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Product Highlights

  • Organize Your House!
  • Lightweight and durable ABS plastic construction
  • Hardware included - 4 screws and 4 drywall anchors
  • Made in the USA!
  • Easy installation - detailed instructions included
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Skateboard Storage Rack | Trifecta Rack

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Product Highlights

  • Organize Your House!
  • Lightweight and durable ABS plastic construction
  • Hardware included - 4 screws and 4 drywall anchors
  • Made in the USA!
  • Easy installation - detailed instructions included
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Product Description

The Trifecta Skate Rack is the perfect skateboard storage rack. Not only does it help you organize your house or garage but it also looks great while doing it! 

The rack is made from lightweight molded plastic and is engineered to be both sturdy and lightweight. At the same time, this skateboard wall rack is very durable and can take the abuse of continued use from you or your kids no problem. If you're tired of all those boards laying around the house, getting in your way, this skateboard rack will save you a lot of trouble by displaying and storing your boards out of harm’s way. Put this rack up in the garage, closet, mud room, or bedroom. It's super compact and can get a lot of gear stored in a small place.

This skateboard rack is also one of the most versatile racks around.  Excellent for skateboards including longboard skateboards, it can also holds scooters, snowboards, skis, hockey and lacrosse sticks, tools and much more. Don't forget to hang your other gear from this skateboard rack - helmets, pads and backpacks hang easily from the bottom rung or through the holes in the rack arms. Get your whole house or garage organized!

This rack is very well engineered and is a huge seller based on simple form, great function, and one of the best price per boards stored on Check it out for yourself: price / 3 boards, and try to find a rack that can beat it!

The design is an "I - beam" style, a very lightweight yet strong construction method used in many buildings. The rack storage surface is made with a slight angle which ensures the skateboards will not slip out and also provides a nice viewing angle. The area where the mounting screws affix the rack to the wall is nicely hidden and also has a thicker piece of plastic for extra support near the mounting area to make sure the screw heads don’t rip out. The design also lends itself neatly to being stacked on top of each other. It is very common for customer to order 2 or 3 of these racks and just stack them up to hold up to 9+ skateboards.

This rack is made of ABS plastic which is super strong and makes you think you could run your car over it and it would survive. With that kind of strength you know it will last for many years storing your skateboards.

Not only is the rack designed well it comes with well written and diagramed instruction to make sure you mount the rack properly. There is nothing worse than getting a rack and not knowing how to install it or mounting it improperly and risking damage to your skateboards. As an added bonus this rack can hold many different types of boards from skateboards, scooters, razors, snowboards, skis, and many other things. You are sure to fill it up quick and most likely need a few to store all your gear.

This rack is one of our best sellers on the entire store since it was introduced. I would say this rack is ideally suited for STORAGE of your skateboards - It is not a flashy or super stylish display rack, but if you are looking for an excellent functional skateboard storage rack at a killer price? YOU FOUND IT! Pick one....or 3 up today.

Ride on,

Josh Gordon 

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  • Length =16.5”
  • Each rung of the rack is 6.5“ long to hold your board – Will hold most boards under 12” wide
  • 5.5" spacing between rungs
  • Width of base pieces that attach to the wall: 1.5"
  • Distance between top and bottom mounting holes on each arm: 11"
  • Holds up to 45 lbs of gear total
  • Each order comes with 2 rack sides, 4 mounting screws, 4 drywall anchors, and instructions

Hey, this is Josh from StoreYourBoard here today to talk about the Trifecta Skateboard Rack. Here it is right here in front of me, the rack alone, and then here you can see it mounted on a wall. We got a longboard, regular skateboard, and then got a penny board here. You can see just kind of like a bunch of ledgers. You just pop it right up there. Easy as that.

The Trifecta Rack is made from ABS plastic. It’s three different rungs. Each of these are about 6.5 inches long, so even with a longboard if it’s a little bit wider, it hangs out, but no problem. It easily stores. There’s a bit of angle on it, so your board is using that for gravity, and it stays right in the rack. So here’s the black version. This is our best-selling version. We also recently added a new clear version, pretty cool if you want that clear aesthetic.

The rack, the Trifecta clear rack and black rack, comes with two pieces, so you get both of these, and they can be mounted at different distances, depending on how wide you want them between your tracks, outside your tracks. If you have a longboard like this, if you have three longboards, you can mount a little bit wider. You want to worry about the studs. Usually we like to do that.

