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Product Highlights

  • Rubber dipped forks provide ultimate ding protection
  • Designed to be ultra-rigid with no rattles
  • Holds 1 wakeboard and 1 wakesurf board!
  • Gorgeous brushed aluminum base
  • 1/4” Marine Grade Bungee secures boards
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Rubberized Wakeboard & Wakesurf Combo Rack | Skylon

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Product Highlights

  • Rubber dipped forks provide ultimate ding protection
  • Designed to be ultra-rigid with no rattles
  • Holds 1 wakeboard and 1 wakesurf board!
  • Gorgeous brushed aluminum base
  • 1/4” Marine Grade Bungee secures boards
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Product Description

This is the same rack as our Wakeboard/Wakesurf Combo Rack but with rubber-dipped forks. The rubberized option is great if you prefer the look, or if are looking for that extra bit of ding protection for your boards. The rubber provides a sturdy, yet forgiving finish to help cushion your board against wear and tear. 

Tired of not having a rack that will accommodate all of your boards? Well, Skylon designed this rack to meet your wakesurfing AND wakeboarding needs! Each rack has two spaces. The top space is built larger to fit your wakesurf board with 2 1/8 inch spacing, and the bottom space is 1.25 inches to hold your wakeboard. While the top space can hold a wakesurf board, it will also hold a wakeboard just fine too. This is perfect for those wakeboard only sessions where you want to pack in as many buddies’ wakeboards as possible. 

About Skylon Racks: If you are looking for the highest quality wakeboard, wakesurf, or waterski racks for your boat’s tower, then Skylon is what you want. Skylon is an industry leader – just take one look at their products and you’ll understand why. Made from aircraft grade T-6061 billet aluminum, each rack is a work of art that is cut and polished in state-of-the-art computer controlled machines. Skylon racks are the only racks in the industry that have thick EPDM molded rubber inserts and an industry leading 1/4” marine grade bungee which work together to hold both boards in nice and secure. Made in the USA, these racks will outlast your boat. Skylon racks are the sleek and sexy storage solution you need to free up more room in your boat. 

IMPORTANT: This rack is sold as a single piece (not a set), and the clamp that attaches the rack to your tower is sold separately. These clamps are listed under the “options” drop down menu above. To clarify, unless you already have the proper Skylon-specific clamp, then you WILL NEED to select one of the clamp options above to have a fully working rack system. Please read below to understand more about the clamping options. 

If you are looking to purchase two Wakeboard/Wakesurf Combo Racks, then you will need to place two line items in the shopping cart. For instance, if you want to order 2 racks with swivels, then you add the first rack with starboard swivel to your cart, then you add the second rack with port swivel. If you want 2 racks with clamp options, then you should select your clamp size and change the quantity to 2.  

Clamps and Swivels: Clamps and swivels accomplish the same task – they bind your rack to your boat’s tower. As mentioned above, they are a necessary part of a rack system. Clamps simply lock onto the metal tubing of your boat’s tower to secure the rack in place. Swivels are just like clamps, but they have the added functionality of …well, swiveling. In their normal storage position, clamps have the rack and your boards pointing out away from your boat. In order to remove or place boards into your rack, you have to reach to the outside of your boat. The swivel allows you to easily spin the rack around to face the inside of the boat. This makes it much easier to switch out your boards. Both clamps and swivels are listed according to the size of tubing your boat’s tower has. For instance, if the outer diameter of your boat tower’s tubing is 2” and you want a port-side swivel, then you would select the “Small Port Swivel (AC132SM)(+$45.00)” option. Size small fits 1 7/8 inch to 2 inch Tube. Size large fits 2 1/4 inch to 2 3/8 inch Tube. 

Clamp Sizing : Once you determine the perfect spot for your new wakeboard rack, get a piece of string and loop it around the tower. Then measure how long the string was that went around the tower, this is your circumference. Use the table below and read across to find out what diameter tubing your tower is. The diameter is the size clamp you need. Select this size from the drop down menu above. 

Circumference (inch) Diameter (inch) Decimal Diameter (inch) Fraction Size Needed
5.890 1.87 1 7/8 Small
6.283 2.00 2 Small
7.069 2.25 2 1/4 Large
7.461 2.37 2 3/8 Large

Swivel Direction : The swivel option requires you to pick which side of your boat you will be mounting it. The directionality of the swivel ensures that it will swing around in the proper way. Please select whether you will be using your swivel on the port or starboard side. Below is an image that refreshes your nautical knowledge.

What are the sizes of the large clamp and small clamp? And if I buy it without the clamp, what do I get?
If you are still interested, these wakeboard/wakesurf combo forks have clamp sizes available that are either Small or Large, which can fit these size tower tubes as follows:
Small fits 1 7/8 inch to 2 inch diameter tower tubings;
Large fits 2 1/4 inch to 2 3/8 inch diameter tower tubings.
If you don't know the size of your tower's tubing, you can take a string and wrap it around where you want to place the board racks, and then measure how long that string is - a chart on our listing can help you translate that to what diameter it comes out to (to know if Small or Large would be advised), or you can let us know and we can help you determine that from the measurement.
If you order it without the clamps, the forks would be replacement forks only to hold the boards, and would need to attach to some existing clamp system you have on your tower - say, if it was a Skylon tower, and you are just switching up the type of board rack holders you want on it. If you don't have a Skylon rack system already installed on your tower, these replacement forks would not work, and you would need to look at what size your tower is to know if the small or large clamp would work to mount the board rack.

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