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Product Highlights

  • Aluminum, outdoor, rustproof storage solution
  • Fits all different kayak types up to 34" wide
  • Saves dock space - mounts to side of dock
  • Rack your kayak from the water
  • Lever arm allows easy lift of kayak from water
  • Made in USA!
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Kayak Dock Rack | Waterside Outdoor Storage Mount

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Product Highlights

  • Aluminum, outdoor, rustproof storage solution
  • Fits all different kayak types up to 34" wide
  • Saves dock space - mounts to side of dock
  • Rack your kayak from the water
  • Lever arm allows easy lift of kayak from water
  • Made in USA!
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Product Description

The Kayak Dock Rack is an innovative and easy-to-use outdoor storage solution. Save space by storing your kayak off the side of your dock or pier, and save yourself trips lugging your kayak back and forth to the waterside. 

  • Built for the Outdoors. Made from Aluminum parts and stainless steel hardware, so it is completely weatherproof and designed to withstand harsh marine environments.
  • Space Saver. Great for narrow piers or walkways because it attaches to the side of your dock, with your kayak mounted over the water, saving you precious dock space! 
  • Lift Assist Arm. Makes loading and unloading your kayak simple, for anyone. The Rack folds down and inserts your boat into the water, and folds up to remove it from the water. An aluminum arm and webbing cradle swings down to (or up from) the water so you can maneuver your kayak into the rack while it is still in the water. Once your boat is in the cradle, swing the aluminum arm up and your kayak into its storage position.  
    • Lever arm reduces the lift weight by 40% - so a 100lbs boat should feel like a 60lbs boat!

Board Your Kayak from the Water. There are 2 versions of this kayak rack for exactly how you plan to use the rack, and how your dock is setup:

  1. Waterside Rack: This product is the Waterside version, for entering and exiting your kayak while standing in the water, ideal for docks in shallow water, accommodating a variety of freeboard distances (dock height above water) from 10" to 36".
  2. Dockside Rack: If your dock is in deep water and you will enter and exit your kayak from the dock, you need the Dockside version of this kayak rack. 

2 Dock Mounting Options: (1) Bolt-on and (2) Clamp-on. Both options fit decks 1" to 1.5" thick and include 2 slots to provide for vertical adjustment to meet different water levels. 

(1) Bolt-on Mount:

  • For wood or composite decking; not for aluminum decking
  • Requires bolting into your dock or pier

(2) Clamp-on Mount:

  • Tool-free installation
  • For wood, composite, or aluminum decking
  • Requires access to underside of dock
  • Dock must have side height less than 7.5"
  • Truss-type docks must have decking-to-bottom-rail height of 10" or less 
  • Weight capacity = 100 lbs
  • Maximum kayak width = 34"
  • Aluminum construction
  • Adjustable webbing to fit different boat sizes
  • Kayak rack
  • Webbing
  • Mounting hardware (of your choosing)
Love it!!
Posted: August 31, 2016
Written by: Kim B.

I love it! Now I can get my kayak in and out of the water without help. Don't need to drag it on the sand up to the front on the lake lot.

Constructive Comments
Posted: August 17, 2016
Written by: Scott P.

the system and attachment(clamps) work great. the challenge we have is the kayak we bought is a Native brand with a propeller. we remove the propeller system to store it on the rack. the kayak is wide and difficult to push it over once you get it in the "up" position. perhaps the lower legs need to be a little wider and have a stop at the end of the lower legs to catch the edge of the kayak. the other challenge is deploying the two flat metal locking plates. because the kayak is wide, when it is in the up position, those plates are near the edge of the kayak making them difficult to flip in place.

Posted: August 15, 2016
Written by: Renee S.


Ingenious product
Posted: August 13, 2016
Written by: Cindy K.

Perfect kayak storage. So easy to install and use. Very helpful and informative customer support. Thank you

Kayak Dock Rack | Aluminum Waterside Storage
Great product
Posted: July 15, 2016
Written by: Joseph H.

Took the lifts out of their boxes, got in the water & attached them to our pier. Floated the kayaks right in and that was that. Perfect!

Kayak storage rack
Posted: April 13, 2016
Written by: Steven S.

