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Product Highlights

  • Create the perfect wave with the boat you already own!
  • Generates a better wake without having to worry about passenger seating
  • Attaches in seconds and removes easily - works on both sides of your boat
  • Durable, reinforced high grade materials
  • Floats for easy recovery
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Mission Delta Wakesurf Shaper | Universal Boat Wave Maker

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Product Highlights

  • Create the perfect wave with the boat you already own!
  • Generates a better wake without having to worry about passenger seating
  • Attaches in seconds and removes easily - works on both sides of your boat
  • Durable, reinforced high grade materials
  • Floats for easy recovery
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Product Description

Generate the perfect, clean wake. Create the perfect surf wake with the boat you already own with the Mission DELTA Wake Maker. The DELTA creates clean, long wakes, allowing you to surf in that perfect sweet spot longer. The DELTA's patented universal system allows it to fit to almost any direct drive or v-drive boat, saving you from expensive upgrades or new boat purchases. You may be wondering - how could such a small attachment make such a great improvement to the crest of the wave? Seeing the Mission DELTA in action is believing!

The Ultimate Wake Shaper! Mission Delta is called a wake surf solution because it creates a cleaner wave. The cleaner the wave, the better your ride! More water time = more maneuvers = more fun.  

How Does it Create a Cleaner Wave? There's a science here that a really smart engineer-wakesurfer developed. In a symmetrical boat without a wake shaper, your boat creates equal amounts of turbulence on both sides of your boat, and water flows around your boat at equal rates, then colliding at the center line behind your boat and creating a rough wake on both sides. Insert the Delta - it breaks up the flow of water on one side of your boat (the non-surf side), interrupting the wake on that side of the boat so it no longer has the speed or power to collide with and mess up the other wake (the surf side wake), creating a clean undisturbed wave for you to surf!  

Will it Work with My Boat? Almost certainly yes! The Delta is smartly designed for a universal fit on inboard powered boats. There are very few boats that the Mission Delta doesn't work with. It requires only a 5x13-inch smooth panel on your boat to install. Below are the most common exceptions for fit:

  • Dual Engine Jet Boats - create too much wash
  • Boats with Huge Decals - if they cover the area where Delta needs to attach to. For example: Malibu 2006-07 X2s
  • Boats with Steps Too Close - so Delta can't stick on side in place it needs to

How Does it Attach to My Boat? The Mission DELTA Wake Maker easily attaches to the hull of your boat with its 2 heavy duty, oversized industrial suction cups, more than strong enough to stay attached while at wakesurfing speeds. Simply press on the levers to fully exhaust the air and water out of the suction cups so you achieve maximum vacuum for maximum grip! You'll feel some nice pressure on the levers when you rotate them down into the locked position. If you're having problems attaching it to your boat:

  • Push on the levers to attach the Delta, not its white body. This exhausts air and water better and allows for best application.
  • Boat slime - if your boat sits in the water for an extended period of time, you may have to clear the slime layer off to attach Delta. Wax should not impact the Delta's ability to attach to your boat.
  • Decals - could negatively impact the ability for Delta to attach to your boat.

Where Does it Attach On My Boat?

  • Vs. Waterline: Install the Mission DELTA on a smooth section of your boat about 2-4 inches below the waterline when at surf speeds.
  • Back of the Boat: Generally, position the Delta as far back as possible on your boat.
  • Regular vs. Goofy: Install the Delta on the opposite side of the boat from your surfer! It easily detaches so you can move it to the other side of your boat in seconds for regular and goofy style surfers.  
  • Depending on how you place it you can change the shape of your wave; biasing the ballast back towards the stern increases wave height while moving it more forward will give you a more mellow wave and a smoother transition.

