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Product Highlights

  • Adjustable, customizable ceiling SUP storage
  • Simple to use, simple to install
  • Will fit any size SUP that fits in your overhead space
  • Holds heavy paddleboards - up to 50 lbs
  • Mounting hardware included for installation
  • Made in the USA!
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SUP Hi-Line | Adjustable Paddleboard Ceiling Storage

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Product Highlights

  • Adjustable, customizable ceiling SUP storage
  • Simple to use, simple to install
  • Will fit any size SUP that fits in your overhead space
  • Holds heavy paddleboards - up to 50 lbs
  • Mounting hardware included for installation
  • Made in the USA!
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Product Description

The most dynamic ceiling storage solution around - the SUP Hi-Line. It's fully adjustable to fit your paddleboard (any length and width) and your ceiling space (small or large). The price fits your budget, too!

The SUP Hi-Line consists of:

  • 2 Nylon Straps - made of high-quality 1" wide, black nylon material to securely support heavy paddleboards. Its soft webbing is gentle on your paddleboard while stored. 
  • Metal Ceiling Mounts - sewn into both ends of each strap are heavy gauge D-ring clips that mount to your ceiling joists with included hardware to create the hanging storage system.   
  • Release Clips - each strap is equipped with a release clip that lets you "open" the strap, which is helpful when inserting and removing your paddleboard from the storage system (see how it works).
  • Adjustable Buckle - once your SUP is inserted, it's easy to adjust the height of your storage by pulling the strap ends tighter, like you would a backpack, and an attached "belt loop" secures any excess strap material.

Adjustable Ceiling Storage. The SUP Hi-Line mounts to your ceiling joists and is an easy way to take advantage of unused overhead storage space in your garage, basement, or under your deck to store your large paddleboards. Even better, the Hi-Line is adjustable so you can customize it to your storage space! If you've got a high ceiling, you can keep the straps fully extended so your SUP hangs down to where you can reach it. If you only have a small storage space (above your car in your garage, maybe) then you'll pull the straps so they're fully tightened to the point where your paddleboard is as flush against your ceiling as possible (depending on your fins, board rocker, etc).   

How Does the Hi-Line work? You'll mount each of the 2 straps to your ceiling and insert your paddleboard so the straps suspend your SUP. We recommend loosening the straps a bit so you can slide your board in nose first, then pull the back strap under the tail of your SUP (around your fins). Then tighten the straps so the board hangs as close or far from the ceiling as you want, based on your space and your reach. To make it even easier to insert (or remove) your board, you can unclip each strap "open" and clip it "closed" under your board. That way you don't have to fit a "closed" strap around your fins/tail.

What SUPs will it hold? 

  • Weight: the Hi-Line is built to hold paddleboards (whether 1 or multiple) up to a total of 50 pounds - surf SUPs, inflatables, race, touring, and more.
  • Dimensions: the Hi-Line can accommodate any lengths / widths / thicknesses, subject to your space.
    • Width: the metal mounting rings must be mounted into joists (or studs or rafters), so your joists will dictate how wide you can mount the straps.
    • Length: the 2 straps are independent so you can mount them at whatever length you need to fit your SUPs.
    • Thickness: won't be a problem, but you will need clearance in your ceiling space for your SUP (+ your fins, either up or down).
  • Also great for - surfboards, kayaks, skis and more!

2 Sizes to Fit Your Paddleboards:

  • Large: each strap can be adjusted from 13" to 54". Great for mid-sized paddleboards and smaller overhead storage spaces.
  • XL: each strap can be adjusted from 34" to 96". Great for wider paddleboards and to allow your paddleboard to hang down lower from the ceiling. 

New for 2016 is the Hi-Line! We designed this rack to be an adjustable, customizable ceiling storage solution. We know tons of our customers need to store their big paddleboards in overhead spaces, but rigid ceiling racks don't fit in all spaces and certainly don't fit all size SUPs. The Hi-Line will fit your space and your board, no problem. Its heavy duty nylon webbing and D-ring mounting brackets can hold up to 50 lbs, more than ample for SUPs. Another great feature is the release clip. When I use the Hi-Line, I keep the back strap clipped open, then start by inserting the nose of my board into the front strap. I then push the tail of my paddleboard upwards (while front is supported by the strap) and clip the back strap together, closed under my paddleboard's tail. This turns overhead storage into a 1-person job, no ladder required, whether it's putting my SUP up, or taking it down. If you're really ambitious, you could set this up so your paddleboard lowers directly onto your car's roof racks, making it one step easier. 

Ride on,

General Manager

  • Large Size: 54" long per strap (12" on the fixed side of the clip, 42" on adjustable side)
  • XL Size: 96" long per strap (32" on the fixed side of the clip, 64" on adjustable side) 
  • 1" wide nylon straps
  • (2) nylon storage straps
  • Mounting hardware (4 screws)
  • Mounting instructions

Hey! This is Josh from, here today to talk about the SUP Hi-Line. Now here it is in front of me, here it is hanging behind me. It’s a perfect way to hang your SUP paddleboard from the ceiling.

