is that they are removable. Attaching and detaching the arms is as simple as a push pin. Additionally, the arms can be mounted upside down or right side up. When mounting the arms right side up, the arm will be angled up 15 degrees relative to the horizon. When mounting upside down, the arms will be angled up at about 5 degrees (almost horizontal). The arms are equally strong mounted in either position, so picking how you want it is simply a matter of preference.

How to get the most out of your rack:

  • Designed to hold 1 board per rack level
  • Do not exceed maximum weight limits per level (40 lbs) or total (120 lbs)
  • Not intended for use in moving vehicles - trailers, campers, etc.
  • Powder-coated steel construction is not designed to withstand full-time saltwater outdoor exposure

Other Options:

New for 2017: the base of the rack is redesigned as a flat base to increase rack stability and the foam padding has been removed from the base.

  • freestanding-standup-paddleboard-floor-rack-dimensions.jpg48.25" wide x 31.5" deep x 39.75" tall
  • Arms are 27.75" long
  • 11" between the middle arm levels
  • Distance between the bottom level (floor) and the third row of arms: 12"-17", depending on the orientation of the arms
  • Length of arms on bottom (floor) level: 20.5"
  • Length of crossbar: 45"
  • Weight limit per level: 40 lbs
  • Total weight limit: 120 lbs

Hey! This is Josh from StoreYourBoard, here today with the Freestanding Three Paddleboard Rack. Really awesome rack, freestanding. You can put it anywhere you want – your garage, your basement, even outdoors. It’s made out of steel. It has a really nice powder coat on it, so we recommend it for freshwater type situations, not necessarily saltwater. We have a couple of different stainless steel aluminum options that will be better for that.

You can see it’s three levels. One of the really cool things is the arms coming out, so when you’re not using it, if the arms are kind of in the way, you can take those out, so the arms are really heavy duty. Everything in the rack is really heavy duty. You got a nice little band here, which gives you the ability to have two different kind of display. Display storage options were if you in like that, it’s kind of a lesser degree, almost level and you put in like this, you get a nice little upturn.

So it goes in with you can see there’s holes right there. Then it goes in with a little snap on the bottom, so it’s easy for that, so that’s the one level. Then you just slip it over to get the higher one. That’s the rack. You got the three here. So we have another surfboard we can put on top. Really easy. Just pop it right on top. A very sturdy rack and the other three levels, so we got thick inflatable down here and then we’ve got more of a surf style SUP here.

You can see we’ve got the fins on. There’s 11 inches in between the levels, so plenty of room for a thick board plus fins. If you have a really big monster fin, you might need to take it out but overall 11 inches accommodates most setups. Then you also have a 28-inch arm here, so some of the bigger SUPs, you’re talking 36”, that’s fine. You know if the board just sticks out a little bit, you know it’s no problem. The 28” take on almost any board in the market, so this is a really versatile rack for anything you got.

You got three SUPs. You got some surfboards and some SUPs. You’re there and then you can also put your paddle kind of on the racks if you want as well. That’s an option, too. So it’s a really awesome rack. The Three-Board Freestanding SUP Rack. Check it out!