Boat Setup for Delta. The goal is to utilize Delta at 100% efficiency, which means it's sitting evenly in the water, a few inches below the water line. The below tips are starting points geared toward achieving the optimal use of Delta: 

  • Weight: weight boat evenly left to right.
  • Ballast: start with 60% in back, 40% in front. Some boats need to be 70-30 or even 80-20. Goal is so boat runs with Delta a few inches below water line. If you have a mid-engined inboard, you will want to use more weight in the back to compensate for the center engine weight. Also, longer boats require more ballast to offset the additional buoyancy of the hull.
  • Speed: start with surf speed, about 11mph. This varies by boat; once again the goal is so Delta's main panel runs below water line. Slower speeds generate more height and faster speeds generate more length (at the expense of height). Speed depends on the boat length, hull shape, ballast, passenger weight, and your personal preferences.

Why it's great: Other than the obvious fact that you'll save tons of money on boat upgrades, the Mission DELTA Wake Maker allows you to let your passengers sit wherever they want - no more piling everyone uncomfortably on one side of your boat. It's also incredibly durable thanks to its reinforced high grade polymer and anodized aluminum and stainless steel parts. It even floats on the rare occasion that it falls into the water, and comes with a leash so you can keep it within reach and attached to your boat. 

I will be honest, I was very skeptical about the Mission Delta before I actually tried it out.  I tested the Mission Delta on a 2012 Supra 21V.  We had the wakesurf wave fairly dialed in the "conventional way" - load all your ballast and everyone in the boat onto one side and lean the boat over.  Adding the Mission Delta took the wave to the next level!  The shape, size, length, and crispness of the wave all improved when using the Mission Delta.  The increased length and better shape made a big difference in our ability to do more tricks and carve some great turns.

Putting the Mission Delta on your boat is actually really easy.  The suction cups really hold tight.  I have never seen it move at all during our sessions.  It also comes with a nice leash you can clip onto your boat as an extra precaution in case it somehow comes loose (most likely due to user error...).  I know the main competitor to the Mission Delta is the Ronix Eight3 Shaper.  I have never personally used it but I know it requires adding velcro to your boat which is less ideal especially compared to the easy to use suction cups on the Mission Delta.

Using the Mission Delta took a little "re-learning" to figure out how to dial in the boat/wave but I will tell you once you find it, it is awesome!  As far as the boat, the best part was being able to keep it evenly weighted left to right.  This is much better for the driver and passengers.

All the new boats are now coming out with wake surf specific equipment to enhance the surf wave.  If you have an "older boat" this is an awesome upgrade that you will not regret!  Buy the Mission Delta NOT a new boat!

Ride on,

Josh Gordon 


  • Covers a 5" x 13" section of your boat
  • 1 Mission DELTA wake maker
  • 1 storage bag
  • 1 leash
  • 2 suction cup protective covers
  • Instruction sheet
Exceeded my expectation
Posted: March 26, 2017
Written by: Shawn

For my Malibu Wakesetter with the stock ballasts full and the the power wedge set to max drag, without the Mission all I get is white foam. As soon as I add the mission, it's instant perfect wave. High and Clean. It's night and day and worth every penny and more. Way cheaper than a new boat, which is what I was about to do.

5 1
What have the results been with Mastercraft x-30 's? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I see lots of positive info with use on Malibu's but not any with a Mastercraft; the few I saw didn't sound like they could get it to work.
We only started carrying the Delta Wakeshaper fairly recently; while we have had an opportunity to test it out, and would recommend it, we don't have a lot of feedback yet from our customers regarding its performance with different boats. However, we have seen it work well with at least one Mastercraft x30 - a 2006 -- and it should work for most Mastercraft x30s (some guidelines for where it won't work with a boat are in our listing for reference). We know from testing it on a Supra, it can take some re-learning at first, in how to dial in the boat/wave, but found it was worth it.
Will this work on a 2005 Mastercraft X7?
Yes, the Mission Delta Waveshaper should work on your boat. We know that it works on a variety of MasterCraft models, including those from prior years. The Mission Delta requires only a 5x13-inch smooth panel on your boat to install. Below are the most common exceptions for fit:

