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Product Highlights

  • Adjustable! Space the arms to fit your snowboard
  • Soft rubber arm pads protect your board
  • 4 sets of arms for 4 snowboard storage
  • Steel rack holds snowboards from short to long
  • Multi-purpose to hold skis, surfboards and more!
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Snowboard Home Storage Rack

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Product Highlights

  • Adjustable! Space the arms to fit your snowboard
  • Soft rubber arm pads protect your board
  • 4 sets of arms for 4 snowboard storage
  • Steel rack holds snowboards from short to long
  • Multi-purpose to hold skis, surfboards and more!
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Product Description

One of the strongest, most versatile snowboard wall racks around. Simple, customizable, and functional, the Snowboard Storage Rack's arms can be adjusted to accommodate the dimensions of your board.

Adjustable Storage Rack. This rack system consists of 2 vertical tracks and 4 sets of rack arms. Mount the tracks to your wall parallel at whatever distance apart you require to fit the length of your boards. Then, insert the arms into the track's holes at the spacing up and down the track that you need. For even more storage versatility, hang your clothing and other gear from the cutout holes in the racks' arms.

Secure Metal Construction. This Snowboard Storage Rack is built from steel, which is more than strong enough to support your equipment on the wall, and it will last for years. 

Rubber Padded Arms. The point of a rack is to protect your snowboard from damage! This rack's arms do just that - their blue rubber coating prevents dings or damage during loading or storage. 

Mounting and InstallationIncluded with the rack is everything you need to complete its simple installation. Insert 4 screws through each track into your wall studs, insert your rack arms into the tracks, and you're ready to store your equipment. To best fit the arms securely into the track, tap the top base of each arm with a hammer.


  • Arms are 14.6" long
  • 3" wide cradle for your board
  • Height of vertical track is 46.5"
  • Arms have a 60 degree angle, 30 degrees above parallel to ground
  • (2) Tracks for mounting on the wall
  • (4) pairs of arms 
  • (1) Assembly Instructions
  • (10) Mounting screws, 2"

Howdy! Welcome to another product video. I’m Andrew. Today I have the Snowboard Wall Storage Rack. This is an adjustable storage rack for your own garage and it’s a great way to get your snowboards organized.

The system is a track-based system. You have two tracks that you’ll mount to the wall, spaced evenly apart for your snowboards. It comes with eight rack arms - four for each side. The rack arms stick out 15 inches from the wall and there’s a 15-inch long space to store your snowboards. They fit into the track system like this. The great thing about these rack arms is that you can adjust them up and down the track, so you’re able to customize your snowboard storage solution.

I’ll show you how this works. On the wall behind me, I have it set up with four snowboards with even spacing to accommodate your bindings and it’s very simple to take your snowboard out the rack. Once you have it out, I can show you how to remove the rack arms and reinsert the rack arm again. Then you should really when reinserting them take a rubber mallet or a hammer to cover up this and really tap down the wall to get them very firm to hold your snowboards. As you can see, there’s a very strong base. I’m going to show you next to put this board back in. You can put up the bindings upside down or right side up depending on what setup you want. You can have another snowboard on top.

Really this is how you can store up to eight snowboards in this rack – two on each level, spaced evenly apart. Together you got this adjustable customized wall snowboard rack solution for your home. Get your snowboards organized. Get this at

I am interested in the snowboard storage system. I only have 46" of vertical space. What is the material? I'm thinking of cutting 2" off the top (the rough edge would be at the ceiling). Do you think I could do that?
The rack is made from a mild steel. You should be able to cut off a couple inches of the vertical uprights with any common metal cutting tool such as a reciprocating saw. Since the vertical uprights have slots all along, you will be able to place the arms along the new 46" verticals and still be able to store your boards.
How far out from the wall do the arms reach?
The arms on this board storage rack are 14.6" long, but because they are at an angle, they only reach out about 10" from the wall.
Looks elegant
Posted: July 10, 2019
Written by: Ma. Pati contreras

I’m in love with the storage board brackets it looks really needs very organized your boards won’t get scratched or you can hang it up on the wall and out of the place you always know where it i’m in love with this storage board brackets it looks really needs very organized your boards won’t get scratched or you can hang it up on the wall and out of the place you always know where they are. Easy set up as well. Am very pleased with my purchase. :)

Exactly as expected
Posted: May 29, 2019
Written by: Melissa F.

This board rack is perfect! A little taller than I expected, but overall a great rack. It comes with 4 sets of brackets, but there's plenty of room to expand the capacity of the rack by adding more brackets.

Awesome board rack!!
Posted: January 23, 2019
Written by: Kendra O.

Thank you for your rack system. We use it for the snowboards and our wake boards works great!

Awesome stand for snowboards
Posted: October 17, 2018
Written by: Hannah P.

Great wall mount, wish is was a little nore solid. Otherwise great

Snowboard Home Storage Rack
Superb Board Storage
Posted: February 21, 2018
Written by: Greg S.

Bought one, liked it so much I bought a second, great product!