How much does the rack weigh? I want to make sure it is heavy/sturdy enough to stay intact and balanced along a shoreline that can get windy.
Our freestanding rack weighs about 30 pounds. These are very strong racks, and will hold up to 150 lbs. For general use, it is a very stable, sturdy and reliable rack for your boards. For use outdoors, a couple of notes: I would not recommend this rack for outdoor use if your shoreline is on salt-water. However, if you are on fresh-water, it would be fine to use outdoors, but still will weather over time as it is not stainless steel, though it has a protective coating to prevent corrosion. Regarding your winds, this rack should be fine in normal conditions, but for extremely high winds, you may want to add some balast/weight for extra stability.
Can this rack be left outside for the summer?
Our freestanding SUP rack can be used outdoors, depending on where you live. It is not stainless steel, so it is not rust-proof, but it is treated with a rust-presentation process that will extend its use outdoors in many areas - mainly, if you are not on the ocean, this is a stand you can use outdoors. If you are on salt-water/near he ocean, we would not recommend it for use outdoors, as it will weather quicker in areas where it would be exposed to salt water/air. You can find more options for outdoor use, sorted by salt water & fresh water locations, here, and we have some guidelines for choosing outdoor SUP racks here.
Would a Kayak fit on the very bottom of the rack with three paddle boards sitting on the three arms above?
This freestanding SUP rack is not going to be a good bet for kayak storage, and a kayak is not likely to fit well or at all on the bottom base level. You might be able to store a slim kayak on one of the rungs, but it isn't guaranteed to work well or at all for kayaks. For storing both SUPs and kayaks, this freestanding rack might be a better option, this freestanding kayak rack.
I have 2 SUPs and 2 kayaks. I need a free-standing rack that can go flat against a wall. I can stack the 2 kayaks on top of each other on the bottom and need about 30 inches of clearance. Then the 2 SUPs can go on the bars above that. Which of your racks do you recommend?
Since you say you need a one-sided rack, to be used flush against your wall, it narrows the recommendations down, for your 2 SUPs and 2 Kayaks. Thisfreestanding rack could possibly work as you pictured. Its not really designed for kayaks, but the arms can be placed in one of two orientations, to allow more room between levels, and can also be removed. So if you could fit your kayaks as you thought, stacked on bottom level, and removed the first level's arm completely, you would have about 28 inches total of space between floor of rack and 2nd arm level. You then have the top two rows for your SUPs, as you thought. The bottom/floor of rack has arms that are 20" long and angle up a little, so you might want to look at how wide your kayaks are in what your picturing for how to use a rack like this. There is also the taller 5 SUP version, with same types of arms that might give you a little more play for using it for your kayaks by removing a couple of the arms.
A few of our other freestanding choices for a combination of kayaks/SUPs extend in both directions, so wouldn't be flush against the wall. One option would be a version of this 3 kayak stand, which comes as listed with arms for kayaks, but a combination of kayak arms and flat SUP arms could be special ordered, to create a rack that would hold your two kayaks and two SUPS.
I have a fishing SUP that is 12' long and 36" wide. Will it fit on this unit?
Our Freestanding SUP rack should work for your Fishing SUP. The rack is 48'25" long - so a third of your board's length (4 of 12 feet) will be supported inbetween the two arms, which is normally fine. The arms on the rack are 20" long, so will support almost two-thirds of your board - usually you want the arms to cover closer to two-thirds of your board's width, but as boards normally taper in width at their ends, a 36" wide board could work on those arms fine, though that is close. There also is ample room (11") between arm levels to hold thick boards
I understand the height of the rack is 39.75"; however, what is the height of the top crossbar?
The top crossbar on ourfreestanding SUP rackis approximately 4 to 5 inches from the top of the rack, so at about 34" to 35.75" height.
Will your standup paddleboard storage rack with three spots work for two boards on the lower spaces and a Dagger Redline on the top space?
Whether this could work for your Dagger Redline will depend on its specifications (size/weight/length). The total weight this rack can hold is 120 lbs, with no more than 40 lbs on each level (to distribute weight properly). So you want to think about weight.

Additionally, if you have a very long kayak, it might not be perfect fit; the arms on the stand are about 4 feet apart, so it wouldn't be recommended for a board or boat that is longer than 12 feet at the maximum, as you want to have about 1/3 or more of the boat's length supported in the middle.

If weight and length is not an issue for your two boards & kayak, you could put the kayak on the top level - but what you want to look at there is is the width of your kayak. The arms are 27" long, so that will provide enough support for kayaks wider than 27" (same as for SUPs that are wider than that), but if those are really wide boats at their beam, how well it will fit could be a question-mark.

