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Product Highlights

  • 100% Aluminum - Lightweight, sturdy, beautiful
  • Fits virtually every skateboard!
  • Padded liner to protect your board
  • Wood screws and drywall anchors included
  • Made in the USA!
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Naked Rack | Skateboard Display Rack

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Product Highlights

  • 100% Aluminum - Lightweight, sturdy, beautiful
  • Fits virtually every skateboard!
  • Padded liner to protect your board
  • Wood screws and drywall anchors included
  • Made in the USA!
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Product Description

This is the perfect rack to showoff your skateboard. Just like a bikini this rack covers only what is absolutely necessary and leaves the rest to showoff your sweet ride! It does the job of holding your skateboard on the wall without overwhelming your skateboard or house with a big bulky rack. Let those sweet deck graphics show!

The Skateboard Naked Rack is made from high quality aluminum. The base then gets a foam rubber applied to cushion your skateboard and also add some friction so your skateboard does not slip. It's designed and made in the USA by skilled metal craftsmen.

The Skateboard Naked Rack displays and stores your skateboard in a very compact and efficient way. It lays it pretty much flat up against the wall, so it is not sticking out into the room. It turns your skateboard into ART!

The Naked Rack has got me pretty stoked. Looking at the racks, they are pretty simple but that was exactly the point. We listened to some customer feedback that they didn't want to see the rack that was holding their board. As you can see from the pictures our skateboards look great in the Naked Rack. 

It almost looks like the board is floating which is a great look in any space. I know we sell a few racks that make the boards look like they are floating (most notably our Skateboard Deck Rack) and they are HUGE sellers that customers cannot get enough of. This is a sturdy, solid solution for skateboards that you should definitely check out. 

By the way - did you check out the price? At that price you might as well get a few for all your boards!

Ride on,

Josh Gordon 


  • 3.75" out from the wall
  • 2" wide
  • 3" along the wall
  • 0.75" lip
  • 3/16" mounting holes
  • (2) Rack arms with felt lining
  • Mounting instructions
  • Mounting hardware (4 wood screws & 4 heavy duty drywall anchors)
Will this Naked Rack hold a longboard with the wheels on?
For longboards, we recommend the larger version of this rack found here: Naked Rack - Large, especially if you want to store your longboard with the wheels on. The Naked Rack - Large is mainly used for wakeboards and surfboards, but it works equally well for longboards, and we would recommend it for longboards instead of this one.
How does this mount stay on the wall?
The naked skate rack comes with standard wood screws, to attach it to the wall. If you need drywall anchors, you can order those as an option to be included. Mounting instructions are also included.
Naked Rack
Posted: August 9, 2017
Written by: Bonnie W.

This unit did not store the board at all. After installation, the board does not stay on the hooks. The hooks are too short at the bottom for the board to tilt back properly. Waste of my money!

skateboard display rack
Posted: January 25, 2017
Written by: Nicholas M.

shipped fast, works great!

Love it
Posted: September 21, 2016
Written by: Julie K.

Looks like art!

Posted: April 6, 2016
Written by: Leesa L.

Perfect way to store and display a board.

Good stuff!
Posted: February 3, 2016
Written by: Matt B.

Love the wall mounts. Great job yall

Naked Rack | Skateboard Display Rack
Great Rack ;-)
Posted: April 15, 2015
Written by: Simon P.

This is an ideal rack for a single board. It's low profile and does its job without taking attention from the board. Install is very simple will all parts included, and the materials are very durable and sturdy. Highly recommended, especially at the price point. Its a great rack for displaying your board while still having it easily accessible when you want to ride.

Simple works great!
Posted: April 15, 2015
Written by: Charlie D.

Installation was very easy and now my board doesn't take up space on my floor anymore. Great space saver and adds a good look to a room.

These are fantastic
Posted: August 5, 2014
Written by: Bethany L.

Easy to install and look amazing!

Look Great
Posted: March 19, 2014
Written by: Phillip

I got the black naked skate rack and it looks great. Matte black looks nice in my room. Holds my skateboard perfect and I can keep the wheels on to use it everyday

Killer Skate Rack
Posted: September 29, 2013
Written by: Kelly James

Thanks - sweet product!

Simple but Effective Skateboard Display
Posted: June 24, 2013
Written by: Jack K.

Got this skateboard rack to hang my board on the wall in my room. It is really simple but it does make my skateboard look sweet in my room. I think I might get a few more to mount my longboard and other skateboard. I like that this rack can display my skateboard with the trucks and wheels on and I can stil use it. I was looking at a few of the other options on StoreYourBoard and a few of them look pretty cool and floating but you can only use it with the deck, which means I couldn't ride my skateboard anymore. This is the best of both worlds - display my board and still be able to ride it

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