Excellent product, quick delivery

5 6
Would this work for a hobie oasis on a lake that can get pretty windy? IT is 93 lbs and 14 feet or so long, so a fairly large kayak?
With the Oasis, as with all Hobies that have the Mirage drive, we recommend that the Mirage drive be removed prior to loading the Hobie in our dock Kayak rack. This will prevent the rowing fins from engaging in the lifting straps. We have not had any customers have a problem with this, as it is our understanding the Mirage drive is very easily removable. Regarding the wind - many customers using this rack report they are impressed how well it has withstood windy weather in their area, such as on the Great Lakes; wind is relative, and conditions will vary by area and user, so we can't speak to extreme weather conditions (such as hurricanes...) but general stormy/windy conditions should be fine.
Our dock is on a river with the changes in the tide and the dock is rather high. Are the straps long enough to change the height of the Kayah off the water? The water is at the most 4 feet high where we would attach this.
Our waterside Kayak Rack (meaning you plan to enter and exit your kayak from the water) has these specifications:
When Loading the Kayak in or out:
The waterside rack will sit 5-17 inches below the deck;
You will have play between 10 and 36 inches from the dock surface to the water level - that is how much you can adjust it based on seasonal/tidal waters;
When Kayak is in Storage Position:
The kayak will be stored 5-20 inches above water level with this version of the rack.
That number range should give you an idea if this will work, given the water levels of your river dock. There is a dockside version, that people use when their dock is in higher waters, so they can enter and exit from the dock; it is also the version to go with if you have a floating dock.
Does it lock?
Our kayak dock rack system does not have a built-in lock, however you could choose to use it with something like these universal kayak locks (available in a couple different sizes, for different size boats) or these kayak dock locks.
I have a Grumman canoe that is between 16 and 17 foot wide. Will this work on this canoe?
The WaterSide Kayak Rack is not guaranteed to work for most canoes. It can sometimes work for some canoes, but there are a couple of possible issues. The width of your canoe should technically fit this rack system, but because of the shape of a canoe - with the bow of a canoe normally being taller than its center height, that means the strapping system doesn't work as easily or well as it should, and there is some slack created where the handle comes in play for the system. This could affect how the canoe is lowered and raised. So we can't enthusiastically recommended as guaranteed to work for your Grumman, but given its not a very wide canoe, there is a possibility it could, but its not guaranteed.
I have a 9 ft dingy with a 3 horse power motor on it.,... Do you have any ideas to get it out of the water every night? I liked this lift, but I think my boat is too big.
The kayak dock lifts would be a question-mark for your dinghy, and its motor, though small, may get in the way of it working as well, so its not something I can really recommend. The length of your dinghy would be less of an issue than its shape, as even most canoes won't work on this lift/rack due to their shape. Regarding the motor, for kayaks that have pedals drives, one has to pull them out before using the lift, as they get in the way of it working properly - while a dinghy motor is different, it could still affect how it would sit in the rack and the lift would operate. Unfortunately I don't have another suggestion that I could offer guaranteed to work.
What is the minimum distance between the waterline and the top of the deck for mounting these racks?We are going to build an extension off our existing boat dock which is closer to the water, say 4 to 5" above the water level, to make it easier to get in and out of the kayaks, and are wondering if the kayak racks can be mounted this close to the water.
For starters, there are two different versions of this rack, based on how you want to enter/exit your kayak: either from the water/waterside (getting in and out of the kayak in the water, and then raising it into the rack) or from the dock/dockside (getting in and out of the kayak from your dock). The waterside version is generally recommended if your dock is in shallower water; the dockside version is normally for docks that are in deep water or floating docks. For both versions of the rack, the minimum distance between water level & surface of the dock is 10". So more than what you are thinking on using. However, depending on which version would suit your intended use better, they have the following additional specifications on water levels for consideration:

For waterside version --
a) the distance of the dock surface to the water itself can range from 10 - 36";
b) in storage, the distance the kayak is above the water ranges between 5-20", depending on water level;
For dockside version --
a) the distance of the dock surface to the water itself can range from 10 - 30";
b) in storage, the distance the kayak is above the water ranges from 5-21" (again, based on water level).
Lifting: When you are actually lifting/lowering the kayak to and from the water, the rack position will be below the dock/platform's surface either 5-17" (waterside version) or 5-9" (dockside version).

Hopefully the additional numbers may help you plan what could work for your intended dock modification.
Can this unit lower the kayak 5 feet down?
This Kayak waterside rack can lower your kayak up to 36" - so about 3 feet down maximum, from the top of your dock.

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