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Product Highlights

  • Classic vertical surfboard rack
  • Basic, affordable surfboard storage solution
  • Fits surfboards from shortboards to longboards
  • Padded arms provide ding protection
  • Wooden craftsmanship, handmade in USA!
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Vertical Surfboard Wall Rack | 3, 6, or 9 Wood Surf Rack

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Product Highlights

  • Classic vertical surfboard rack
  • Basic, affordable surfboard storage solution
  • Fits surfboards from shortboards to longboards
  • Padded arms provide ding protection
  • Wooden craftsmanship, handmade in USA!
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Product Description

The Vertical Surfboard Wall Rack is a no-frills, just-business wall rack designed to store and display your surfboards vertically.

Rack Construction and Design:

  • Made of Pine wood. This surfboard rack is made from a white Pine wood base with thick Pine wood dowel arms, and made in the USA!
  • Padded Arms. Each rack arm comes wrapped in a thick foam sleeve to prevent any dents, dings, or pressure points on your surfboards.
  • Angled Arms: The rack arms are angled inward at 25 degrees, so your boards are held securely in place against the wall and so they won't stick out as far from the wall, great for tighter storage spaces.

How many surfboards will it hold? This rack is set up with a base wood wall piece with 3 rack arms to hold 3 surfboards.

  • 3 Surfboards: 1 base piece and 3 arms
  • 6 Surfboards: 2 base pieces and 6 arms
  • 9 Surfboards: 3 base pieces and 9 arms

What surfboards will it hold? Whether you've got a thruster or a noserider longboard, this rack will store your board. Just mount the base rack piece at the height that is appropriate to fit your boards. There's also plenty of space between the rack arms for you to store your surfboards with their fins in, too. See our video review for a demonstration of fit for a variety of boards.  

Function First. The Surfboard Wall Rack is part of our line of utilitarian, function-first storage racks. The rack will come with a completely natural finish - no stain or clear coat is applied. While we emphasize function over form, we still pay attention to aesthetics. Each rack base has round routered edges, a smooth sanded finish, and the drill holes are countersunk. Additionally, the foam is angle cut to sit flush against the base of the angled arms. The Surfboard Wall Rack comes with pre-drilled, countersunk holes so mounting is very quick and convenient. The rack also includes all necessary mounting hardware, so no trips to the hardware store are necessary.

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  • Arms angled at 25 degrees
  • Arms are 16" long; stick out from wall 14"
  • Horizontal distance between the arms: 12"
  • 3 rack base width is 32" along wall
  • 3/4" thick padding on arms
  • 3/4" diameter wood dowels

How’s it going today? I’m Andrew from, and we’ve got another product video for you. This is our Wood Surfboard Wall Storage Rack. It’s a great rack. It’s a no-frills rack, and it will store a lot of surfboards. We’ve got a version for three surfboards, six surfboards or nine surfboards, your choice. You can see the rack behind when it’s mounted. I’m going to show you how we set it up and set your boards up.

When you order the rack, it will come with rack sides and rack arms. If you get the three version, it’s going to come with one rack side; six, two; nine, three. Then there are three rack arms for each rack side. A little simple installation and setup. Insert the rack arms into the rack sides. We have some glue. It’s a very snug fit, so it’s a very secure setup for your boards. Once you get all three rack arms in, you’ll have a rack side that looks like this, and so you’ll set it up and mount to your wall. There’s countertop mounting holes all set up for you. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have a rack that looks like this.

I want to point out a couple of more features about the rack. The rack arms themselves have foam padding, so when you’re setting up your boards and pulling them out, they shouldn’t get damaged or dent. Also the rack arms themselves are about 15 inches wide, with 11 inches of space between the rack arms, so it’s a good set up and it’s specially accommodating even for longer fins. We have a variety of fins on these boards. We even have a fin with 8.5 inches. It still sets up well for this rack.

When you’re inserting your boards, you want to take care to lean them against the back piece and against the rack arms, so really there is an angle leaning against the rack arm. The boards are not going to sit straight up and down and that’s fine. That’s actually better for how we want them to set up, leaning against the rack for a fully stable fit. If you have boards, you can just set them up like this. And so again, this is a six version. We’ve got a three version. We’ve got a nine version. You can get as many boards as you want stored at home in your garage, in your basement wherever you need to store your surfboards. A no-frills approach to surfboard storage. Check it out at

What is the width of the bar?
Our vertical rack is made up of units that hold 3 boards each - and each 3 board rack is 32" along wall (so for 6 boards, you would double that, but that would be two individual pieces you can set next to each or not). The bars dividing the boards are 16" long; they stick out from wall 14". The arms are slightly angled as another note.
What is the length of the rack that can hold 9 boards?
Our vertical surfboard rack is a system made up of 3 board rack sets. Each 3 board rack set is 32" long across the wall. So the 9 board version will total 96". You can space the pieces out from one another if you want, you don't have to set all 3 pieces up together.
Can I use this for SUPs?
This surfboard rack will not work to support SUPs - their shape, size, etc. is so different then most surfboards, the rack won't support them properly. There really isn't a wall rack like that for SUPs that I can recommend, for vertical storage. We do have theseSUP hangers, which are an inexpensive way to hang a SUP on a closet clothing pole. The hanger attaches to a SUP's center fin box to work. Alternately, we have these racks for storingmultiple SUPs, in various types (wall, freestanding, etc.) for consideration.
I would like the same rack but with only six inches between the pegs. i don't need 12 inches for a board. i have too many boards for that spacing. can one be special made with more pegs? i'd need at least two of them.
We don't have this vertical rack available for custom order with less spacing between the arms; there is this vertical rack for 6 boards that have a smaller gap of 7" between arms, or this vertical board rack that has 8" between arms, as some alternatives.
Nice simple rack at a great price
Posted: March 8, 2018
Written by: Parker

Took a good amount of searching to find this site and type of rack. Glad I did. Garage space is tight, and this rack was perfect solution.

