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Product Highlights

  • Weatherproof, galvanized steel for saltwater storage
  • 8" wide opening can holds extra thick inflatable SUPs
  • Holds SUPs up to 100 lbs!
  • Integrated safety strap for ultimate board security
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Outdoor SUP Wall Rack | Galvanized Saltwater Storage

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Product Highlights

  • Weatherproof, galvanized steel for saltwater storage
  • 8" wide opening can holds extra thick inflatable SUPs
  • Holds SUPs up to 100 lbs!
  • Integrated safety strap for ultimate board security
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Product Description

This is our galvanized weather resistant outdoor storage solution for saltwater environments, exactly where you need store your paddleboard!

Saltwater Resistant. The SUP rack is made of heavy duty, galvanized steel and comes with stainless steel mounting hardware, making it the right choice for storing your paddleboards at the water's edge, on your dock, deck, pier or marina, saving you from lugging them around. For outdoor rust-resistant paddleboard storage, look no further.

What SUPs does it hold? 

  • Weight: the rack's monolithic, tubular steel construction allows you to store SUPs up to 100 lbs!
  • Thickness: the U-cradle of the rack is 8" wide, so you can store wider touring and race SUPs in the rack, too.
  • Length: mount the arms are far apart as you need to fit the length of your SUP.
  • Have 2 SUPs? Here's this rack for 2 SUPs!

Supension Strap System. The Suspension SUP Wall Rack is a unique stand up paddleboard wall rack because it will store your board with zero pressure points. These suspension straps conform to your board's geometry and are what allow this rack to not create any pressure points on your board - awesome!

Safety Tie Down Straps. The SUP rack has built in, adjustable safety straps to ensure your SUP stays securely in place. This keeps your SUPs secure when they're stored outdoors in a windy spot or if you're afraid someone might bump into your board. 

  • 21.5" tall along wall
  • Extends 10" out from wall
  • Has 8" opening for boards
  • Holds up to 100lbs
  • Includes two rack arms, to hold one SUP

Determine spacing for the SUP racks. The ideal spacing is 40 percent of boat length, at least that’s what the engineers say. Always anchor into a wooden wall stud. Use a mounting screw to mark the hole locations. The mounting holes are spaced 4 inches apart. Use a 3/16 drill bit. Soap the screw threads – an old carpenter’s trick. Leaving the top screw loose makes it easy to rotate the rack to find the bottom screw hole. Studs are typically on 16 inch centers. Mount second rack arm at same height as first.

Adjusting the rack straps: Undo velcro on the safety strap. Undo velcro on the support strap. Set length so SUP is suspended without touching the arm. Re-attach velcro to position safety strap. Secure SUP with safety strap. With the expansion plate kit, it is easy to add storage for a second SUP. Assembling a double SUP rack. The single SUP configuration extends 10 inches from the wall. The double SUP configuration extends 20 inches from the wall.

Can I mount these on the poles of my dock?
Our galvanized SUP racks should be fine mounted to wood dock poles, and you should be able to do that with their included hardware. If they are not wood but another material, such as concrete, you would need to buy additional mounting hardware from anywhere you buy hardware (Lowe's, Home Depot, etc.).
Can I mount these racks to the stations on my sailboat. I would use the type of clamps used on marine plumbing to keep hoses from coming off. Would that work? Or what else would you suggest for mounting to aluminum stations?
We can't recommend that alternative mounting as viable for this galvanized Suspension Cradle SUP Rack, as it isn't the use or mounting it was manufactured and tested for; however, what you are thinking of doing is similar to the way this Sailboat SUP rack works, which includes the clamps to attach to your boat's stanchions. We just can't say trying to mount the suspension cradle rack that way could work well, or what issues you may run into, so that sailboat rack may be an alternative to consider since its intended for that use.
Posted: February 16, 2017
Written by: Linda W.

Had a handy man put them up with no trouble. Time will tell if the rust. I hope not!

Paddle board storage
Posted: October 17, 2016
Written by: kpattizon

These worked out great for us.

Outdoor SUP Wall Rack | Galvanized | Saltwater Storage
Awesome. Very sturdy
Posted: July 27, 2016
Written by: Greg D.

Great product.

Perfect dock paddle board rack
Posted: June 29, 2016
Written by: Lou

I am very pleased with this rack. It is really strong and works perfects mounted on the side of our boat house. I have been looking for a way to get me board out of the way and safely stored because as we all know dock space is precious.

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