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Product Highlights

  • Easy way to keep your kayaks safe and secure
  • 3/16" coil steel cable - very strong
  • Works great for securing kayak to pier, tree, or roof rack
  • Vinyl coated to protect boat, car, and rack
  • 14" diameter loops fit over most boat's bow and sterns
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Universal Kayak Lock Cable | Small

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Product Highlights

  • Easy way to keep your kayaks safe and secure
  • 3/16" coil steel cable - very strong
  • Works great for securing kayak to pier, tree, or roof rack
  • Vinyl coated to protect boat, car, and rack
  • 14" diameter loops fit over most boat's bow and sterns
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Product Description

Safety first! The Universal Kayak Locking System is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to keep your kayak safe and secure from the bad guys. It is a pair of steel cables that work together to wrap around your boat and a fixed object to allow you to lock your boat in place. If you're like us at StoreYourBoard, you have a huge time and monetary investment in your kayak and stolen kayak would be devastating. With so much at risk, there is no excuse not to properly safeguard your boat. 

The Universal Kayak Locking System consists of (2) 3/16" coil steel cables - thick enough that most cable cutters will never get through. These cables have been Vinyl coated to protect any scratching on your boat, rack, or car. Each cable has two loops to it: a locking loop and a boat loop. The locking loop is a small loop in the cable that is used to pass the pad lock through to lock up both cables together. The boat loop is a 14" diameter loop that is designed to loop over the nose and tail of your kayak.

This kayak lock system is great for use in a variety of situations. For instance:

  • Lock your boat to a tree or pier support post
  • Lock your boat to an outdoor rack you have
  • Lock your boat to a roof rack on a vehicle

Sizing: This lock system comes in three different sizes. The Small Kayak Lock is 9ft lock and is designed for smaller kayaks. The Large Kayak Lock is 12ft long and is better for longer kayaks. The Canoe Lock is 14ft long for canoes.  

How it works:
The key to this kayak locking system is that kayaks are tapered in size from the center out to the bow (nose) and stern (tail). Meaning, the width of a kayak in the center is always greater than the width of the kayak at the bow and stern. This allows the boat loops (discussed above) to slip over the bow and stern of your kayak, but not all the way over the center. Therefore, you can slip the boat loop of each cable over the bow and stern, then loop the long cable around a fixed object (like a rack, tree, car roof rack) and lock the two cables together on their locking loops. As long as there isn't enough "slack" in the cable, the boat loops can't come off your boat and your boat will be safely locked down! See the image below for an illustration. 
Note - Does not include pad lock. 

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  • 14" diameter loop for bow and stern
  • Long cable length is 9ft
  • Secures kayaks that are 9' to 14' long to a stationary object
I just purchased a 10' SOT kayak (Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100). I have Yakima sport rack crossbars. Will your Universal Kayak Locking System (Small) work for this configuration?
In looking at your kayak, the main thing you need to double-check is that the front and back of your boat are both less than 14'' in circumference. It looks like the front of your SOT should be fine, but the back might be too large for that diameter loop, which needs to go around it.

The other thing to think about is that the length of the cable for the small version is 9 foot - it technically works for kayaks 9' to 14' feet, but you could consider the larger length which would give you a bit more play in how it is positioned on your boat. With the longer version, you could take out some slack by wrapping the cable around the crossbars.
So if the circumferences on the front and back of your boat will fit that 14" loop, which both versions of this cable have, then either small or large length should be fine for your set-up.
How long is cable a and b?
Our Universal Kayak Lock (Small) has one long cable (cable A) that is 9' feet in length -- it is 9 feet from the larger loop that goes around your boat's nose or tail, to the smaller locking loop at the other end of this cable.
The smaller cable (cable B) just consists of the same larger loop that goes around the other end of your boat (nose or tail) and the smaller locking loop - there is no real length between loops ends on cable B, as it is just a figure 8 formed by the two loops. We have a graphic on our listing that may help you picture it. Your padlock will go through both cable A & cable B's smaller locking loops.
The 9 ft length will work for most kayaks between 9' and 14' long; there is this larger versionthat has a 12' ft length for longer kayaks. There is also one size longer still, that works for canoes.
My kayak is 10 feet long. Which size do you suggest?
For a 10 foot kayak, you would want thesmall kayak lock, as it works for kayaks that are between 9' to 14' long. The large would be recommended for kayaks that are between 13' to 19' long.
How do the lock work, when securing the kayak on a dock that has dock posts?
For these Kayak Locks, the system includes two cables, that each have a small loop at one end and a larger hoop at the other end. One cable is longer than the other - but you will be using both to secure the boat to your dock posts as follows:
  1. Place one of the cable's large loops over your kayak's bow;
  2. Then place the 2nd cable's large loop over your stern;
  3. Use the longer cable to wrap around your dock posts or around another stationary item;
  4. Once you have done so, take that cable's small-loop end, and meet it up with the small loop end of the 2nd cable
  5. Attach a pad lock to the two small loops, securing them together.
Your boat is now secured to a stationary object.
Posted: December 20, 2017
Written by: John C.

Meet my needs!

Difficult to secure tension so locking effective
Posted: November 1, 2017
Written by: Lisa H.

Difficult To lock bc not enough tension between ends of canoe. Double looping works.

Kayak lock cable
Posted: July 29, 2017
Written by: Debra R.

This cable works great to lock my kayak to the dock. I like the vinyl wrap around cable.

Universal Kayak Lock Cable
Posted: July 19, 2017
Written by: Kurt T.

Cables are great. Heavy duty. I have all 3 sizes and they do run long. They work great for securing my boats to my trailer, trees, etc.

Good Product
Posted: May 17, 2017
Written by: Donald F.

Works well to secure my kayak in its outdoor storage rack. Heavy duty. Pleased with purchase.

Kayak security
Posted: April 26, 2017
Written by: Lisa F.

I have a Wilderness Aspire 105, the small works great.

good product.
Posted: September 7, 2016
Written by: Jean S.

Product just as described and does the job well.

Universal kayak locking system
Posted: June 29, 2016
Written by: Susan M.

Excellent product. Wanted some way to lock my kayak on the roof of my car while staying over night in hotel. Can also just lock the roof rack on if you don't want to take it off your car.

Why take a chance?
Posted: August 27, 2014
Written by: Stuart M.

Why take a chance at having your boats walk off? This Universal Kayak Locking System (Small) worked great for our 8' kayaks. Great design & easy to use.

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