Dual Engine Jet Boats - create too much wash
Boats with Huge Decals - if they cover the area where Delta needs to attach to (For example: Malibu 2006-07 X2s)
Boats with Steps Too Close - so Delta can't stick on side in place it needs to)
Since this waveshaper is designed with a universal type of fit, there actually isn't a fit guide available from the manufacturer that will guarantee it will work for specific model boats - but if your Mastercraft doesn't have any of those exceptions, it should be fine.
Can I return the product if it does not work as advertised?
We have a fairly flexible return policy, if the product is not as expected, but for these Delta Wavesurf makers, to make sure your satisfied with the purchase, you probably want to first go over what is required so that it can work for your particular boat, as a place to start. We have those guidelines outlined on our listing, for one important aspect of whether this would basically work out for your boat, before purchase. Then, if it looks like it could fit your boat, something else to expect is that, for some boaters, they find it just takes a little bit of experimenting at first, to dial in the boat/wave with the Delta. So that is something you may want to anticipate; but once you do get it dialed in, it should help improve and enhance the wave.

We normally cannot take back products that have been used (unless there was a defect or manufacturing problem that needed resolving). So whether the Delta is going to give you the shape and length of wave, etc., you are looking for is hard to say or guarantee - but we have found this is a good upgrade, and one we recommend.
I Have a 25 Foot Bertram Moppie with Deep V hull. Twin shafts/props Please tell me this will work
Unfortunately, I can't guarantee the Mission Delta Wake Surf Shaper will work for your boat. Since it has an almost "universal" fit for most boats, there is no manufacturer's fit guide by model - so you have to go by some basic guidelines:
If your boat is a dual engine jet boat, it won't work (that would rule it out).
But here are the rest of the guidelines:

Is your boat inboard powered? If so, it should work; additionally:
Do you have a 5 x 13 inch smooth panel on the boat to attach the delta? It won't adhere properly over decaled areas, so would need to be smooth area with no decals, of 5 x 13, almost anywhere on the boat. So if you have such a clear space, you should be able to use it. The other note, is if you have steps that are too close, the Delta won't adhere right in that area.
So those are the basic guidelines. If you boat fits those basic guidelines, you should be fine. I just can't guarantee it as that is all we can base it on.
I would like something similar to this, but I have a dual jet engine and need something that will work with that.
Unfortunately, the Mission Delta Wakesurf Shaper won't work for a dual engine boat, as you saw on our listing, and there really isn't a comparable product that will. It creates too much wash. I wish I had an alternative to suggest, but there really isn't one.
Will this work with a Yamaha SX 190 Jet Boat?
Unfortunately, the Mission Delta Wakesurf doesn't work for jet boats.
Will this work on a tritoon? I have a aquapatio tri toon with a Honda 150HP
Unfortunately the delta wakesurf shaper won't work for your Tri-toon; it doesn't work with outboard motors.
Any chance this works on a boat with an outboard motor? We have a 22' Robalo with a Yamaha 250.
Unfortunately, the Mission Delta doesn't work with outbound motors! I don't have an alternative to recommend that would, so I am sorry we can't help you out with that.
I was looking at the mission delta wakesurf shaper for my 03 wakesetter. Is this a good fit for my boat? 
There isn't an official fit guide for the Mission Delta Wakesurf Shaper, so we can only go by some basics for whether it may work for you 03 Wakesetter.  It technically has a "universal" fit for inboard powered boats, so that is one criteria -- your Wakesetter would need to have an inboard motor; however it does *not* work for dual engine boats, so that would make it not recommended if you have a dual engine.   Then the other restrictions are whether or not you have a 5x13 inch area to attach it, that has no decals or anything, it needs to be a smooth surface, and not have steps to close that would get in the way of its use.  It is basically attaching to the hull of a boat with two industrial suction cups.

So if your model boat seems like it would meet those basic requirements, then it is just a matter of getting used to using this wakeshaper!  That can take some experimenting at first, and we have some recommendations on our listing for reference.   

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