Still give this an excellent as the materials are good quality and install was easy. Only nit was the glue that came with the kit - not enough to glue one dowel. I had extra wood glue that I used instead.

Added security rope and cut a piece of astroturf for the flooring.

Vertical Surfboard Wall Rack | 3, 6, or 9 Wood Surf Rack
Posted: August 30, 2017
Written by: Jason C.

For the most part I liked the rack and it seems to be doing a good job so far. I had to drill my own hole because the studs were spaced further apart in my garage. Also one out of the three woden dowels didn't fit as secure as the other ones did, so i had to use a lot of glue to secure it. Shopping was quick and it didn't take very long to install.

I have 15 boards that were previously stored horizontally on racks so very
Posted: August 23, 2017
Written by: Bob S.

difficult to pick a board based on conditions. We are just finishing a major remodel of the garage where we have moved all garage "stuff" to a second level and then made the side of the garage open to storing boards up to 10' in a vertical position with an opening in the ceiling to use these racks.

Haven't finished the garage but know this will be the best solution.

Will send photos when complete towards the end of September.

Vertical Surfboard Rack
Posted: July 5, 2017
Written by: James L.

Great product, especially for the cost. Delivered on time. Would highly recommend this product.

as advertised
Posted: June 14, 2017
Written by: Jeffrey L.

No surprises: product met all advertised specifications, the accompanying parts kit was complete, shipping was fast. I would order here again.

Good for price
Posted: May 31, 2017
Written by: Brian C.

This was a good product and so far serves its purpose for a budget friendly board storage. I had to end up using my own super glue to put it together but that was not a big deal to me

Vertical surfboard rqck
Posted: May 24, 2017
Written by: Michael P.

Shipping was fast. Setup was very easy... Makes my bedroom wall look like a surfshop! Great product!

Good Board Rack
Posted: May 15, 2017
Written by: Sarah N.

I use one 3-board rack to store my long boards, and another 3-board rack - placed a little lower - to store my snowboards. They're not the prettiest racks in the world, but they seem sturdy, don't scratch my boards and are reasonably priced. Because I have wood flooring, I decided to set down some fake grass mats and now the boards don't scratch my floor.

Wish I Didn't Buy This..
Posted: March 17, 2017
Written by: Troy K.

When I found the product online it looked like a solid, well crafted board rack. However, the small alcove in my apartment that this is meant to go is not conducive for the slanted design, which was not clear when purchasing the rack. Storing the boards vertically does not make sense with this idiotic design flaw. I understand that it would probably work best for buying two units and storing longboards horizontally, but in the 10+ years I've stored boards, this takes the cake for the worst.

Posted: March 1, 2017
Written by: Erik G.

Great product

Posted: February 25, 2017
Written by: Robert L.

Very easy to install

Posted: September 28, 2016
Written by: Graham

I was going to spend a day building a new rack for my boards then found this one online. It's price competitive with a DIY rack, nicely designed, and easy to assemble. Most importantly, it does its job well, has gotten my wife off my back and saved me time, which I used to surf. Definetly would recommend.

Surfboard rack for the garage
Posted: September 14, 2016
Written by: Monty R.

These racks have made my surfboard collection much easier to access and keep out of the way. I was considering buying material amd building my own until a friend introduced me to Great product and would/will buy again. Thank you.

Surf racks
Posted: September 7, 2016
Written by: Jimmy K.

Just bought a place in Central Florida. Great winter surf here. We created a "surf area" in the house. I wanted to stand my boards up like you see in a surf shop. Vertical surfboard wall rack fits the bill. Worked out perfectly. Glad I found Store Your Board.

Vertical Surfboard Wall Rack | 3, 6, or 9 Wood Surf Rack
buy another one
Posted: September 1, 2016
Written by: Karen V.

We would like to purchase another one exactly the same. It looks great.

Superb product, great value.
Posted: August 24, 2016
Written by: Lucas

Was going to build myself a vertical rack for my boards but found and I'm psyched I did. Lots of smart subtle considerations in the design and it would have cost me about the same to make it myself. Great product, affordable and fast shipping.

Posted: August 17, 2016
Written by: Virginie S.

Glue seemed to liquid but actually did a good job, I hope it will last. I will make sure we don't put stuff that's too heavy though, and I might cover the foam later with suede or something equivalent to look better. And I like the wood plank that we will paint the same color that the wall. Easy.

A very good product
Posted: August 10, 2016
Written by: Lisa J.

This is simple, well made and easy to install. I didn't rate it as Excellent for two small reasons:
1. The super glue included does not work to secure the pegs into the back board. The application for that calls for Elmer's glue or similar.
2. The securing screws included needed molly's and those were not included.
So a quick trip to the hardware store was needed when these items could easily been included. I would re-order!

Organization made simple!
Posted: July 13, 2016
Written by: Deborah

Great product for organizing all of the surfboards in my family! Easy to install. I highly recommend it!

Just what I was looking for
Posted: April 8, 2016
Written by: Thomas

Not the prettiest surf rack I have ever seen but works well for my needs. Great deal to store 6 boards.

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