What you get is it’s a strap-based system. It has really nice high-quality nylon straps. You get a pair of straps. You can see there’s one for the front, one for the back. This web looks like down like that. It has a couple of features. It’s got four mounting spots, so you got one, two, three, four. This is a D-ring and then a clip to mount it to the ceiling, so make sure that you mount the flat part. If you can see that, the flat part up to the ceiling, a couple of four screws, so clip a screw through a clip and right into the ceiling. You got that, and then you got a clip for easy putting it in, taking out, and then this also has an adjustable buckle so you can adjust the height, so you can keep it down a little bit. So this ceiling is about 8-foot tall, we have it down a little bit. We can snug this up the whole way, so it’s right snug to the ceiling or you can drop it down for easy entry and exit.

It comes in two sizes. The one hanging behind us is the extra large size, 8-foot long straps. Then we also have small. This is actually the large size that is 4-1/2 foot long. Depending on the width of your paddleboard and how far down from the ceiling you want, select appropriately. You know if you have a smaller, not-so-wide paddleboard and you want it really tight to the ceiling, maybe the large will work for you; otherwise get the extra large. We also have a new color, this awesome neon orange, so you can get that option, so check that out. That’s kind of the basics. I’m going to show you how to put it up and take it down now.

You can see it’s just hanging here really sturdy, really solid. As I mentioned, you can adjust the height. We kind of have it at mid-height right now. Usually, when I take it up and down, I like to unclip on the sides like that, so I’m holding the back, so it just slides up and out. I grip the paddleboard. I just take it down. You can see how it’s hanging there basically like that. The clips just go in and out, easy as that. When you mount it to your ceiling, the nice part about this is there’s one screw in each anchor. When you put them in, depending on if your joist, your studs, whatever you got in your ceiling runs across or this way, you can easily hit it with this one-point mounting system, so that’s really a nice feature that our customers like a lot.

When you load it back up, you just want to put your nose back in the wall. Then you want to clip the bottom of this one up. If you do the adjustments, we usually like to make the adjustments when it’s kind of off, so you can adjust this here, you can adjust it higher or lower as you see fit. It’s a little hard to adjust both sides when the board is in. Kind of get that where it's nice and set in there, then I'll come here and I'll just put that in and that’s good. This is rated for up to 50 pounds, so you can actually get pretty much every paddleboard on the market unless you have some solid wood, very, very heavy one, but otherwise, this should be good. Some of the light ones, we’ve seen customers actually stack them. You know you have surfboards, pop a couple of more things up here to utilize storage space as much as possible.

That’s the SUP Hi-Line from StoreYourBoard. Check it out!

What is the difference between your Surfboard hi-line vs SUP hi-line storage?
The SUP and Surf HiLines are the exactly the same product for ceiling storage of your boards. The only thing you may want to look when ordering a HiLine is the length you need, as in both listings, they are available in L or XL sizes, as follows:
Large: each strap can be adjusted from 13" to 54". Great for mid-sized surf or paddleboards and smaller overhead storage spaces;

XL: each strap can be adjusted from 34" to 96". Great for wider surf or paddleboards and to allow your board to hang down lower from the ceiling.
Great way to hang/store your boards
Posted: July 7, 2017
Written by: Braden

Between all my SUP's and longboards, I had no idea how to store them. A google search lead me to these straps. Bought 2 and installed them immediately after they were delivered. Such a simple product, yet so useful. Liked them so much I ordered 4 more. I have 6 of these holding 2 SUP's and 4 Longboards up against my garage rafters. They are out of sight and you won't notice them unless you look up.
If you are having board storage problems and have a ceiling to hang your boards, this product is a must have.

Adjustable ceiling storage
Posted: April 5, 2017
Written by: Lawrence G.

My garage ceiling is quite high need a ladder to get the board down perhaps making an adjustable that can be longer so the board hangs lower

Great product and fast delivery
Posted: March 8, 2017
Written by: Robert N.

It's a really cool-looking, efficient, inexpensive, space saving option that I currently use for my SUP. I plan to purchase more for my longboards. I would however, suggest mapping out the possible locations to hang, prior to buying - which I did not. I was limited as to where I could hang it, as to not interfere with the garage door opener, drop stairs, air handler and other stuff hanging from the ceiling.

SUP Hi-Line | Adjustable Paddleboard Ceiling Storage
SUP Hi-Line | Adjustable Paddleboard Ceiling Storage
Love it......
Posted: February 16, 2017
Written by: Doug H.

Works great!

The perfect fit
Posted: November 16, 2016
Written by: Summer S.

