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Product Highlights

  • Make your board float off the wall!
  • Used by pros and amateurs all around the world
  • Innovative and patented design
  • Includes mounting hardware and instructions
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Sk8ology Deck Display

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Product Highlights

  • Make your board float off the wall!
  • Used by pros and amateurs all around the world
  • Innovative and patented design
  • Includes mounting hardware and instructions
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Product Description

The Sk8ology Deck Display will mount your favorite skateboard decks on the wall to display and show off. Get your favorite decks up on the wall and out of the closet! 

The Sk8ology Floating Mount is the net result of years of experimentation in how to best display the art of skateboarding's soul while minimally impacting your wall. The combination of surgical quality acrylic and aircraft grade steel insures a lifetime of service. The very precise fit of this system makes the decks appear to be floating off the wall creating a museum quality aesthetic. 

What about longboards!? Don’t worry, we have our power-sliding and dancin’ friends covered too. Check out the Longboard Art Mount for a rack that lets you show off your longboard. 

Want to show off your skateboard’s deck, but don’t like the idea of removing the trucks? Check out our Removable Skateboard Display for a rack that lets you keep your board ready to ride!

Chances are that if you’ve been a skateboarder for many years of your life, you greatly value the memories of learning your first tricks, meeting your first pro, competing at a contest, skating a secret spot, your first backyard pool, ditch or even getting sponsored by your local shop. Yes, those are the significant moments that collectively make up our individual lives as skaters and are some of the important ones we hold on to. And along the way, we tend to hold onto material pieces that relate and reconnect to those vivid memories. Without a doubt, the most visual pieces from our own histories are our skateboards and what better way to reflect on the good times than display those decks on your wall. This is the skateboard mount you need to make it come true. Now’s the time to pull out those decks from the closet or attic and showcase those skateboards that hold special memories for you or even to show off limited edition boards that bear some sick graphics.


Want to display your Skateboard Deck? This is the best mount on the market by far! We used to carry a few different types but now we pretty much only sell the Sk8ology mount. The rack is simple and effective and made from high quality materials that will not break. We like skateboarding here at StoreYourBoard but the real truth in how good this rack is all the skateboarding pros that use the racks in their own home: Paul Rodriguez, Danny Way, Greg Lutzka, Dave Swift (Editor Skateboard Mag), Nate Sherwood, Rob Drydek, and many more! 

You need to get a couple of these to see how sweet it makes your decks look. When you mount them they look like they are floating on the wall and really look like a piece of art, especially if you have some sick graphics on your deck. 

Not only are these great racks but they are CHEAP. So there is no reason to not buy a few today and Display your Favorite Decks! 

Ride on, 

Hey, this is Schmiddy from Sk8ology. Today, we're going to hang up a skateboard deck. To put up a single skateboard, you’re going to need three tools. That's going to be a drill - it doesn't matter if it's electric or battery - Phillips screwdriver, and a measuring tape. So the first thing we're going to do is measure our space. The wall that we're working with today is 70 inches wide. We're going to look for that midpoint, which is 35 inches. Now that we'e got our measurement of the middle of the wall, we want to find out how far we want the board to be down from the top of the wall. It's going to be 13.5 inches to our point where we're going to drill. I'll move the board. There's 13.5 inches. This is where we're going to be drilling. Drill a hole. Insert the drywall anchor. Insert the screw into the display and then screw the display fixture into the wall. Now that the display is up, it's time to press the board onto the display. If the board does not press on to the T-nuts, you're going to want to drill out the lower front holes of the nose of the board. Just take out a little wood. What this allows is for the board to precisely fit on the display. If you want the board to be locked onto the wall so the board can't be taken off easily, all you have to do is take off the black T-nuts. Take these bolts, move them down about an inch, put the skateboard deck on. Make sure the T-nut, the wide part of the T-nut is facing outside, so in other words closest to you. Pull it out like that and see what I'm doing back here. I'm just tightening up the nuts and there you have the board that's locked against the wall. Floating off the wall. See no hardware. There you are!

Love the product
Posted: May 12, 2016
Written by: Suzanne

This is my second purchase of the sk8ology deck display from Store Your Board. I'm very pleased with the product especially because it is SUPER easy to put up and only makes 2 holes in the wall (I typically hang vertically).

Love the idea..
Posted: November 18, 2015
Written by: Cam C.

