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Product Highlights

  • Holds up to 10 skis or 8 snowboards!
  • 90 degree rotational base - attach perpendicular or parallel to rafters
  • Independent mounting handles skis of any length
  • Extension post is perfect for multi-sport use; winter sports + kayaks, SUPs, canoes
  • Gated pins for "no worry" mounting
  • Patent Pending design
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Hi-Port 2 | Ski & Snowboard Ceiling Storage

Our Price: $69.99

Product Highlights

  • Holds up to 10 skis or 8 snowboards!
  • 90 degree rotational base - attach perpendicular or parallel to rafters
  • Independent mounting handles skis of any length
  • Extension post is perfect for multi-sport use; winter sports + kayaks, SUPs, canoes
  • Gated pins for "no worry" mounting
  • Patent Pending design
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Product Description

SUP and surf collection starting to take over your garage? The Hi-Port 2 is your answer. Not only does it free up garage, boathouse or shed space by occupying the under utilized overhead space, but it will also handle a small fleet of boards. Double, triple, even quadruple SUPs or just about as many surfboards as you're willing to stack. The possible utility of this heavy duty steel rack is almost too long to describe, but we'll try anyway...

Fits a wide range of collections:

Removable arms for boards up to 36" wide: The removable arms extend 25" from the center post and attach at a slightly upward angle. This allows you to confidently place boards or wide fishing kayaks up to 36" wide on each set of arms.

150 lb. capacity for large collections: Store up to 75 lbs. per side, plenty of support for your standard kayaks and enough to allow SUPs to be stacked.

Stackable board setup: Drop the center post to full extension and you'll have 18" of height between ceiling and arms; plenty of room to stack multiple boards. Each of the 2 posts is individually mounted so board length won't be an issue, whether you have a 7' surfboard or 15' SUP. 

3-point adjustability:

Extension/retraction post minimizes space used: The center post can drop down to maximize storage (18" board/boat space from ceiling), or retract (10" board/boat space from ceiling) to allow for greater clearance beneath the rack.  Mounting holes at approximately 1" intervals allow for your optimal setup. "Low bridge" clearance (maybe you want to park a car beneath the rack?) is approximately 12" below the ceiling.

90 degree mounting rotation to use on any ceiling: This is a big one since kayaks and boards can be very long and garages have joists that only run in one direction. The Hi-Port 2 opens up new possibilities by allowing you to mount the rack with arms running either parallel or perpendicular to the ceiling rafters.

Removable, padded arms: If only using one side, allows the post to be mounted against a wall.

Heavy duty, steel construction:

NEW (2018) upgraded hardware: Listening to customer feedback, we've upgraded our hardware to heavy duty screws that install easier.

Suitable for outdoor use: Coated steel components will hold up against the elements, so go ahead and mount under a deck or boathouse.

"No slip" padding: Full length arm padding won't slip or roll, but will grip your boards or kayaks.

Gated pins prevent accidental movement: Post pins lock in place with an integrated gate to fully secure the posts.

Keep your skis stored neatly strapped together with the use of our Premium Velcro Ski Straps

  • Maximum board/kayak height = 18"
  • Maximum board/kayak width = 36"
  • Arm length = 25"
  • Rack width with both arms attached = 52"
  • 150 lb. capacity
  • Full length from ceiling = 12" - 20"
  • 2 sliding posts
  • 4 padded, detachable arms
  • 2 gated pins
  • All mounting hardware

Hey! This is Josh from StoreYourBoard, here today with the Hi Port 2, a double ceiling rack.

Right here, I have it alone in front of me. It’s basically two pieces that can slide up and down, and then you have the arms on either side to hold your boards and your kayaks.

It fits together like this, so that’s it’s most compact. It hangs down from the ceiling about a foot, and you have about 10 inches of storage. If you want to keep it nice and tight to your ceiling, you use that. You put your stuff, your surfboard nice and tight and drag your car into your garage or whatever you need, you have plenty of room.

If you have a bigger kayak, you want to stack a couple of boards, you can go ahead and extend it out. You can get up to 18 inches here of storage and it hangs down about 20 inches. Then there are holes all in between, so you also include a locking pin. You just wind it up, put it through, and you latch it to be secure.

Like I said, it’s a double-ceiling rack, so it comes out either. I’ll show you another board here in a second. It comes out to your side, but the arms are like this, nice seal padded arms. They simply attach, push the button, and you’re in. You’re locked in.

If you want to use one side, you can use one side. You can use two; you put both on. If you’re not using it in the offseason, you can take both off. It gives you a lot of flexibility.

The other really cool thing about this is because the way ceiling joists are, some run this way and some run this way, the way we designed this is this, and turn it either this way and your board is this way, or you can go 90 degrees like that and then you can orient with the joist, the stud, and the screws into the joist, and then the boards can be whichever direction you need.

I’ll show you here, the arms fit on just like this. Hi-Port 2 is great for all types of boards and kayaks, so the kayak here, I’m going to put a surfboard up. We recommend about 36 inches is the maximum width, and then because these are independent, you can basically go however long you want, so if you have a really long touring board, touring kayak, 18 feet, that should be fine. You just mound these farther apart.

One of the key dimensions, this is a 25-inch arm, but you can hang it out a little bit more, so you get basically a 36-inch wide standup paddleboard, kayak, whatever you need. We also have a maximum 100-pound weight rating on this, so between whatever you’re putting up here, keep it at 100 pounds or below.

I’m going to go ahead and put a standup paddleboard on now. You just slide it right up like that, so you can walk below. You got great overhead storage. If there’s often underused storage area of your house, your garage, put your boards, put your kayaks on your ceiling and get your house organized.

Go check it out at

Very nice product
Posted: September 12, 2018
Written by: Devin V.

I was impressed with the way this storage rack is built. Fully adjustable to meet your needs. And the price is very reasonable. It is working perfectly for storing water skis above our boat in the garage. I would definitely recommend this product.

Hi-Port 2 Ski & Snowboard rack
Posted: October 25, 2017
Written by: Benjamin S.

We bought this rack to store skis and snowboards overhead so we could take back valuable wall space in the garage, and this rack delivered. Once you've figured out where your ceiling joists are (this was difficult in our case because our garage is weird, I guess), the process is super easy. The rack feels super sturdy, and we've got 3 snowboards and a pair of skis up there with plenty of room for more. Once we add more boards to our quiver it should be easy to store them base to base to maximize the storage capacity. I love the fact that the rack is height adjustable, and that you can mount it parallel or perpendicular to your ceiling joists. These two things are by far the biggest selling point and it makes the rack super versatile. It would be tough to find a garage in which this rack wouldn't work.

5 2

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