Really RACKing Amazing!
Posted: November 9, 2017
Written by: Mikala F.

Exactly as described. This took 35 mins to install, it was super easy and the quality of this snowboard rack is excellent. Really like how it has pads lining the bars so your boards don’t get scratched.

Fine Product
Posted: October 19, 2017
Written by: Greg

Product was as good as the marketing suggested. Easy to install, flexible in use options. One suggestion...any way to glue/attach rubber strips on shelves so they stay in position? Not a big deal, just a thought, great product.

Cheap product
Posted: October 12, 2017
Written by: Ron F.

Arms do not sit right in brackets, rubber on arms easily come off. Product is not worth 60 dollars

easy to setup/install, good bargain
Posted: June 8, 2017
Written by: Timothy K.

easy to setup/install, good bargain

Great product.
Posted: February 16, 2017
Written by: Dr. D

Quick and easy install. Half he price of anything even similar at Lowes or Home Depot, I looked. They can hold about anything. Only issue I had was when mounting the brackets over the screw that anchor the vertical rails into the wall, I had to use a hammer and tap them on. If the designers could counter sink those holes even 1/16th to 1/32nd of an inch it would the perfect. I bought 2 extra brackets and they just fit with only a hole or 2 option for adjustment. So I had to tap in 4 of the 10 brackets because they were over a screw. But still the best product I have found. See picture bracket over screw, little of the paint rubbed off.

Snowboard Home Storage Rack
Snowboard Home Storage Rack
Snowboard Home Storage Rack
Ski/Snowboard Rack
Posted: September 8, 2016
Written by: Steve P.

This is a great heavy duty product. I have 5 racks and it is holding 3 snowboards, 4 pairs of skis and poles, plus two folding chairs.

Snowboard Home Storage Rack
arm connections
Posted: September 1, 2016
Written by: Tony D.

The rack itself looks nice, and I like the soft cushioning on the arms.

The only draw back I see is the hooks connecting the arms to the vertical rails didn't slide all the way down in the space on the rails.

The connection is sufficient enough to hold snowboards, but a more complete, secure connection would make this product "excellent".

awesome rack!
Posted: May 13, 2016
Written by: clinty

I used this wall rack to store my snowboard, surfboard, SUP and kite board. Works great and easy to install.

store my boards!
Posted: April 14, 2016
Written by: Lawrence A.

Ive always used to shove my boards in the back of my closet. But i love how they are now displayed year round right above my bed! Easy install!

Snowboard Home Storage Rack
Should have bought this years ago.
Posted: December 9, 2015
Written by: Peter M.

Installation was simple. Nice having everything up off the ground. The rack is light and sturdy. Wish I had done this a long time ago.

board storage
Posted: October 21, 2015
Written by: Dave M.

came super fast, packaged well, and super easy to install,
I have problematic beams in the garage so I used heavy duty
screws for install
couldn t be happier

Snowboard Home Storage Rack
Excellent for storing kiteboards - Merely average part quality
Posted: August 5, 2015
Written by: Sean T.

This rack has the best combination of features I've seen for a kiteboard rack: adjustable brackets, angled brackets secure and display your boards, and the silicone pads protect your boards. Installation was pretty easy despite the quality issues cited below.
One wall track was poorly manufactured causing the brackets to want to lean about 10 degrees to the side. One storage bracket was bent making it hard to install. Some storage brackets want to install leaning off to the side about 10 or 15 degrees. The silicone pads should be more secure on the brackets.

Snowboard Home Storage Rack
snowboard rack
Posted: May 27, 2015
Written by: Anthony M.

Arrived on time good quality product very easy to install, I replaced the screws that came with the brackets with deck screws right into the 4x2 solid as a rock.
very happy customer recommend this product.

Posted: June 19, 2014
Written by: Mark Z.

Excellent, simple to use product.

Works great!
Posted: June 11, 2014
Written by: Dee C.

This is great storage for our family of snowboards. We fit four easily, even with bindings. The arms are padded, so the only scratches on our boards are from the mountain. It was REALLY easy to hang (I made my husband do it.) We have a couple of extra boards in the basement that we could easily store on the same rack by flipping some boards upside down and staggering the bindings. Would recommend.

Great product -- just buy quality screws first
Posted: January 31, 2013
Written by: Jay

This is a great product. I now have 6-7 snowboards and 1 pair of skis on my garage wall (instead of leaning against other stuff). While I would strongly recommend this product, the screws that come with it are worthless -- I had three of them break off while hand-tightening into a stud (and I'm not a very strong guy). Go to your local hardware store and get some quality screws before installing.

Great Rack for Great Price
Posted: November 29, 2012
Written by: R Boldan

This snowboard rack is great. Easy to install and it holds a ton of stuff. I keep all my snowboards plus my wakeboard on this rack. I also hang some things to dry off the sides like the video shows. I have the rack in my garage and it really keeps things organized. Before I got this rack my gear would be all over the house (wife not too happy about that !?!?). Anyway if you need a place to store your snowboards and stuff get this rack. I checked around and this price can't be beat for everything it can store.

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