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Product Highlights

  • Easily holds 3 surfboards, longboards, or funboards
  • Heavy duty - made from solid steel
  • Well padded arms - prevents damage to your boards
  • Up to 120 lbs of total storage
  • Multi purpose - fits SUPs, Surfboards, Windsurfers, etc
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty!
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Surf Storage Rack | 3 Boards | Heavy Duty Metal

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Product Highlights

  • Easily holds 3 surfboards, longboards, or funboards
  • Heavy duty - made from solid steel
  • Well padded arms - prevents damage to your boards
  • Up to 120 lbs of total storage
  • Multi purpose - fits SUPs, Surfboards, Windsurfers, etc
  • 1-year manufacturer's warranty!
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Product Description

Strong, Versatile and Affordable. This Surf Storage Rack is strong and durable as well as affordable! The rack is made from steel, treated for rust resistance, and powder-coated for durability. The rack can store up to 3 surfboards and works for many other boards such as SUPs, windsurfing rigs, wakeboards, and many other types of watercraft. Get one to store a few of each and clean up your garage or house!

How is it designed? This Surf Storage Rack has 3 levels of padded steel arms to comfortably and securely hold your boards. Each level is 11.5" apart, giving you plenty of room for 2 boards on each level (or 1 board with a long fin). The arms are also removable, convenient for when space is limited or you want to get them out of the way when the rack isn't in use. The rack will hold surfboards in a bag as well - pop your whole loaded bag up on the rack and be ready to go next time the swell calls!

  • Strong steel frame: Each rack level can hold 40-pound boards up to 35" wide.
  • Dense foam padding: Each 27" arm is padded with high density foam to protect your boards.
  • Removable arms: The rack's arms can be removed, perfect for when space is limited or you want to store them.

How to get the most out of your rack:

  • Designed to hold 1 board per rack level
  • Do not exceed maximum weight limits per level (40 lbs) or total (120 lbs)
  • Not intended for use in moving vehicles - trailers, campers, etc.
  • Powder-coated steel construction is not designed to withstand full-time saltwater outdoor exposure

Looking for something a little smaller? Check out our Surfboard Wall Storage Rack for 2 boards here.

  • Length of arms: 27"
  • Length of base pieces:  33"
  • Width of base pieces: 2"
  • There is 11.5" of space between arms
  • Thickness of foam padding: .25"
  • Diameter of the arms/tubes: 1"
  • Distance between the mounting holes on the base plates: 12.75"
  • Angle of arms: 90°
  • Weight limit per level: 40 lbs
  • Total weight limit: 120 lbs
What degree are the arms at?
Our triple surfboard rack has arms that are at a straight, 90 degree angle.
Does this rack have any locking mechanism? I have a communal garage. I need a three board rack that I can mount to a wall, that can handle longboards
This triple board rack is a great option for your longboards to start, then with dock locks you can use one cable to secure multiple boards (ordering additional jaw clamp for each board you need to secure) and you can either mount an eye bolt (available from any hardware store) next to rack to run the cable to secure the boards.
Why are these arms angled at all?
Our triple rack does not have the angled arms. It is a very versatile, economical and strong rack. that works for a lot of different boards and gear, but having angled arms is just not one of its features. It otherwise works great for a lot of people and for a a lot of storage needs.

There is a two board rack that is of similar construction that has arms that can be angled at two different angles. and also you might want to consider this 4 board rack, that is very versatile and economical - on that 4 board one, you can move the arms to different positions on the rack; it can hold a wide variety of gear and boards (though it isn't recommended for Stand-Up Paddleboards, but works well for surfboards, etc.) and for the price is a great option if you want angled arms to save space, etc.
What is the weight of the unit?
Our three board rack has a shipping weight of 15 pounds, so its in that neighborhood, less the packing materials of cardboard, etc, to give you an idea.
Will this rack stand up to high humidity? We live in FL and I would like a rack we can install in the garage.
Our Heavy Duty Metal Surfboard Rack is not made from stainless steel or other materials that are rust/corrosion proof, though it is treated with a multi-stage rust prevention process that helps protect it in outdoor use for areas that aren't exposed to a lot of salt air/water. As for humidity - high humidity can affect a rack like this, and cause it to corrode faster than it would under more temperate conditions. Wedon't really have a good way to tell you how well it will stand up to your particular climate in your garage. It is a very strong and economical rack, so some customers will use it in outdoor climates in salt water areas (or in your case, high humidity) and know that it may not last as long, but that is a personal choice. An alternative would be considering marine grade racks that would potentially stand up better over time in your climate. You can find marine grade options for your boards here:

Howdy! I’m Andrew from I’m here to talk to you today about our Triple Surfboard Wall Storage Rack. You can see the rack right behind me. You’ll soon know why it’s popular among our customers. It’s a heavy-duty surfboard storage rack to hold all your surfboards. I got an unassembled version of the rack right here. It comes with two rack sides that you’ll mount to your wall. The rack sides are independent, so you can space the rack sides as far apart as you want. If you got all longboards, space the rack sides further apart. If you’re looking to store only a shortboard, your thrusters, fun shapes, put them a little bit closer. Whatever you need, you can deal with this rack.

Unassembled version is very easy to put together. There are some pushpins, and the rack arms are quick release, so it’s as simple as sliding the rack arms in, pressing one pin. You’ll have it together in no time. This is also great because when it’s in your garage, your basement wherever it is, you don’t need to use it, you can simply take the rack arms off and you’ll create a bunch more storage space for yourself. You’ll also notice that the rack arms have some heavy-duty padding, so there shouldn’t be a real worry about dinging or damaging your surfboards while they’re in the rack. The rack itself is made out of steel. It’s got a powder coat so it’s very durable. It’s very heavy duty.