These straps were exactly what I needed to fit my board in my garage (above the shelving, but below my garage door). I was a little worried about how hard it might be to get the board up and down, but it is not a problem, in fact it works perfectly because when I take the board off my SUV, it is already above my head and easy to hang!

SUP Hi-Line | Adjustable Paddleboard Ceiling Storage
SUP Hi-Line Adjustable Paddleboard Ceiling Storage
Posted: October 26, 2016
Written by: Carolyn P.

I just installed the SUP Hi-Line Adjustable Paddleboard Ceiling Storage in our basement for over the winter storage. It was easy to install and it was easy to place the paddleboard onto the hanging straps. I particularly liked being able to view a video showing how this storage system works and the ease of installation before purchasing this system. I highly recommend this product!

SUP Hi-Line | Adjustable Paddleboard Ceiling Storage
Problem solved!!!!
Posted: October 17, 2016
Written by: Theresa A.

We got 2 SUP's recently, big boys... 11'4". We have a pretty tight packed garage and really were at odds as how to best store them. We purchased 2 of the Hi-Lines after seeing the ad's and reading the reviews. We are so happy we did! My husband easily installed them, carefully making sure they were anchored into the ceiling beams. Voila!!!! Room for our car, boat, and these 2 huge SUP's in our 2 car garage. We especially like how they are up and out of the way, and how we can suspend them at whatever height is best for us. They can really be just about flush with the ceiling if you want them really high and out of the way. My husband can easily put the boards up and take them down alone.Your instructional video was very helpful! Very glad we didn't spend a ton of money on other racks. These are perfect!!!

SUP Hi-Line | Adjustable Paddleboard Ceiling Storage
SUP Hi-Line | Adjustable Paddleboard Ceiling Storage
Awesome Overhead Storage Option!
Posted: October 12, 2016
Written by: Steven G.

We have a townhouse with limited storage options (no garage) and my wife and I are SERIOUS Gearheads. We both have a bad case of GAS - Gear Acquisition Syndrome. These SUP Hi-lines are great - we have one SUP stored in each bedroom and can cinch the straps tight against the ceiling so they are out of the way. I am now wishing I would have bought the XL size so I could get them out without a step-ladder but that is not a deal-breaker. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to create more space in their house or garage by utilizing often wasted overhead space.

SUP Hi-Line | Adjustable Paddleboard Ceiling Storage
California Board
Posted: September 14, 2016
Written by: Suzanne C.

I can see how these straps could work on some boards. But, I have a California 10.5 Board and it is too wide and too thick to hang from the ceiling well. I am going to have to go to a wall mounting device for this board. There is nothing wrong with the product. It is just very difficult for this 70 year old woman to manipulate at shoulder height.

Commander 14
Posted: August 3, 2016
Written by: John S.

Product works great. Super easy to store my board and take it down.

Easy SUP/Surfboard Storage
Posted: July 18, 2016
Written by: Thomas

This product is super easy to install. It only took me about 10 min. to put it up. The instructions are easy to follow, although you probably could figure out how to do it without them. As the picture shows, you do need to have a stud or joist to attach it to. It is also a very economical way to store you board out of the way. I would recommend this product, but again, you do need the right spot to install.

SUP Hi-Line | Adjustable Paddleboard Ceiling Storage
SUP Hi-Line
Posted: July 15, 2016
Written by: Chris

The SUP Hi-Line was very easy to install. It only took five minutes and took minimal tools. It adjusts to a fairly low level so it was very easy to load the board into and then tighten to raise in order to fit a car in the garage. My board felt very secure. It is also super-affordable so I intend to buy additional so that I can easily store my other boards.

SUP Hi-Line | Adjustable Paddleboard Ceiling Storage
SUP Hi-Line | Adjustable Paddleboard Ceiling Storage
SUP Hi-Line | Adjustable Paddleboard Ceiling Storage
Easy to install, straps could be longer
Posted: July 12, 2016
Written by: Don

Like the title says, super easy to install -- its literally four screws.

I ordered size Large - my only complaint is that I was hanging a really wide SUP, and the straps could have been longer to accomodate such a wide board. It winds up hanging pretty close to the ceiling as you can see in the photos.

SUP Hi-Line | Adjustable Paddleboard Ceiling Storage
SUP Hi-Line | Adjustable Paddleboard Ceiling Storage
SUP Hi-Line | Adjustable Paddleboard Ceiling Storage
SUP Ceiling Rack
Posted: May 21, 2016
Written by: Thomas P.

I bought the large version of the SUP Hi-Line and it works great to keep my board tight to the ceiling. My ceilings are not that high so I was looking for a way to keep the board as close to the ceiling as possible and this works perfect with the adjustable straps. The straps are nice and smooth and it seems plenty strong to hold my SUP.

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