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Product Highlights

  • The PREMIER freestanding surf rack - best available
  • Fits square, pin, round, and swallow tail style boards
  • Wide metal base to keep your surfboard stable
  • Soft yet robust rubber coating protects floor and board
  • Holds a wide variety of shortboards
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Freestanding Surfboard Rack | Surf Art Display

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Product Highlights

  • The PREMIER freestanding surf rack - best available
  • Fits square, pin, round, and swallow tail style boards
  • Wide metal base to keep your surfboard stable
  • Soft yet robust rubber coating protects floor and board
  • Holds a wide variety of shortboards
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Product Description

surfboard-display-artwork.jpgThis Freestanding Surfboard Rack is one of the best surf racks we have ever seen for storing your shortboard upright. This surfboard display rack is second to none as far as stability, quality, and universality are concerned. We highly recommend this board if you are looking to show off your surfboard's art. The rack is minimalistic in design, so it doesn't cover up much of the board and won't distract from your board's awesome design. The picture to the right even shows surfboards on display in an art gallery-esque way. 

How it works: This rack relies on a 3-point contact system to securely hold your surfboard in place. There are two arms that hold onto the board's side rails and a U-shaped cradle at the bottom to catch your board's tail. Each arm is a steel rod with a U-shaped, rubberized end that snuggly grasps around your board's rails (i.e. edges). The magic of this rack is in the flexibility of the arms. The steel arms act as a spring (akin to a leaf spring) that constantly wants to keep pressure on your board. To insert a surfboard into the rack, you simply spread the arms, drop your board in, then let the arms spring back into place. Easy!

Universality is one of the best features of the Freestanding Surfboard rack. This rack will gladly accommodate a wide variety of types and sizes of shortboards. Additionally, the rack's tail cradle can hold square, pin, squash, rounded, and swallow tail designs! Unless you have some completely experimental board design, you can feel confident this rack will hold your board and hold it well. 

  • Supports square, pin, squash, rounded, and swallow tail designs
  • Holds boards up to 9ft long
  • Height: 24 inches tall
  • Width: 14 inches (distance in between the two legs)
  • Depth: 20 inches (length of the legs)
  • Fits boards between 14.5-17" wide (measuring 21" up from the tail)

Howdy! I’m Andrew from here to talk to you today about our Freestanding Surfboard Rack. You will see the rack right next to me. It comes in a black finish. It’s very popular with our customers for a number of reasons. It’s so simple to use. It holds a variety of surfboards, shapes, and lengths and it’s portable, so you can set this rack up wherever you need it from your garage, to your basement, to your deck, to your living room.

The rack itself comes in a black finish. It’s made of steel, so it’s a very sturdy rack to hold your surfboards. It comes with a three-point contact system to support your board. There’s a bottom piece that when pressure is applied, the two side pieces come together to squeeze your board, holding it in an upright vertical position. Like I mentioned, this is great for a variety of surfboards. I have a couple over here to show you how it works.

This is your standard thruster, 19 inches wide, 2-3/8 inches thick. No problem inserting this board into the rack; it squeezes right in. The two sidepieces come together to hold it upright. The bottom piece holds the tail of your surfboard. Very stable support. No problem holding your board upright. To remove your board, same thing. Simple – pull it right up. Now I got a Joel Tudor surfboard, single fin, much thicker, much wider, over 21 inches. Again no problem with fitting into this rack. Apply the downward pressure. Very simple.

One really great feature about this rack is that you can use it with your fins in your surfboard. There are some freestanding surfboard racks that have center upright pieces that your fins will hit if you try to insert your board or fins; not the case with this surfboard rack. It’s a great rack for that reason. It can hold your everyday board in your garage or it can hold a special retired classic board in your living room to show off and display as a work of art in your house. Once again, this is the freestanding surfboard rack. Check it out today at and see why so many people like it.

Posted: March 10, 2016
Written by: Virginia G.

Used for displaying hand painted surfboards at art shows. Sturdy, ingenious design.

Great stand
Posted: February 3, 2016
Written by: Jeffrey G.

Just what I needed. Looks great and very stable. You won't be disappointed.

As advertised, great product!
Posted: September 23, 2015
Written by: John H.

Rack arrived in a nice box. Assembly was a breeze, and finish was excellent. Rack supports board gently but securely. I would recommend and definitely purchase again.

Longboard stand
Posted: October 2, 2014
Written by: John M.

Great product. Well made. Only improvement might be making it a bit wide. Mine holds a Bing 9'4" and I really had to pry the bars apart to get it in. Hope it doesn't dimple the board.

Works Perfect
Posted: July 23, 2014
Written by: Danny D.

I've tried a few other brands of stand free racks and this one is head and shoulders above the rest. Well constructed very sturdy and not too bulky.
Looks great in the house

5 5
Can you tell me the dimensions of the Longboard version of this product?
The longboard and shortboard versions of this freestanding surfboard display rack have same dimensions; however the longboard version has an extra bar of metal that runs along the side vertically, as extra reinforcement.The dimensions for the rack in either version are:

24" tall;
14" wide;
The legs are 20" long - that is the depth at the base of the rack; and
The board sits about 4" off the ground in this rack.
What is the difference between this surfboard display stand and the outlaw stand?
The Outlaw Stand is best used for boards up to about 7 feet tall; this Freestanding Surfboard Art Display Stand will support a board up to 9' tall. The Outlaw Stand does not have a very tall back support element, so that is one of the reasons it isn't recommended for taller boards - and it really isn't the best choice for heavier boards either. Additionally, if you plan to use it in a high-traffic area of your home/space, the Outlaw Stand may not be the best choice, for the same reason, its not as stable as some other display stands.

However, either of these two stands work for a variety of surfboard shapes, with the fins in, so in that respect they are comparable. Increased stability is the biggest difference, and overall, the higher priced Surfboard Art Display Stand is just constructed very well to hold a board - the Outlaw Stand is a great economical option for many boards, but this one is stronger, more stable and more versatile.

Can this be disassembled and put into luggage to travel with? Need for a destination wedding. Im referring to the freestanding surfboard rack that pinches from the sides.
This Surfboard Vertical Rack is good stand, and would make a great gift or display at a wedding/event. Its dimensions are 24.5 x 15.5 x 3.5. It doesn't break down any further, but the rack itself is made with fairly slim rods, with all open space in between, so if it fits in your bag otherwise, you could easily pack around it!

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