We’re looking at two longboards behind me. We got a fun-shaped Tudor board, and storing those boards, no problem. You’ll notice that between the rack levels is a very ample 11 inches of storage space. I got a 9-inch center fin here, another long center fin here, and there isn’t a worry of hitting your boards below the levels.

The rack arms themselves are 27 inches wide, so that should be no real problem for storing your surfboards either. It’s going to fit. You can even maneuver your surfboards front to back if you want to. You don't have to push your surfboard the whole way to the back of the rack. That might be one way that you’re going to ding up your surfboards or else jam it in. Once again, this is a great storage rack. It’s a very functional rack. We’ve seen it set up in garages, in a lot of different places, basements, and that’s what makes it so popular for our customers. Check it out on today!

Sturdy Racks!
Posted: April 25, 2018
Written by: David P.

have two old school heavy glass boards and a SUP on them, they don't sag at all. Great racks

Nice Racks!
Posted: February 7, 2018
Written by: Tom M.

The racks are great. Very strong and easy to install. Excellent product, thanks.

Surf Rack Review - totally worth it
Posted: July 13, 2017
Written by: Maurice M.

This rack works perfectly, is heavy duty and roomy. Well worth it as opposed to wood and glue - this thing is rock solid.

Outstanding Product
Posted: June 7, 2017
Written by: Thomas S.

I shopped extensively for a board rack and am very pleased with my decision to purchase your products. I recently moved into a much smaller house and needed a way to maximize the storage space in the garage. Your racks are very well made and mounted perfectly with the supplied hardware on a CBS wall with a masonry drill. I really appreciate the adequate space between boards, approximately 11 1/12", as I have several longboards and like to store them with the fins on and in board bags. Thanks for a great board rack.

Works for me.
Posted: May 3, 2017
Written by: Richard K.

Love my surf rack...

Posted: April 1, 2017
Written by: Keith K.

Exactly what I needed. Easy and sturdy

Good surfboard rack
Posted: January 21, 2017
Written by: Timothy H.

Easy to put on the wall. Easily sturdy enough for 3 surfboards.

SUP rack
Posted: August 31, 2016
Written by: Hans F.

Easy to install with all parts included. The fact that the arms are removable is great for access in our case. We have two Boards and an Alden shell on ours but with the removable arms it works for two shells, two kayaks etc.
Very happy so far.

Awesome storage for our boards
Posted: July 6, 2016
Written by: Jan H.

Super simple to mount on wall and assemble. The padding protects the boards from scratches, and arms hold the weight easily. Love it!

Surf Storage Rack
Posted: January 27, 2016
Written by: Von

I was a bit worried that these wouldn't be very sturdy, but quite the contrary. The support arms are quite wide, which is what I was after. My wife was pleased to see how organized the garage became after putting this up. I think it's great that the rack supports can be removed if necessary, but in my case, I need them up at all times. Great product!

Posted: January 27, 2016
Written by: Robert S.

Great response time. Racks were as advertised and were easy to install.

Surf Storage Rack/3 Boards
Posted: November 4, 2015
Written by: John P.

From the picture, I have to say that I was a bit skeptical. I soon learned that I needn't be...The rack was super high quality, welded aluminum and looks great on the wall. It came with very good mounting hardware as well. I was also concerned that it would not securely hold my wide long boards. Wrong again - It holds them up with much room to spare. I am confident that a SUP could very comfortably rest in this mount. Thank you

Posted: April 1, 2015
Written by: Sarah S.

Exactly what we needed, looks great and holds up the boards! We used to sets to store 6 long boards. They were easy to install too. Thanks

Surf Storage Rack | 3 Boards | Heavy Duty Metal
Three board rack
Posted: March 18, 2015
Written by: Doug D.

I procrastinated for years, storing my boards on the floor, on their tails, propped in the corner. Trashed tails,rails dinged, etc. I finally got feed up and found Store Your Board and liked the design and promise of sturdy well built product. I ordered and the rack arrived in less than a week. It installed in about 15 minutes and up my boards went. Fantastic! exactly as promised. My wife came out to check and said "Wow, you should have done that years ago..." Yep - she's smarter than me.

Great price. Solid product.
Posted: February 11, 2015
Written by: Allen C.

The three board rack is a great value and a solid product. Simple to install and comes with all the necessary hardware to mount it to the wall. Very sturdy and enough clearance that I was able to double up and get 4 longboards up and out of the way. Padded rails for non slip and protection of the boards is a very nice touch. The pegs are plenty wide to give me confidence that my boards are secure. Would recommend it and buy it again in a heartbeat. Great ordering check out and fast shipping.

Surf Storage Rack | 3 Boards | Heavy Duty Metal
Surf Storage Rack | 3 Boards | Heavy Duty Metal
Exactly what I was looking for
Posted: February 4, 2015
Written by: Regan C.

Holds 3 9-10 ft longboards perfectly. Looks nice and is sturdy. Just what I was looking for.

Posted: October 15, 2013
Written by: Paul

They were not joking when they said steel surf rack. This thing is hefty! No worries about it keeping my boards safe. Good way to get 3 boards up off the ground and out of the way. This was also the best price I could find on a metal triple surf rack.

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