Last, the arms are removable, so you could possibly remove the bottom set of arms and place the boat on its side on the bottom level, as a thought.
I have 2 Hobie Mirage Eclipse boards that weigh 43 lbs. each. Will each level of the rack hold a board?
This freestanding SUP stand can hold up to 120 lbs, but that should ideally be distributed evenly, with a maximum of 40 lbs per level. For your Hobie Eclipses, they are running over 40 lbs, so that would not be ideal as they would be exceeding a maximum and could stress the rack arms. Since its a small weight difference at 3 pounds, one could try it, for two levels, as long as any 3rd board on that rack was not very heavy so you weren't exceeding the total weight maximum for the rack system -- but I couldn't guarantee you would not run into a problem if you exceed that 40 lb recommendation per level, and I would be concern it could stress the rack arms a bit.
I plan to place the rack in my closed garage where I live on an ismus extending into the sea. The weather is from warm to hot year round. Please tell me what to expect for durability. I rinse my board with fresh water after each use. Part of the reason I like this rack is the design is easier for board access in a garage than the indoor/outdoor freestanding racks.
This SUP stand is not stainless steel, nor made of other marine grade materials that allow it to withstand outdoor use in a salty air/moisture environment, such as on or near the ocean. It is treated with a rust-prevention process that means you can use it outdoors in areas that aren't on or near the ocean or a saltwater bay, but in an area like yours, where there will be salt in the air & salty moisture, it will be subjected to rusting and sometimes that can happen quickly in that environment. How well it would do in a your closed garage is subject to question - there are variables; inside the house normally would be fine, but if your garage lets in a lot of air/moisture that is salty, it may not hold up as long. Some people in such environments will still use one of these type of racks knowing they may need to replace them sooner - but that is a matter of personal choice. You can find some alternatives for reference that are recommended for use in saltwater-air environment here:
Can you tell me about the coating on the metal? Also, once the arms are changed, how far away from the wall would it be?
This 3 board free-standing rack has a rust-and-corrosion prevention coating on it, similar to powder coating. That coating will not prevent rust or corrosion if you are in a salt water environment and used it outdoors, however. As far as the arms - at the 5 degree position, the arms are almost horizontal, so extend 27.5" away from the wall (though the base of the rack extends 31.5" total away from wall). When you place the arms at the 15 degree position, you will have them angled upwards a bit, so it will be less then 27.5" away from the wall by a few inches (so about 24 or so inches angled away from wall).
My SUP board is 12' 6". Would it be too long for this rack?
This 3 board freestanding rack can work for boards up to 14' long, so your board would be fine on it!
Do these have screw holes at the base, so you can secure them to the floor? This is for an outside dock.
No, there is not way to attach this freestanding SUP rack to a floor/surface. It is a more expensive system, because it is stainless steel, so can be used outdoors in saltwater areas -- but this customizable dock rack requires that you attach it to the dock, it is not freestanding, so that may be an alternative to consider.
Freestanding Rack
Posted: June 13, 2018
Written by: Jim C.

Easy on, easy off. With the caster set, the rack is easy to move around.

Nice Rack!
Posted: June 6, 2018
Written by: Ken

This rack has worked out perfect for our needs. We are able to store two 10'6" Standup Paddleboards on the top 2 racks and a 14 foot Old Town Kayak on the bottom rack. We store ours outside so it is nice to be able to get everything off of the ground. Great product, very sturdy, and we can easily move into storage room in the winter and take up less space.

Easy to assemble. Sturdy what more can you ask for
Posted: March 21, 2018
Written by: Kent B.

Super easy to assemble
Holds 3 boards no problem
I would recommend this product

Racks for our store
Posted: December 6, 2017
Written by: Tom L.

The racks arrived quickly and were easy to assemble. This style rack is perfect for us because we do not have the ceiling height to display boards vertically.

Great space saver
Posted: November 8, 2017
Written by: Joan W.

As advertises. Boards fit on rack, rack fits in garage well. Helped us organize the space.

SUP rack
Posted: September 13, 2017
Written by: Jerome H.

This rack is WAY better than I thought it would be. I put it together in less than 15 minutes, it is great.

Great product
Posted: August 24, 2017
Written by: Patrice W.

I was able to clean up my garage by storing multiple surfboards and a paddleboard on this stand. Makes it very easy to keep my boards nice. It was easy to put together and looks really nice.

Just what I needed
Posted: August 24, 2017
Written by: Mark A.

Just the right hight fit 3 paddle boards and a kayak underneath.

Freestanding Standup Paddleboard Floor Rack
Posted: August 23, 2017
Written by: Matthew R.

Perfect for my needs.
Well built and easy to assemble.

Excellent product, terrible instructions
Posted: August 10, 2017
Written by: Kenneth K.

As good as the product is, the instructions were an embarrassment for an American made product. You were told to use a nut where no nut was required (or supplied) and another part was incorrectly identified. Such an easy problem to fix with the smallest amount of proof reading.