I actually just put up two decks last night.. so great timing on this.

I love the product, I love the look and everything. Very bright.

I was a little peeved that I had to drill-out holes in the deck, but totally understand. It would be cool if you provided a couple of options (ie, a thinner screw, perhaps, for those of us that don't want to drill out the holes.)

The other thoughts I have are:
1. Provide better wall plugs. the ones you're supplying actually lose their thread with the screws - and having a secure anchor in the wall is what keeps the board "floating". Otherwise, the tail of the board rests on the wall. I learned that the hard way. I ended up just using my own wall plugs and screws so that I could be sure the display was tight against the wall - and that the 'truck' screws were level. Important for when you're putting two or more decks side-by-side as you don't want one droopy and the other standing at full mast ;-)

2. The metal nuts on the 'truck' screws scare me. I would suggest you put in a plastic or rubber washer on there that a user could screw the nut up against really tightly without risking scratching the deck. (I know, it's only a little scratch, but now a lot of decks are getting up their in price - and skateboards are becoming an insanely popular base for artists (canvas, yes, but lots of artists are using skate decks). Similarly, adding another piece to the design (like a two-hole skateboard truck riser that is the width of a truck, but maybe extends vertically about a half-inch in each direction) might make it easier on the whole display to hold the deck parallel to the wall.

Aside from that, I was really blown away by how much engineering went into the display - nice work. Really nice work.

Office Boards
Posted: September 30, 2015
Written by: Amber A.

I recently bought 5 packs of the deck display kits to hang my boards in my office and couldn't be happier. Cant wait to get more and add to my collection.

Sk8ology Deck Display
Great Product
Posted: April 22, 2015
Written by: David R.

Searched all over the Internet for the best way to display my deck and this was definitely it. It looks great on the wall and it's already fetched a few compliments & inquiries as to how it floats off-the-wall in the short time it's been up.

Cant go wrong
Posted: January 9, 2014
Written by: Albert Alvarez

This is my 9th Sk8ology deck display that I have bought and they always continue to look amazing on my wall. Thank you STOREYOURBOARD.COM.

5 5
What is the drill bit for?

The drill bit actually serves two purposes:

  1. It serves as the hole size you need for the drywall fastener included with this rack. Use the drill to drill the hole in your drywall, pop the fastener in, and then screw the deck display to the wall.
  2. In case your skateboard deck is "non-standard" you can use this drill bit to expand the holes in the deck where the trucks mount. The 7/32" hole is the size you need to pop the skateboard onto the deck display bolts*If you have your own 7/32" drill bit, you do not need to buy another one.
Can I mount my skateboard with wheels on this display?

For the most part, no. The deck display uses the holes that your trucks typically attach to, so this mount is normally for skateboard deck display only. We usually recommend the Removable Skateboard Display for displaying completes, especially for boards still in use.

However, you can mount a complete with our floating mount. Since a complete deck is a lot heavier, it does require the use of two displays, and you will need to remove your board's inner truck hardware. Then, you press the display's bolts through your board's deck/riser/trucks. It is recommended that you swap the provided t-nut with 8/32" lock nuts. The lock nuts aren't mandatory but are definitely recommended for an extra layer of safety.

Do you really need 2 mounts to hang horizontally? I get that you want it evenly balanced, but the mount seems to hold the weight well and this makes hanging horizontally twice the price.
Yes, to hang the board horizontally, you really do need two of these floating mounts.    The reason is, you use the truck holes to mount your board, so it works fine to use the top set of truck holes as the mount point to hang a board vertically....but if you just use one set of truck holes to hold it on its side, the other side of the board will not be supported and will flop down to a vertical position.... it isn't specifically the total weight of the board, but that the weight isn't balanced right in that position, so that is why you get two sets if you want to display it on its side, but only need one if you want to mount it vertically.  They still are one of the most economical ways to hang a skateboard! 

Rack Available in Two Options
Both options include mounting hardware and instructions

Option 1: No Drill Bit

Assembled without a drill bit - skateboard mount is ready to go but requires a 7/32" drill bit. What do I need a drill bit for?

Option 2: Drill Bit

Fully assembled and includes a 7/32" drill bit. This is the complete package you need to display your favorite decks.

Multiple Ways to Mount Your Deck


Requires 1 Deck Mount Per Board


Requires 2 Deck Mounts Per Board

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