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Product Highlights

  • Adjustable! Space the arms to fit your gear
  • Soft rubber arm pads protect your things
  • Includes 4 sets of arms for ample storage
  • Steel rack holds equipment of all sizes
  • Also great for surfboards, wakeboards, etc.
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Beach Gear Wall Rack | Beach Chairs and Umbrellas Storage

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Product Highlights

  • Adjustable! Space the arms to fit your gear
  • Soft rubber arm pads protect your things
  • Includes 4 sets of arms for ample storage
  • Steel rack holds equipment of all sizes
  • Also great for surfboards, wakeboards, etc.
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Product Description

One of the strongest, most versatile wall racks around. Simple, customizable, and functional, the Home Storage Rack's arms can be adjusted to accommodate the dimensions of almost anything you want to put in it.

Adjustable Storage Rack. This rack system consists of 2 vertical tracks and 4 sets of rack arms. Mount the tracks to your wall parallel at whatever distance apart you require to fit the length of your gear. Then, insert the arms into the track's holes at the spacing up and down the track that you need. For even more storage versatility, hang your wetsuits, leashes, and other gear from the cutout holes in the racks' arms.

Secure Metal Construction. This Beach Gear Wall Rack is built from steel, which is more than strong enough to support your gear on the wall, and it will last for years. 

Rubber Padded Arms. The point of a rack is to protect your gear from damage! This rack's arms do just that - their blue rubber coating prevents dings or damage during loading or storage. 

Mounting and InstallationIncluded with the rack is everything you need to complete its simple installation. Insert 4 screws through each track into your wall studs, insert your rack arms into the tracks, and you're ready to store your gear. To best fit the arms securely into the track, tap the top base of each arm with a hammer.

Need Even More Storage? Add extra rack arms to your rack (up to 6 total levels), or grab a set of extra rack tracks for additional options.


  • Arms are 14.6" long
  • 3" wide opening at base of arm for your gear
  • Height of vertical track is 46.5"
  • Arms have a 60 degree angle, 30 degrees above parallel to ground
  • (2) Tracks for mounting on the wall
  • (4) pairs of arms 
  • (1) Assembly Instructions
  • (10) Mounting screws, 2"

Today, I’m going to show you an awesome product that’s going to help you take this massive board, skis, coats, and gear and turn them into this. Let me take a few moments to show you how you can use the XSR to store all of your gear. The first thing I want to show you is how to adjust the arms. I want to put a wakeboard up here. I’m going to need a little bit more room. I’m going to lift the arm out. I’m going to drop it all the way down. You just put a little force on it so it stays in place. Again, pull this one out, drop it down. It allows you to make quick adjustments on the fly.

Now, I’ve got plenty of room up above for my bindings. I’m going to drop that in. Now each XSR comes with four pairs of arms, but that doesn’t mean you can only put four boards or skis. Take for instance this wakeboard setup. Pull it out, you can flip it over, drop it in, and then, you could grab another snowboard and just set it right on top of this one. Now you’ve doubled your capacity. One other thing we can do. You can purchase additional storage arms at, so you can further increase your capacity. You can put up to six pairs of arms on this. If I want to, I can drop another set of arms in here. Now I have room for a long board, skateboard, surfboard anything that’s going to be thin and fit in that spot, I can drop it in there. If you’re storing anything that’s slender in the XSR like for example this set of skis because these arms are designed for wide objects such as wakeboards and surfboards, you can easily put two sets of skis on one set of arms, and that goes for snow skis as well as water skis.

One other way to use the XSR is to store your additional gear besides your boards and skis. Take for example you get home from your ride. You got some wet, snowy goggles. You can clip those into the holes. Clip your gloves in. Store those. Maybe you still got a bunch of snow on your coat; you can hang that up in any of these holes. Just keep a hanger handy. Maybe you’ve been at the lake or maybe you’ve been surfing and you have a life vest or a wetsuit that’s still wet. Go ahead and hang them up here. Let them dry out. That way, no one gets mad that you’ve just trashed the carpet.

Today, I’m going to show you our latest generation XSR or Xtreme Storage Rack that’s going to provide a great storage location for all the boards and skis and other extreme sports gear that you like to use. Inside the package, what you’re going to find is four pairs of these storage arms. We’ve got a real nice, molded pad on the top so you don’t get any damage to your boards. Also on this, you’re going to notice there’s some holes in here. Now, these will be more than just help this look pretty. It gives you a place to hang gear especially coat hangers and that sort of stuff. You can hang life vests, wetsuits, other things on these brackets.

Also inside, you’re going to find the backbone of the system. This is the slotted track. This is what’s going to lie to put these arms in quickly and easily and then adjust them up and down so that you can accommodate a variety of different boards and skis. The other things you’ll find inside the package is your bag of screws, which need to be mounted to your wall studs and also some color instructions that will walk you through getting it up on the wall. Thanks for learning a little bit more about the XSR or Xtreme Storage Rack. Make sure to check out other videos on installation of the board rack and also on how to use the board rack.

Instant organization
Posted: July 26, 2016
Written by: Jim

Very easy to install - from box to complete in 15 minutes. Great for storing beach gear of varying sizes - holds surfboards, boogie boards, wavestorm, volleyball net, tubes, beach chairs, just about anything. Big help in organizing the side of the garage where all this stuff was lying on the floor previously and even helps in keeping sand out of the house via an easy sweep underneath.

Beach Gear Wall Rack | Beach Chairs and Umbrellas Storage
Beach Gear Wall Rack | Beach Chairs and Umbrellas Storage
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How many beach chairs can you hang on each hook?
This multi-purpose rack has arms that are 14.5" long - how many chairs you can hang on each one really is going to vary by type of chairs you have and how they sit on that length arm. Depending on type of chari it could be several per arm - but there are too many variables on types of chairs and how they are shaped so I can't give you an exact number. The basic rack though is really versatile, so it can give a household a lot of options for storing different types of seasonal gear.

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