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Product Highlights

  • Storage for multiple surfboards!
  • Fits surfboards up to 7" thick
  • Easy, portable rack for wherever you need it
  • 6063 Aluminum construction - never rusts
  • Neoprene foam protects boards during storage
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Multi Surfboard Stand | Indoor-Outdoor Surf Rack

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Product Highlights

  • Storage for multiple surfboards!
  • Fits surfboards up to 7" thick
  • Easy, portable rack for wherever you need it
  • 6063 Aluminum construction - never rusts
  • Neoprene foam protects boards during storage
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Product Description

This Multi Surf Stand makes storing your surfboards easy, especially if you've got a lot of boards. Load multiple boards up horizontally onto the rack's padded frame, and you'll have your boards ready whenever you need them, no setup or installation required. And it's fully portable, so you can move this freestanding rack wherever you're storing your surfboards next.

Multiple Surfboard Storage. With multiple surfboard storage capacity, this rack (or a few of these racks) is great for surfboard enthusiasts with multiple boards. It's also great for stores or shops using and storing their boards during the day, like surfboard rental shops, surf schools, and surf expos. 

Indoor-Outdoor Storage. The frame of the rack is made from heavy-duty T6 6063 Aluminum and the hardware is stainless steel, so the entire rack is rust proof - a must for any quality surfboard rack. This means you can use the rack in your garage and move it in your backyard, or on your dock or deck when you want to move your boards.

  • For retail use, you can display your surfboards outside during the day and bring the racks and boards back inside at night.
  • In windy outdoor conditions, holes in the frame's base allow you to anchor or stake the rack to the ground for stability so your boards don't act as sails.

Portable. No mounting or installation is required for this floor stand, so set it up the first time knowing you can move it to wherever you need it next. From your garage to your deck, to your dock, to your shop, to your basement.

Simple to Use. Load the center of your surfboards gravity in the rack, and face the boards outward if you need to accommodate long fins. No straps or tie downs are required for storage.

Surfboard Protection. The Multi Surf Stand has thick Neoprene covered foam arms that your boards rests on and rest between. These pads won't mark or damage your surfboards during storage. 


  • paddleboard-floor-rack-stand-dimensions.jpgOverall Height (from ground to top of middle bar): 34"
  • Overall Footprint: 18" x 27"
  • Width of slots (where the boards sit): 7"
  • Boards sit 11" off the ground
  • Diameter of metal tubing: 1" (1.5" with foam)
  • Distance from bottom of the cradle to the top of the middle bar: 22"
  • Comes with 11.5' tie down strap
  • 150 lb weight capacity.

Howdy! I’m Andrew from StoreYourBoard. I’m going to show you this nifty Surfboard Rack next to me. It’s a very easy rack to use. It will sit on your floor. It will store multiple surfboards, and it’s super lightweight yet very durable.

And so the concept of the stand, there are two slots each. You can fit one or more boards in each slot. I’m going to show you how that works. I already got one board in here. I’m going to pull it up, so you can get a better view of the stand and so you see lightweight but sturdy. There’s 7 inches of space right here, which depending on the thicknesses of your surfboards will dictate how many boards you can fit in there. You can use it indoors or outdoors.

It’s made of aluminum and that makes it really versatile rack, so put it back. I’ll show you how you can load this up with multiple surfboards. So I’ll put this board right back where it was to this back slot. I got a 7’6” board right here. We move it into the front slot, so right now I have two surfboards, but since they’re not 7 inches thick, there’s still room in the spaces for additional boards. We have another board that I’m going to fit in the back with this board. I have three surfboards in now. Move this one back, fit another one up in front. That’s going to leave four, no problem.

Of course, the only thing you may be thinking about with your boards is which boards have fins in, which direction your fins are. You could flip one of the board fins facing forward, facing backwards, but that’s one of the considerations you have to think about as you’re thinking about this rack and how you use it with your surfboards.

But once again, a very simple surfboard stand, indoors outdoors. Check it out at

Does this hold three boards or two? The rack empty looks like it stores two but the picture has three boards on it.
Our multi board stand has two sets of slots to hold your boards. The slots each have a 7" gap, where a board or more can be placed. Whether you can fit more than one board in one of those slots depends on the thickness of your surfboards. They would need to be no more than 7" combined in thickness to fit in one of the slots, and depending on where their fins are, you may need to adjust which way they face. You can check our video out on the listing to get an idea of how it works.
Is there a maximum length of board the rack can hold. The 2 boards I'd like to store are 11' and 10.2' long. I'm planning to use in the garage to store my hard and inflatable SUPs
Our two board stand can support fairly long SUPs or Surfboards. At 11' and 10'2" long, both of your boards should be fine on this. You'll have about 4 feet or a little more of your boards hanging over on each end, but they should be stably supported by the base of the stand and should work well.
Will my stand-up boards fit in this rack?
Yes, it is the same rack as the one seen in our SUP listings here: It fits surfboards & SUPs; it fits SUPs up to 7" thick.
Great value
Posted: July 5, 2017
Written by: Emily S.

I purchased 2 of these. One to leave by the dock and one for the garage. Easy to assemble and a great way to store the boards off the garage floor or dock. It makes easy to remove them from the stand and place them in the water.

Nice product
Posted: June 14, 2017
Written by: Mr p H.

You need to check your nuts before sending out, we are missing 1!! If you could send us a nut that would be great but managed to put together but without locking nut. Nice compact design freed up a little space and easier to move & pick up boards. I have surf and SUP and stand holds both well.

Board Stand
Posted: May 11, 2017
Written by: Barry R.

Works with 2 boards but I needed it for three. That was misleading in the add. Thank you. Barry

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