We also do include a hardware pack, which has four drywall anchors, so four screws, four drywall anchors. Even if you can’t hit the studs, you should be good to mount it. Here is it right here. Like I said, it’s super easy to use. You can just take your boards off. We’ve got another longboard here. You just put them on. You can do it wheels up, wheels down, just as simple as that. Check it out! The StoreYourBoard Trifecta Rack. Thanks!

Why are there 4 mounting hole slots in each rack side (8 total slots)? It says there are only 4 screws and drywall anchors included.

The rack is manufactured with 4 mounting slots on each rack side to give you flexibility in mounting. The rack has more than enough strength to hold your typical skateboards, snowboards, skis, sticks, and many more items with just two screws on each side.

Please remember this is an engineered product. It is constructed to hold the most weight in the downward direction, the way your gear will apply force to the rack. It is not as strong in the lateral (side to side) direction but it is more than sufficient.

We have tested it and have seen it hold well over 50lbs of gear using only 4 mounting locations (2 on each rack side). The important thing is to make sure those 4 screws are securely grabbing something sturdy. It is best to screw the rack into solid wood studs or a wooden mounting surface. As for which holes to use, we typically recommend using the inside mounting holes so that the rack has a cleaner appearance from the outside. When your boards are stacked in the racks you can't see any of the mounting screws.

What is the angle of the slots?
Each arm of this triple skateboard rack has an angle of about 30 degrees up from level.
Can this be mounted into cinder or breeze blocks?
If you are going to mount the skateboard rack into concrete, including cinder/breeze blocks, you will need additional hardware, that is not provided with the rack, as it includes only standard mounting hardware. You know you will need to buy concrete/masonry anchors, such as TapCon Concrete Anchors. You can find those at anyplace your purchase hardware, such as Lowe's or Home Depot.
I have 2 vintage skateboards I want to get up off the floor, plus a RipStik. The skateboards are purely functional, no graphics, so I just want to rack them. Their wheels are 17 inches apart.Will this skateboard rack hold a RipStik?
Yes, our three board wall rack should be fine for a RipStik, and your other boards. You set each rack arm up at whatever distance you need to support the length of your boards, and so can work with where the distance their trucks are apart. It holds boards up to about 12" wide, so that is something to look at. But it should work for the RipStik. Since you are just looking to store them, this would be a very economical option.
Will this work for the inside back window of a pickup truck?
Our Trifecta Skateboard Rack is meant for mounting into walls, ideally into wall studs (or using drywall anchors if not mounted to studs). It is not intended or engineered as a transportation or automobile rack, so we can't recommend it for use inside the back window of your truck.
Very pleased...
Posted: February 16, 2017
Written by: Karen e S.

Grandson loved the racks, installed them right away and hung his boards. Excellent product, fast shipping, would recommend!

Thanks from France
Posted: December 19, 2016
Written by: Alex

Thank you for your great product. Easy to install and a formidable efficiency. I have just ordered a second one.

Skateboard Storage Rack | Trifecta Rack
So easy to install!
Posted: August 25, 2016
Written by: Kyi W.

Love the Trifecta Rack. I got the clear and it's awesome. Easy and quick to install.

Skateboard Storage Rack | Trifecta Rack
Great idea!
Posted: July 27, 2016
Written by: Amanda K.

I really needed to get the boards and scooters off the floor of my daughters tiny room. This is great!

Good Option
Posted: June 26, 2016
Written by: Lynn S.

The product is exactly what it purports to be. It's sturdy and easy to install. It's made of a heavy plastic that looks like it will hold and last. We are very satisfied with the result.

Skateboard rack
Posted: September 9, 2015
Written by: David C.

Nice price, quick delivery and easy to mount. Perfect!

Skateboard Storage Rack | Trifecta Rack
Skateboard Storage Rack
Posted: January 21, 2015
Written by: Justin G.

When I bought this, I was like plastic and only a couple screws... This is going to be a waste of money. A few weeks later, still holding on strong with 3 skateboards stored on the rack, most of the time. Great product and cheapier than some of the other materials, other companies are selling. I will send people to your site if anyone needs something like this. Thanks

Super Easy and Practical
Posted: January 21, 2015
Written by: Caitlin F.

I'm so glad to have the boards, scooters and helmets off the floor! These were easy to install and look great.

Very Sturdy Rack
Posted: September 24, 2014
Written by: Jeffrey J.

I love the way the rack holds my cruisers and long board. Easy installation and the gap of each slot when storing your board is perfectly even.

Good Rack at Affordable Price
Posted: September 17, 2014
Written by: Wade B.