Great Product
Posted: August 2, 2017
Written by: Sean B.

Simple to install; stable and does a great job storing boards.

Very effective organization of boards
Posted: July 26, 2017
Written by: Derrick S.

Rack just simply works perfect. Organizes our boards and a kayak on the porch in a very pleasing manner. Easy to assemble, stable and room under it for loose items (car roof rack). Very satisfied with the rack.

Easy Storage
Posted: July 5, 2017
Written by: Wendy K.

We purchased this Paddleboard Rack to store our boards near our beach. It has worked out perfectly. Easy access and the rack isn't burdensome to move inside for winter storage. Because it is near the water and subject to some high winds we have secured it with some heavy blocks just as an extra precaution.

Easy to put together and holds the boards well
Posted: June 22, 2017
Written by: Marije V.

The floor rack arrived very promptly and was very easy to put together (the constructions are not very detailed but you can easily figure it out by just looking at the actual pieces). The stand is sturdy and holds our two boards and a little kids kayak (at the top) perfectly.

Cleaning Up the Clutter
Posted: May 31, 2017
Written by: Gary M.

I have six paddle boards and during the summer they are in high rotation. So having them on the wall in my garage is not practical. The free standing rack has rescued the daily haul. I have one set up outside on the lake and one in my garage. So far we have carried three down for the rack and the the other three are put in the water and off we go. Next up for my house is to order two more and make the outside racks permanent. Easy set up. Took me about 20 minutes by myself. The alen wrench could be tolled in a different way to make it easier to tighten things down, but what's not to love about these racks.

Freestanding Standup Paddleboard Floor Rack
Nice rack
Posted: May 31, 2017
Written by: Jon

This is a nice rack. It holds the weight easily. Looks nice, feels good and solid in your hands.

SUP freestanding rack
Posted: May 17, 2017
Written by: Michael M.

Very sturdy rack, and looks great also. I am very happy with purchase. Arrived on time and very easy to assemble

Posted: May 17, 2017
Written by: Kevin H.

I found the product to be excellent quality and good value for the money.

Great Produnt
Posted: May 7, 2017
Written by: Peter H.

Rack is well made and compact. Installation instructions left a little bit to be desired but overall very pleased with the product.

Posted: April 26, 2017
Written by: Hink

This storage rack is just what we needed. We were unsure whether we were going to store our boards in the garage or outside. This rack gives us the flexibility to do it either way. Ordering was very efficient and the unit was easy to assemble. I would recommend this to others without hesitation.

SUP rack
Posted: October 16, 2016
Written by: Brett B.

The extra holes were confusing, but otherwise good so far.

Why didn't we get this earlier?
Posted: October 13, 2016
Written by: Lisa H.

I can't tell you how perfect this is for our space! We've been piling the boards up under our deck for a few years, not good! My husband searched a few years ago for a rack like this and resorted to asking a carpenter to build one, but nobody ever did. So I finally looked and voila, here it is. We have two paddleboards, a surfboard and a kids lightweight board all loaded on. We love the angled arms so the rain or any outdoor elements will slide right off. Very sturdy too!

Paddle board rack
Posted: August 12, 2016
Written by: Jonathan H.

The versatility of the rack is what I was looking for. It seems very stable.

Nice Rack
Posted: August 10, 2016
Written by: Scott D.

This is nice paddleboard rack that is easy to assemble. The rack is a good working height that allows even my 12 year old daughter to rack her paddle board without to much effort.

Good product, instructions not very good
Posted: August 3, 2016
Written by: Carole F.

The store your board unit works well, very happy to have it! My only comment would be that the instructions were not very good, I essentially figured it out myself without them as they were not very helpful.

Does the job
Posted: July 6, 2016
Written by: Sandip K.

Easy to assemble and looks nice. We will see how long it lasts. We have only had it for a few weeks.

Posted: June 19, 2016
Written by: Andrew F.

It just works. Simple and straightforward. Minutes to assemble. The "feet" make excellent storage for paddles for whatever 3 boards you have on the racks above.

Just Right
Posted: June 15, 2016
Written by: Greg

Perfect for storing a kayak and up to 2 boards. Will see how durable it is over time but using it in a garage so not too concerned if it can stand up to the elements. Shipped pretty quickly and assembly was a breeze.

