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Product Highlights

  • Adjustable, customizable snowboard ceiling storage
  • Simple to use, simple to install
  • Fits multiple snowboards - up to 50 lbs total
  • Mounting hardware included for installation
  • Made in the USA!
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Snowboard Hi-Line | Adjustable Snowboard Ceiling Storage

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Product Highlights

  • Adjustable, customizable snowboard ceiling storage
  • Simple to use, simple to install
  • Fits multiple snowboards - up to 50 lbs total
  • Mounting hardware included for installation
  • Made in the USA!
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Product Description

The most dynamic ceiling storage solution around - the Snowboard Hi-Line. It's fully adjustable to fit your snowboard (any length and width) and your ceiling space (small or large). The price fits your budget, too!

The Snowboard Hi-Line consists of:

  • 2 Nylon Straps - made of high-quality 1" wide, black nylon material to securely support heavy boards. Its soft webbing is gentle on your snowboard while stored. 
  • Metal Ceiling Mounts - sewn into both ends of each strap are heavy gauge D-ring clips that mount to your ceiling joists with included hardware to create the hanging storage system.   
  • Release Clips - each strap is equipped with a release clip that lets you "open" the strap, which is helpful when inserting and removing your snowboard from the storage system (see how it works).
  • Adjustable Buckle - once your snowboard is inserted, it's easy to adjust the height of your storage by pulling the strap ends tighter, like you would a backpack, and an attached "belt loop" secures any excess strap material.

Adjustable Ceiling Storage. The Snowboard Hi-Line mounts to your ceiling joists and is an easy way to take advantage of unused overhead storage space in your garage, basement, or under your deck to store your large snowboard. Even better, the Hi-Line is adjustable so you can customize it to your storage space! If you've got a high ceiling, you can keep the straps fully extended so your snowboard hangs down to where you can reach it. If you only have a small storage space (above your car in your garage, maybe) then you'll pull the straps so they're fully tightened to the point where your board is as flush against your ceiling as possible (depending on your bindings).   

How Does the Hi-Line work? You'll mount each of the 2 straps to your ceiling and insert your snowboard so the straps suspend your board. We recommend loosening the straps a bit so you can slide your board in nose first, then pull the back strap under the tail of your board. Then tighten the straps so the board hangs as close or far from the ceiling as you want, based on your space and your reach. To make it even easier to insert (or remove) your snowboard, you can unclip each strap "open" and clip it "closed" under your board. That way you don't have to fit a "closed" strap around it.

What snowboards will it hold? 

  • Weight: the Hi-Line is built to hold up to 50 pounds.
  • Dimensions: the Hi-Line can accommodate any lengths / widths / thicknesses, subject to your space.
    • Width: the metal mounting rings must be mounted into joists (or studs or rafters), so your joists will dictate how wide you can mount the straps.
    • Length: the 2 straps are independent so you can mount them at whatever length you need to fit your snowboards.
    • Thickness: won't be a problem, but you will need clearance in your ceiling space for your snowboard (+ your bindings, either up or down).
  • Also great for skis!

Adjustable Size to Fit Your Snowboards:

  • Each strap can be adjusted from 34" to 96". Great for multiple snowboards and to allow your board to hang down lower from the ceiling. 

New for 2016 is the Hi-Line! We designed this rack to be an adjustable, customizable ceiling storage solution. We know tons of our customers need to store their snowboards in overhead spaces, but rigid ceiling racks don't fit in all spaces and certainly don't fit all sizes of boards. The Hi-Line will fit your space and your board, no problem. Its heavy duty nylon webbing and D-ring mounting brackets can hold up to 50 lbs, more than ample for snowboards. Another great feature is the release clip. When I use the Hi-Line, I keep the back strap clipped open, then start by inserting the nose of my board into the front strap. I then push the tail of my snowboard upwards (while front is supported by the strap) and clip the back strap together, closed under my board's tail. This turns overhead storage into a 1-person job, no ladder required, whether it's putting my snowboard up, or taking it down. If you're really ambitious, you could set this up so your board lowers directly onto your car's roof racks, making it one step easier. 

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  • Each strap can be adjusted from 34" to 96" long
  • 1" wide nylon straps
  • (2) nylon storage straps
  • Mounting hardware (4 screws)
  • Mounting instructions

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