Kayak Car Racks

Kayak Roof Racks

The numbers bare the truth: more people are interested in kayak car racks than kayak storage racks for the home. After all, it’s all about getting to and from the water and a kayak carrier is essential to the task. Here’s how to interpret our listings.

Kayak Car Racks

Like most people, you don’t have a vehicle for every scenario. Your drive-to-work Subaru or Toyota or Ford needs to do double duty as a kayak hauler. So you need a roof rack; nothing fancy, but one that securely transports your kayak(s) to the local river, beach or pond.

There are a number of options, but which is best for you will come down to your existing racking system (or lack thereof), as well as convenience of use.

If you have a Thule car rack, or one from Yakima, Malone or any number of manufacturers we highly recommend you stick with the same brand. Systems work differently and not all brands will integrate with one another. If, on the other hand, you don’t have a roof rack, or you have a universal looking deal that was installed by the vehicle manufacturer, you have a wider range of options.

In this second case, a simple block and strap design might work very well. Such a setup is affordable and simple to use, with quick, temporary installation. For a more robust design that will allow you to place and retrieve your kayak with greater ease, you may consider a J-style kayak rack. Racks of this style will cradle your kayak on its side, allowing you to grab the cockpit for offloading.

Double Kayak Roof Racks

Many kayakers prefer to take to the waters with a buddy. For this reason, 2 kayak roof racks are the most popular models. When selecting a model, much of the above logic can be applied. For ease of use, affordability and compact, fold flat capability we recommend the Double Kayak Roof Rack.