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Product Highlights

  • Holds up to 3 boards and 75lbs!
  • Beautiful rounded edges on the base
  • Well padded arms provide dent protection
  • Also perfect for holding water skis, wakesurf, kiteboards, snowboards, skis, etc
  • Hand made in the USA!
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Surfboard Wall Rack | Triple Wood Surf Rack | Scorpion Basics

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Product Highlights

  • Holds up to 3 boards and 75lbs!
  • Beautiful rounded edges on the base
  • Well padded arms provide dent protection
  • Also perfect for holding water skis, wakesurf, kiteboards, snowboards, skis, etc
  • Hand made in the USA!
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Product Description

The Surfboard Wall Rack is a no-frills, just business wall rack designed to store and display up to 3 surfboards. This surfboard rack is made from a white Pine wood base with thick Pine wood dowel arms. Each rack arm comes wrapped in a thick foam sleeve to prevent any dents, dings, or pressure points on your surfboards. 

The Surfboard Wall Rack is part of our line of utilitarian, function-first storage racks. The rack will come with a completely natural finish - no stain or clear coat is applied. While we emphasize function over form, we still pay attention to aesthetics. Each rack base has round routered edges, a smooth sanded finish, and the drill holes are countersunk. Additionally, the foam is angle cut to sit flush against the base and the arms at angled 25 degrees which is perfect for displaying your boards. 

The Surfboard Wall Rack comes with pre-drilled, countersunk holes so mounting is very quick and convenient. The rack also includes all necessary mounting hardware, so no trips to the hardware store are necessary.

Scorpion Basics - Quality racks at affordable prices - Hand made in the USA!

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  • Arms are 16" long
  • Vertical distance between the arms: 13.25"
  • 3/4" thick padding on arms
  • Arms angled at 25 degrees
  • Rack height is 32" along wall
  • Supports up to 75 lbs
Would this work for SUPs? I have one 11 footer that's the longest one. It's ◦11’ x 31” x 4.5” (335cm x 79cm x 11cm).
Our wood surfboard rack will not work for SUPs, it won't properly support them or hold them, due to the difference in their shape, size and weight from surfboards. SUPs are thicker and wider, etc, so most racks intended for surfboards don't work for SUPs. If you need to store both your SUP and some surfboards, and want one rack, you can consider aSUP rack for multiple boards, to hold both the surfboards & the SUP, or go with a single SUP rack for your SUP and choose another rack option for your surfboards.

Howdy and welcome to another product video. I’m Andrew and today we have our Three Wood Surfboard Wall Rack. It holds your surfboards horizontally along the wall, as you can see behind me. When you get the package for this rack, it’s going to require a little bit of assembly. You’ll get two rack sides and you’ll get six rack arms. You’ll also get a little hardware kit. It comes with some glue that you’ll insert into the precut holes and it’s pretty easy to insert your rack arms. You’ll insert all of your rack arms into the three holes on each side, so you’ll get two of these pieces. You’ll see that the rack arms are padded with foam, so as you’re putting your surfboards in and out, you shouldn’t worry about dinging them.

There’s also two holes already cut through the rack sides that you’ll use to mount the rack to the wall and once you do that, you’ll see it like this. You can choose how far apart to mount the two rack sides depending on what length boards you have. There are a couple of other dimensions that are important to note. The first is the distance between the rack arms. There’s 13 inches of space between those arms, so that’s a pretty good amount of space for even your longer fins. This is a 9-inch fin and a bit of a thicker board here. Still there’s clearance. There’s plenty of clearance on standard thruster fins.

Also the width of the rack arms, they’re about 16 inches wire; so some wire boards as you can see here, they may overhang the rack arms. That really isn’t a problem. The rack arms are also angled up when you insert them, so it creates some stability for your surfboard once it’s in the rack. This is a very no-frills home storage option that works great for your garage. We call it our basic surfboard wall rack because that’s what it is. It’s an affordably priced wood storage rack. Check it out at

Posted: November 23, 2016
Written by: Kd C.

I would order again

Inexpensive solution
Posted: November 2, 2016
Written by: Crystal Q.

This is a inexpensive solution to storing your boards! The only thing I would change is the glue. We used wood glue instead of the glue provided.

Surfboard Wall Rack | Triple Wood Surf Rack | Scorpion Basics
Easy Wall Rack
Posted: August 24, 2016
Written by: Robert C.

This product was easy to install in my garage. I got it to put my 16 year old sons boards up and away so I could open my car door without having to bang into his long board. Yes, even the long fits perfectly on this rack. Very happy I got this product. Would recommend it.

More super glue
Posted: August 11, 2016
Written by: Ryan J.

Dude everything was cool but that was the weakest amount of super glue in the history

Surf rack
Posted: June 22, 2016
Written by: Michelle S.

