SUP Lights

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SUP Lights

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is a craze that has swept the nation. SUP enthusiast love the sport so much that they are seeking out new adventures - like paddling at night! Riding your SUP at night is a great new way to extend your SUP possibilities to 24 hours a day. SUP lights make this possible!


SUP at twilight and night opens up a whole new world of benefits such as:

  • Less crowds - the lake or ocean are almost always quieter and less trafficked at night. This means a more peaceful ride for you.
  • New wildlife - all types of fish and other creatures come out at night that are normally hidden in the day. Paddling at night allows you to see something new! SUP lights normally illuminate the water underneath you very well, so seeing is easy.
  • More time to SUP - your paddling adventure is no longer limited by daylight hours. Have a paddle you want to take after work but are worried you won’t be back before sundown? Well with SUP lights you don’t have to worry about being stuck out at night!

Why Do I Need SUP Lights?

If you plan to ride your SUP at night, then having SUP lights are pretty much mandatory. In fact, it may be required by law in some states.

  • Safety - first and foremost, you need SUP lights at night for safety. The lights not only let you see where you are going, but they also let others see you. If you’re out paddling out night with friends or family, then SUP lights allow you to clearly see and keep track of everyone.
  • Visibility - part of paddling at night is seeing the cool underwater features. SUP lights project light down into the water letting you see all the cool things out at night.

How Do I Attach SUP Lights to My Board?

There are two main ways that you can attach SUP lights to your board:


  • Straps - some SUP lights attach to your SUP with a set of straps. These straps are fully adjustable so you can snugly fit the straps around your specific board. The straps connect together with heavy duty buckles which make them easily removable for when you don’t want you lights on. As a bonus, most SUP lights come with a convenient carry case.
  • Suction cups - another way SUP lights can attach to your board are with suction cups. These aren’t you normal suction cups. These are heavy duty, high strength suction cups with level-assisted removal. This ensure your SUP lights can withstand hours and hours of paddling at night without having to worry about your light coming off.

What Kind of SUP Lights are There?

Almost every SUP light consists of one or more LED lights. LEDs are used because they are energy efficient, bright, and are impact resistant.


  • Point source - some SUP lights come as a point source which means it acts like a single light bulb. This is a very sturdy design that is great at both providing diffuse light and projecting light downward.
  • LED Strip - another type of light is the strip light. This kind of light has a lot of little LEDs along a long strip. These design is a very low profile and provides an even light across the whole LED strip.

Almost all SUP lights come in the color white. Some lights come with the ability to change colors. This provides a very cool effect and lets you customize to the color of your choice. Some SUP lights, like the Nocqua Spectrum, are so sophisticated that they can do things like an SOS strobe or rotate through different colors. The Nocqua Spectrum is a premium quality multi-color light system that.