Barn rack
Posted: June 15, 2016
Written by: MaryAnne

Placed rack in our old barn on a dirt floor. The floor rack is perfect! Very easy to get SUPs onto the rack and a kayak on the top rack.

When we were assembling the rack, we found that there was one piece missing. I called customer service and the responded immediately. I really appreciate StoreYourBoard's customer service!

Freestanding Standup Paddleboard Floor Rack
Solid Rack - Good Value
Posted: June 12, 2016
Written by: Kenneth W.

This is a great storage solution. Using it for two 12' SUPs. Fits comfortably in single car garage without taking up much space. Sturdy and easy to assemble.

Great Rack
Posted: June 1, 2016
Written by: Josh B.

I was thinking of building my own, but considering the cost this turned out to be cheaper and better. Easy to assemble and very sturdy. I put a small 10 foot kayak on the top rack and my boards On the other two. It's great!

Great storage unit
Posted: April 13, 2016
Written by: Michael S.

I've got two ocean boards and one lake board. they all fit on this rack perfectly. and the paddles rest on the feet. have it on the side of my home, about 30 yards from the puget sound (salt water) and surrounded by shrubs. will be interesting to see how it withstands the salty air environment over the next few years.

Great space saver!
Posted: March 12, 2016
Written by: Leila C.

Easy assembly, light yet sturdy build, and holds three big boards. If you have a long center fin it may hit the board below it so it could be a little taller but all in all very pleased with this purchase!

Posted: January 27, 2016
Written by: Erica H.

I love how easy this was to put together. I agree with other review that written instructions were not clear, but picture helpful and went up without difficulty. It is nice to have a place to store and protect my boards. Simple!

3 board storage
Posted: January 27, 2016
Written by: Keely P.

Love it--only wish it had foam padding on the uprights, but awesome otherwise!

StoreYourBoard makes it easy
Posted: January 6, 2016
Written by: Susanne j W.

Two 12'6" paddleboards and a kayak fit perfectly on our new holder. Assembly was quick and easy. The rack is stable and keeps everything safe and out of the way. The order process was simple and with free shipping was at our door 3 days later . I would not hesitate to use StoreYourBoard again.

Very happy
Posted: November 19, 2015
Written by: Cynthia B.

I wanted a storage system for my paddleboards and this was the only place I could find one. At the time of ordering it said it was on back order but I received it earlier than expected so that was nice. Paddleboards are so heavy and it would be impossible for me to lift it to place it on a hanging rack. And this way I can always move the storage system if I need to.

SUP dog!
Posted: November 18, 2015
Written by: Robert M.

The product is great. Very happy to finally have my boards stored properly. The only problem was that when it came , there was one rod missing so I needed to talk yo customer service. They were great and mailed out the part quickly.
Overall very happy!

Posted: July 16, 2015
Written by: Victoria H.

Easy to assemble and holds SUPs and a kayak on top! awesome.

Board Store
Posted: July 15, 2015
Written by: Mark T.

Works great. One wrong piece was shipped and they shipped correct part within days.

A Quality Product
Posted: July 8, 2015
Written by: Michael d. P.

This standing rack seems to be very sturdy, yet moveable, as needed. All parts seem to be of good quality.

The written instructions were ambiguous, and I think, inaccurate too. Fortunately, the diagram was clear, so assembly was fairly easy.

This product is exactly as it appeared online....and as good as I had hoped.

Just finished putting it together
Posted: May 27, 2015
Written by: Linda L.

The spring loaded button that holds the arms would not spring back once arms put in place
By removing the end caps and wedging a small stone behind the spring, I was able to create the force for it to spring back after the arm was placed
I'm a handy guy
It may not occur to others....
I appreciate the 4 extra bolts and nuts..but was confused as to what they were for..

Better than sawhorses
Posted: May 27, 2015
Written by: Chris H.

Easy to build and keeps my boards out of the way.

Easy to build
Posted: April 7, 2015
Written by: Virgilia C.

Easy to build. Great way to keep boards out of the way

Solid rack for my boards
Posted: March 26, 2015
Written by: Jess

This works great in my garage for our 2 SUPs and 1 surfboard. I like how I didn't have to screw anything into the wall. Seems very sturdy.

5 45

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