Rack is as stated online. It's a basic plastic rack that looks good. Easy to install with hardware included.

Easy to instal!
Posted: August 27, 2014
Written by: James C.

Super useful and easy for my son's skateboards!

Posted: August 27, 2014
Written by: Zachary T.

Not the most sturdy racks, but great value for the price. They got the job done by getting my 3 boards off the floor of the garage. No more tripping hazards for the wife.

Posted: June 5, 2014
Written by: Jason S.

This was the perfect solution to store my son's boards. Light weight and easy to install.

Great inexpensive Rack
Posted: January 13, 2014
Written by: Adam D

Great rack to display also easy to install and get boards off floor. Son loves having them hang over his bed. Mom loves not seeing them leaning on walls around house.

Does the job well
Posted: January 12, 2014
Written by: Head Paneer

Based on the good product description and photos on, the rack met my expectations and does a good job. It is made of plastic and has a bit of side to side flex but should hold the family decks nicely for years to come. The pair of racks was packaged well and came with four drywall anchors and screws but each rack has four mounting locations. I emailed and they replied to me later in the day saying that two mounting screws per rack is sufficient. I agree two screws will work but four is better at limiting the lateral flexing in my opinion. So, off to the hardware store I go.
It is so nice to have the boards up off the floor!

Love It.
Posted: October 21, 2013
Written by: Ray

I'm super happy with this purchase, inexpensive, easy to install, works great. Got our boards up off the garage floor:

Awesome Skate Rack / Cheaper than Building Your Own
Posted: September 19, 2013
Written by: Andrew

great purchase, it holds three boards and more. Decks fit under each board, you can strap all kinda of things to the brace circle cut outs, and its an awesome product.

Perfect for a teens room...
Posted: December 14, 2012
Written by: Skater Parent

Our son has four skate boards. 4 boards on the floor = 4 times the chances to get hurt. This thing is perfect. Lightweight, holds the boards up plus hangs his helmet. Hanging requires some actual measurement and finding the studs in the wall so it does take a bit of work.

Skate boardrack
Posted: December 14, 2012
Written by: Sheri

Just want I was looking for! Easy to install and even holds the long boards. Everyone wants to know where we got it.

Skateboard and Snowboard Rack
Posted: November 28, 2012
Written by: Kelly B

We just moved to a different state and I wanted something inexpensive to hang my son's skateboards and snowboards in our current temporary housing. Store Your Board had a variety of choices and we received the items before expected.

Perfect Triple Storage Rack
Posted: November 28, 2012
Written by: Cliff Bujak

I bought the triple rack system and it fits my needs perfectly. I have very little storage space and I put my two long boards on it and used the top shelf for my skis. Thanks for making a great product, and I will be back if I buy any more boards! :-)

Perfect Economic Storage Solution
Posted: November 13, 2012
Written by: Cris

This rack is easy to install, economic and does the job perfectly! I used two packs in my garage to store extra skateboards and even fit one snowboard on the top!!! Helmets hang off the rack, too.

Skateboard Rack for Son
Posted: November 8, 2012
Written by: Veronika

Very good storage idea! My son has a few skateboards (which he constantly disassembles!) and keeping them all in one spot (vs. all over the garage and basement floor!) helps a lot. :)

Inexpensive Skateboard Rack
Posted: November 8, 2012
Written by: Hubert Wong

I needed an inexpensive rack that could store 2 or more boards in my garage and this one fit the bill. It's simple in construction and just as easy to install. Despite being plastic, it seems more than sturdy enough to hold the 3 boards it's designed for.

However, being that it is in 2 separate pieces, you'll want to have the proper tools for the installation, including either a long straight edge + level or a laser level.

If you want a functional storage rack at a great price, this is the rack for you.

Very Happy with Skateboard Rack Purchase
Posted: January 19, 2012
Written by: Usef M.

The product came on time, as advertised and was very easy to set up. Everytime I look at it, I am very happy I purchased it. It does just what I wanted it to do.

Simple Skateboard Rack
Posted: September 8, 2011
Written by: Cheryl - CA

Purchased this because I wanted more floor space in my room and I have two boards. I was able to put this up on my wall with ease, instructions are pretty basic meaning it tells you what you need and what to do.

Simple product, simple instructions. Comes with 4 screws, which is enough, but I personally put two more screws on for safe measure(and because one of the screws ended up wobbly in the wall).

It's a sturdy product made of plastic and I'm sure it will last for a long time.

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