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Why Buy From Us

Everyone likes to say and think they're the best. But on the internet today, it's difficult to distinguish the authentic from the fly-by-nighters. So why should you "buy from us"? Here's what we're doing that others aren't.

Top Products

Board and gear storage is our niche. We didn't set out to be the "world's greatest outdoor retailer ever created!" We wanted to excel in a corner of that market, and that's what we've done. To our way of thinking, if there's a best product on the market, we'll work with its owner/creator to source and sell that product at a competitive price. But sometimes the best storage option hasn't existed - so we designed, created, tested and manufactured it. That's what having the top products requires.

Focus on You, the Customer

Our review system helps with this a ton (guess that's why we won that award?). Our customers are very actively engaged with providing feedback that 1) helps future customers with their decisions and 2) helps us with any potential product or customer service issues. Our customer service team is quick to respond to questions and requests via any line of communication. As far as submitted reviews, multiple pairs of eyes read every single one that lands in our inboxes. Then we take those reviews to investigate issues and head off future problems to benefit all our customers.

Award Winning Content

Our goal is to provide literally ALL the information that exists about each particular product. We don't take shortcuts when crafting our descriptions and measuring product dimensions - we go above and beyond to provide a well-rounded grouping of information so you can make a great purchase. For a typical listing that means you'll notice a full spectrum of detailed pictures (many of them provided by our customers), "how-to-use/install" videos and honest reviews contributed 100% by our actual customers.

As recognition for our efforts, in November 2016 BigCommerce awarded us the Innovation Award for our custom user review system, announced later in a 2-page INC Magazine spread. In other words, people like our content.

Our Guarantees

Even the best businesses occasionally make mistakes or see something fall through the cracks. But what the best companies do - what we do - is fix things when problems arise for you, our customer. So we always:

  • Provide a 90 Day Guarantee. If you have any issue, send it back and we'll return your money, no questions asked.
  • Beat Competitor's Prices. If you find the same product somewhere else, for less money, let us know. We'll sell you that product for 5% less than the competitor's price.

We stand by and its products by backing up our words with proven action, and we hope that earns your business.

Curated Selection

We are working every day to fill out each space on our unique site with the ultimate goal in mind of having a product for everyone. "For your paddleboard," we ask, "do you need a rack for your dock, garage, den or boat? Wood, aluminum or marine-grade construction? One, two or ten SUPs? Okay, what's your price range?" In other words, we have something for everyone in many categories. And in categories where we don't, we're actively working on it for you, right now.