Kayak Carriers

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Kayak Carriers

In other words, wheeled kayak transportation. When a kayak roof rack won't fit the bill, you need either a kayak trailer or a kayak dolly (aka kayak cart).

Kayak Dollies

I think of a kayak dolly as a solution to the "middle ground" problem. Too far to lug on your back, not far enough to require the car. If you live relatively near your favorite stretch of water, or simply want to save your back and shoulder, than a kayak dolly is the transport vehicle of choice.

Kayak dollies attach to your kayak via a set of straps that secure your kayak over a set of wheels. And when it comes to kayak carts there really are a variety of options that fit the bill at all price points. More expensive units will typically be more robust and capable of carrying heavy loads. They may also have wheels or tires designed for many road surfaces; pavement, sand, dirt, rutted paths. Larger wheels will also translate to smoother travel.

At the more affordable end of the spectrum you'll find kayak carts that are primarily designed for pavement or sidewalk use. They have smaller wheels that roll great on smooth surfaces, but will struggle over more forbidding terrain.

Kayak Trailers

A kayak trailer is a fantastic option for kayakers who routinely travel to paddling destinations and are fed up with the constant rooftop loading/unloading that's involved. The chief advantages to kayak trailers are as follows.

          • Waist high loading height eliminates need for overhead lifting.
          • Frees up vehicle roof for storage of other gear.
          • Back kayaks directly into water at boat launches.
          • Easy to leave kayaks loaded between trips. Simply hook up trailer and go!