Easy to install and looks great!

Good, simple board racks
Posted: April 7, 2016
Written by: John D.

I installed the SUP racks and then the regular board racks above. Saves a lot of basement space and easy to install.

Surfboard Wall Rack | Triple Wood Surf Rack | Scorpion Basics
Very handy and neat rack for daily use
Posted: December 30, 2015
Written by: Bradley P.

Needed storage in the garage, and these are super neat and do the trick!

Scorpion wood board rack
Posted: October 14, 2015
Written by: James LePlante

Hi guys,
Love the product. I do have one comment.
I followed your instructions to a "T" but I found that the quick dry glue for the dawls does not work. I suggest a wood glue with the appropriate drying time. Other than that I'm pleased.

Thank you,

Surfboard Wall Rack | Triple Wood Surf Rack | Scorpion Basics
Love this wall rack!
Posted: September 24, 2015
Written by: So Cal Sofi

3 boards are stacked neatly and securely, allowing for more much-needed floor space in the garage! Easy to install. Would recommend using wood glue instead of the included "super glue" for extra security. The price was very reasonable as well.

Nice Rack!
Posted: September 23, 2015
Written by: Trevor Y.

Beautifully simplistic! No bells or whistles, just a board rack, all the while keeping things aesthetically pleasing and my boards safe and out of the party zone.

Surfboard Wall Rack | Triple Wood Surf Rack | Scorpion Basics
Surfboard Wall Rack | Triple Wood Surf Rack | Scorpion Basics
Great Product, Great Company
Posted: September 22, 2015
Written by: Tara R.

Happy with the wonderful customer service and quality of the product, will definitely use StoreYourBoard again!

Surfboard Wall Rack | Triple Wood Surf Rack | Scorpion Basics
Surfboard Wall Rack | Triple Wood Surf Rack | Scorpion Basics
Great Product
Posted: August 19, 2015
Written by: Frederick C.

Just what we needed to store 2 surfboards and a wakeboard.

best for the price
Posted: July 30, 2015
Written by: Bonny C.

no complaints so far, very light rack, functional and the best price i found however seems like the materials themselves should be no more than $20 at home depot

Just what I expected
Posted: July 10, 2015
Written by: Daniel B.

Its easy, simple and looks clean. Simple to install, keeps my boards out of the way but on display. Thanks

My review
Posted: June 1, 2015
Written by: David E.

I specifically bought one of, if not the least expensive options for board storage, so obviously i should not have expected anything great. I just needed a basic wall rack for board storage. All in all, i give the product an 8; for value i rate a 9. All in all they are going to work complaints. But for your feedback and for future product enhancement, here are the few things i noticed that could be improved on. #1- make the dowel arms an inch or two wider...they are currently about 15" i think, and most of my boards are in the 20-22 inch width range, and I use decent surf bags for storage and transport to beach. So the actual width of my "boards" when on the rack are closer to 21-25 inches. If the arms were more like 18 inches, it would be a tad more stable. Nothing critical though. #2 - a few of the dowel holes were drilled just slightly to big, and the angle of 2 of them was off so the resulting angle of the arms was not symmetrical. A few of the dowel arms needed to be glued to be super snug, but 2 of the dowel holes were enough bigger than the dowel arm that i had to wrap a bit of duct tape around the dowel to get them to snuggle into the hole. I am assuming your racks are hand made and drilled (not computer / machine drilled?). So due to the minor variation caused by a human drilling them, a few were off enough to prevent the dowels from staying put (but hey, you can fix almost anything w a lil duct tape, am I right??). But i bought two rack, so there was 12 total dowel holes. 7 were tight enough no glue needed....2 were too lose to even glue...had to wrap arm with an inch or two of tape to expand the size of the dowel....3 needed to use the glue provided. And of course my wife is stoked because now the boards are neatly organized, off the floor, and it just looks better in the garage with the boards organized and neatly racked on the wall. Like i said, it is not fair to buy the least expensive option and expect the best available product. All in all, they work good and will prob work for a decade or more. With a few production tweeks they could be nearly perfect, and probably not hurt your bottom line significantly. Make the dowel arms a tad longer, charge another buck or two to cover the additional material cost, and have a more consistent method of how to drill the dowel holes for size and angle symmetry.

Surfboard Wall Rack | Triple Wood Surf Rack | Scorpion Basics
Surfboard Racks
Posted: May 13, 2015
Written by: Scot W.

Solid racks and very easy to assemble. Highly recommend!!

Surfboard Wall Rack | Triple Wood Surf Rack | Scorpion Basics
Posted: April 15, 2015
Written by: Hosh T.

Excellent rack. Easy to assemble. Since I store my boards outside, it would have been better if it was painted or stained/sealed (which i did myself before installing). But for the money, I think it was a pretty good purchase.

Thank you,

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