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Product Highlights

  • Freestanding! No holes in your walls necessary
  • Holds 4 snowboards up to 11.5" wide at base
  • No tools required to setup
  • Fast and easy - just drop your board right in
  • Made in the USA!
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Snowboard Storage Rack | Free Standing | 4 Boards

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Product Highlights

  • Freestanding! No holes in your walls necessary
  • Holds 4 snowboards up to 11.5" wide at base
  • No tools required to setup
  • Fast and easy - just drop your board right in
  • Made in the USA!
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Product Description

This Freestanding Snowboard Rack makes it easy to store your boards! No tools required, no need to drill into your walls, just get this rack out of the box, snap on the base stabilizers, and put your snowboards in! Set it up wherever you want to store your snowboards - garage, basement, retail shop, lodge, rental, anywhere.

How does the rack work with my snowboards? The rack is simple to use, it comes in a box as 3 pieces: the 1 base that holds your snowboards plus the 2 legs that slide into the base. The base has 4 slots for 4 snowboards, in a 2x2 arrangement. This is great so each snowboard is supported separately in the rack.

What size snowboards does it fit?

  • 13" tall support in the base for each snowboard
  • Fits snowboards that are less than 11.5" wide at their base. 
  • Rack profile is: 28" long x 15" wide x 14" tall

What is the rack made of? A very durable, sturdy polycarbonate (heavy duty plastic) so it will withstand years of use yet is light and portable so you can move it anywhere you want. You also don't have to worry about it warping or shrinking like wood racks. Its vertical design is perfect so that after your session as snow melts off your snowboards and bindings it drips right out the bottom of the rack. 

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  • Slot width = 11.5" 
  • 28" long
  • 15" wide
  • 14" tall
  • Holds 4 boards
Does this rack work for snowboards with their bindings on?
Yes! This rack is relatively short, so the bindings sit above the rack on a typical snowboard. There is a chance the bindings may not fit with extremely short boards, such as a child's snowboard, but in general there shouldn't be an issue.
Have you got anything similar to this freestanding snowboard rack, as it is just to small for my board. Or can the slot be made slightly wider?
We don't have a similar one to this freestanding snowboard holder, and you really can't make the slots wider. But if you are looking to just store a single snowboard, then we there are a couple of surfboard stands that can work for a snowboard: this freestanding surfboard stand or this freestanding surfboard display.
low profile storage
Posted: March 14, 2018
Written by: Marianne M.

I use this for guest storage at my Airbnb Ski & Sky Chalet in Index, WA. It is durable, light weight & movable to my choice of location. Cost effective too.

Posted: February 14, 2018
Written by: Daniel O.

I love it, its burly, just what I needed. My only mini advice would be to make the slot just a tiiiiny bit deeper. My splitboard gets caught up on the clips--not the tip and tail clips, so it still goes in and stays in, but the mid-way clips between tip and tail and bindings. If it were like .5cm deeper, she'd fit like a glove.

Snowboard Storage Rack!
Posted: December 20, 2017
Written by: James L.

Holds four boards as promised. No more boards falling everywhere. Took less than one minute to click together.

Great stand up board storage rack
Posted: October 11, 2017
Written by: Hugh P.

This is a great rack, wish I would have bought it sooner. It's easy to setup as you just slide the two end stands at the bottom. Fits my boards perfectly and no longer taking up space.

Great rack
Posted: December 12, 2016
Written by: Lisa B.

Again no damage to walls and removable during bike season.

Free Standing Snowboard Storage Rack
Posted: February 10, 2016
Written by: Brian A.

The Free Standing Snowboard Storage Rack was as described. It came well packed with fast shipping. Thanks

Excellent Value
Posted: November 9, 2015
Written by: Diane A.

Fits four snowboards in a really compact space.

Posted: December 3, 2014
Written by: Greg R.

does the job. For the price they could have made it more aesthetically pleasing, though. It's just plastic with rough edges and a patent number stamped on it.

Nice but doesn't work for wide boards
Posted: July 11, 2014
Written by: Dj

Bought it for my quiver of snowboards, but a couple of snowboards were too wide to fit in the slots because they are mid-wides (for a larger footed rider). Was disappointed because, other than this, the workmanship and function of the rack is as advertised. The slots are just a tad narrower than 12" (30 cm). So if you have a snowboard with a tip and tail wider than 30 cm, they won't fit.

Great Snowboard Rack
Posted: January 20, 2014
Written by: Paul

Wow what a sweet rack. Pop it out of the box and put my snowboards in easy as that. Love how I didn't have to screw into my apartment walls. I was skeptical on the plastic construction but it seems very beefy. A couple of my buddies have ordered them for their snowboards already

Easy Snowboard Rack
Posted: January 6, 2013
Written by: Reggie Shaw

Easy snowboard rack - all I did was take the rack out of the box, snap on the leg supports, and put my snowboards in the rack. The rack is very heavy duty hard plastic looks like it should last awhile. I really like how I didn't have to screw this rack to the wall like many of the other snowboard racks I was looking at.

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