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Product Highlights

  • Holds up to 3 boards and 75lbs!
  • Beautiful rounded edges on the base
  • Well padded arms provide dent protection
  • Also perfect for holding water skis, wakesurf, kiteboards, snowboards, skis, etc
  • Hand made in the USA!
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Wakeboard Wall Rack | Triple Wood Wake Rack | Scorpion Basics

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Product Highlights

  • Holds up to 3 boards and 75lbs!
  • Beautiful rounded edges on the base
  • Well padded arms provide dent protection
  • Also perfect for holding water skis, wakesurf, kiteboards, snowboards, skis, etc
  • Hand made in the USA!
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Product Description

The Wakeboard Wall Rack is a no-frills, just business wall rack designed to store and display up to 3 wakeboards. This wakeboard rack is made from a white Pine wood base with thick Pine wood dowel arms. Each rack arm comes wrapped in a thick foam sleeve to prevent any dents, dings, or pressure points on your wakeboards. 

The Wakeboard Wall Rack is part of our line of utilitarian, function-first storage racks. The rack will come with a completely natural finish - no stain or clear coat is applied. While we emphasize function over form, we still pay attention to aesthetics. Each rack base has round routered edges, a smooth sanded finish, and the drill holes are countersunk. Additionally, the foam is angle cut to sit flush against the base and the arms at angled 25 degrees which is perfect for displaying your boards. 

The Wakeboard Wall Rack comes with pre-drilled, countersunk holes so mounting is very quick and convenient. The rack also includes all necessary mounting hardware, so no trips to the hardware store are necessary.

Scorpion Basics - Quality racks at affordable prices - Hand made in the USA!

  • Arms angled at 25 degrees
  • Arms are 16" long; stick out from wall 14"
  • Horizontal distance between the arms: 12"
  • 3 rack base width is 32" along wall
  • 3/4" thick padding on arms

Howdy! I’m Andrew from and I’m here with another product video. Today, we’ve got our three Wakeboard Wall Rack, which you can see right behind me. This is a great rack with our customers because it’s super affordable and it’s an easy way to store a lot of wakeboards. The rack requires a little bit of assembly. You’ll get a package with two rack sides and six rack arms. The rack sides have precut holes, and there’s a mounting kit with some glue you’ll insert into the holes, then you’ll insert the rack arms into those holes. They fit tightly but you might need a rubber mallet to pound the ends into the rack sides.

Once you’ve set up three rack arms, you’ll have a set that looks like this. The rack sides also have two precut mounting holes, and that’s what you’ll use to attach to the wall and you’ll have your rack set up. The rack arms themselves are padded with foam to protect your boards while you’re putting them in the rack and taking them out. They are about 16 inches wide, so they’ll fit a variety of wakeboards and there’s 13 inches of space between the two levels.

So depending on the rack of your board, the size of your binding boots, that will depend on whether you can fit your boards and how creative you might have to get with your storage. I’ll show you what I mean. I got two more wakeboards here. When I insert this one into the center slot, there is clearance, so that’s no problem. I got another board that I can set on top, and there’s your triple storage.

Let’s say you have even higher bindings on this board. One solution could be just to flip this board down. Once again you got your storage for three wakeboards. If you got a variety of boards, of course we can fit wakesurfers, too. Now you’ve got your wakesurf and your wakeboards. It’s very simple to use. It’s very affordable, and it’s a great basic wall storage rack. Check it out for your home, your garage, your boathouse at

Not what I was expecting....
Posted: December 30, 2015
Written by: Ashley

I purchased this as a gift for my husband after he had been looking at these products for quite some time. He opened the gift on Christmas morning and I could tell he was very excited when he realized what it was. However, after we took it all out of the box and looked at where we would hang it in the garage, it was very evident that it was cheaply made and for the price I paid, I was assuming it would be a lot nicer quality. The wood is completely unfinished and looks like it came straight from the hardwood store. The black "cushioned" knobs to hold the boards remind me of a pool noodle.
We laughed that we could have made this ourselves and it would look better. we are going to stain the wood or at least put a nice finish on it so its smooth before hanging it in the garage.

Board Storage Rack
Posted: December 9, 2015
Written by: Joseph S.

The rack was just what I needed and a decent price. I did not give it 5 stars as it is not a high end rack, but perfect for a garage or storage area.

Love these racks
Posted: December 9, 2015
Written by: Lauren L.

Super easy to install and look great.

the Solution
Posted: October 14, 2015
Written by: Mark B.

This product fit my needs wonderfully. Great service, prompt shipping, attentive packaging led up to me easily installing wall rack to store wakesurf board, wake-board, and skis. Looks great as well.


Great storage solution
Posted: September 30, 2015
Written by: Michael B.

This has been a great storage solution for my boards. I have two wakeboards and kneeboard on the rack mounted to my garage wall. Keeps my boards out of the way, and safe from everything else rolling around in my garage.

Simple easy wakeboard rack
Posted: March 26, 2015
Written by: Peter R.

Nice rack to hold my boards on. Best price I could find for a rack to hold 3 boards. I have 2 wakeboards and a wakesufer.

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