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Selecting the Best Ski Rack

So you’ve spent a day on the slopes and now you’re faced with the prospect of tucking your snowy, iced up skis against the nice upholstery of your car or in the corner of your mudroom where they’ll drip, drip, drip without apology. If any piece of outdoor gear requires a dedicated storage system, surely it’s skis. Follow along as we unveil the “do’s and dont’s” behind ski storage.

Skis, poles, helmets, goggles, jackets, snowpants, boots, gloves and an endless collection of insulated garments. Your winter gear adds up fast, so the first crucial step in making sure your garage or mudroom doesn’t become a hazardous pit is to store your skis neatly and out of the way.

Freestanding Ski Racks

We like freestanding ski racks because they can be as simple or complex as you need. From a “get the job done without breaking the bank” multi-ski freestanding rack to an artistic, outdoor log rack, these racks will handle an entire family’s equipment without requiring wall mounts or permanent bases.

From wood to steel to durable polycarbonate, we have a ski rack material and aesthetic for every customer. And if additional storage is required, we even have a popular ski and boot combo rack.

Ski Wall Racks

Primarily interested in getting your skis out of the way - whether for the week or the entire offseason? We recommend a ski wall storage rack. Simple, affordable and compact, a ski wall storage system can handle a multitude of skis while requiring little space. Though we love our handmade wood racks for their beauty you certainly can’t go wrong with our steel Home Utility Ski Rack. A StoreYourBoard bestseller for years, this thing is a beast! Customers love it for year round garage storage because of it’s overbuilt construction that easily handles 8 pairs of skis while maintaining a low profile.

Ski Racks for Vehicles

Of course home ski racks are just the first portion of a two part equation. Unless you’re lucky enough to live full time in a slopeside condo, you’ll need a ski rack for your primary vehicle to transport your equipment.

With vehicle racks it’s difficult to subscribe to the “1 size fits all” theory, but we’ve done our best to stock a number of racks that will work for most folks. Traditional racks like the bestselling Thule flat-top rack own much of the market, and for good reason. It’s priced right for 4 or 6 ski storage and it’s universal system is setup to fit nearly all factory crossbars. It’s well constructed and offers locking bars for security. For those reasons alone, it’s a top recommended car ski rack.

Unfortunately, not everyone has factory or installed crossbars on their vehicle. Which is why we stock several unique products that work perfectly and really fit the bill for drivers without roof rack systems in place. The SeaSucker Ski Roof Rack is an innovative design that offers great functionality and a definite “cool factor”. Employing super heavy duty vacuum mounts, the SeaSucker rack suctions to your rooftop and stays locked in place against highway speeds. Since no roof rack is required, this system is truly universal.

Similarly, our Multi-Purpose Ski Roof Rack System will transport your skis on any vehicle...and all for less than $100!

Ski Boot Bags

We can’t have a ski storage section without at least mentioning boot bags. Stomping from parking lot to lodge with a full kit of skis, boots and clothing simply becomes too burdensome. As in your garage, organization matters. So we offer a full lineup of boot bags that are geared toward transporting your footwear, but also your goggles, loose clothing, thermos, and iPad.

Most bags have many similarities and are selected based on preference for size, colors, storage pockets and materials. But if forced to select one, we’re hard pressed to find a better bag than the All-in-One Ski Boot Bag from Athalon. The price won’t be beat and its functionality and looks hold up strongly against the most expensive bags on the market.

Ski Transport Cases

We’ll close up shop with a last note on ski hard cases. For everyday use, hard cases are mostly a luxury product only needed for the most expensive of skis. But they’re crucial for anyone traveling long distances or moving through airports. In such instances, the heavy duty protection these cases offer pays for itself with a single use. In short, should you find yourself booking travel to Denver, Salt Lake or Vancouver, don’t leave home without one!