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Product Highlights

  • Freestanding! No need to mount or destroy your walls
  • Mix and match SUP and kayak storage
  • Indoor-outdoor use - rust protection finish
  • Supports up to 160 lbs of kayaks and SUPs
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty!
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Kayak & SUP Rack | Indoor-Outdoor Freestanding Storage

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Product Highlights

  • Freestanding! No need to mount or destroy your walls
  • Mix and match SUP and kayak storage
  • Indoor-outdoor use - rust protection finish
  • Supports up to 160 lbs of kayaks and SUPs
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty!
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Product Description

A strong yet lightweight rack to store kayaks or SUPs, your choice! 

1) Outdoor Use - This rack has a multi-stage rust protection finish that allows this rack to be used outdoor. Whether your kayaks and paddleboards are too big and bulky to be stored indoors, or you've got a great waterside spot to set them up, this rack is a great fit for your boards and boats. 

2) Freestanding - StoreYourBoard customers always like the convenience of a freestanding rack. With a freestanding rack there is no need to screw or drill into your walls. All you need is a flat level surface to put the rack on and then put your kayaks or SUPs on the rack. And because it's not installed, it's a portable rack, so you can move it from your garage to your dock to your car for loading and back. 

3) Lightweight & Strong - A perfect combination of lightweight (19lbs assembled) and strength make this kayak rack easy to move around with one person but give the strength to support large kayaks and paddleboards.

4) Versatility. You can store more than just kayaks and SUPs on this rack. It's also great for canoes, surfboards and more. If you're into watersports, one of these racks will get all your gear stored and ready for use. This rack also works well in a retail store as display. 

Storage Setup:

  • Top Level: flat storage to hold your kayak or SUP stored horizontally. The ends of the top level's arms angle up at the front or back, which works particularly well at cradling a kayak in place. For SUP's, ideally your paddleboard fits between the 28" width to sit cradled if you fit it in the top level.
  • Bottom Level: because the bottom level is only 24" wide, you'll most likely need to angle your kayak or SUP when you store it on the bottom level. For this reason, depending on the dimensions of your boards and boats, it may make more sense to store one rather than the other on the top vs. bottom levels.

The way this freestanding rack is setup also enables you to use the top rack as a place to hold your boat or board while you do maintenance and repair. The arms of this rack are wrapped in high density foam to protect the hulls of your kayaks and the rails of your paddleboard from any scrapes or scratches while in the rack.

  • 35" tall x 48" long x 28" deepoutdoor-kayak-floor-stand-dimensions.jpeg
  • Supports up to 160 lbs
  • Holds kayaks/SUPs up to 20 feet long

How’s it going? I’m Andrew from, and I’m here today to talk to you about our Freestanding Water Rack. We’ve got kayak and a SUP in here. It’s great for a variety of different water sports gear. So as you can see, the rack is pretty compact. It will fit in a nice smaller spot, in your garage, maybe your basement, out on your deck. On the bottom level, we’ve got kayak angled slightly a bit to fit into that space, which I’ll show you in a minute. On the top, we’ve got a SUP lying horizontally.Take that in for a minute to see how that works, and now I’m going to take this paddleboard off the top rung. So you can see on this top level, you got to see more of the rack. This space right here is about 28 inches wide. So there’s two angled pieces that depending on the width of your board and we have around it rounding towards the tail in between these two rack pieces. They’re also covered in foam to help you protect against any distortions in your board.

In between the lengths of the rack, there’s 48 inches, so center up your board. It shouldn’t really be a problem to support longer boards or kayaks, and I’m going to show you how this bottom rung works. This top level can hold a kayak, too, very easily. You can set it so that the kayak rests along the front rack, then you can set it so you can push it back, so it sets back against that angled rack piece.

On the bottom level, it’s a little bit smaller because it doesn’t extend to the back, so this is about 24 inches. Once again, we’ve got this angled front piece that allows you to store little bit wider kayaks on an angle at the bottom. This kayak we have here is 10 feet long. It’s about 30 inches wide. It fit very comfortably on that bottom level.

Now I’m just going to give you one more view of the entire rack. And so, this is it. If you’re not using it, it fits in a pretty compact area. That’s one of the reasons it’s a great storage rack for your paddleboards and your kayaks. Check it out on

Free standing kayak rack
Posted: August 31, 2016
Written by: Jane S.

Easy to assemble, light weight, holds 2 kayaks. Works as advertised.

great rack but...
Posted: July 13, 2016
Written by: Sarah h H.

I had to go online to find the correct instructions for setup posted by a previous customer. Once I did the setup was easy and it holds boards well. StoreYourBoard needs to post the correct setup instructions on the website.

5 2
Could this hold two paddle boards on top? I'd be storing my board as well as my son's youth board on top. Then my husband's kayak on the bottom.
Yes, you should be fine stacking two SUPs on top of this Kayak/SUP rack, especially if one is a youth board -- as long as you don't mind stacking SUPs on top of each other (and that is a personal preference). The stand can support up to 160 lbs, so you would want to make sure the kayak & SUPs are no more than that total. Additionally, the top level has a 28" width area where the boards would sit - so if one of your boards is much wider than that, it would be sitting on top of the arms that raise up at the ends, not flat inside the cradle area -- so that is something to consider as to how well the boards will stack on top (meaning - if they are less wide they will sit better on that level).

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