Why Buy From Us

Top Products

We strive to always carry the best products in each category. This means the highest quality, best design, most useful, best aesthetic, & best bang for the buck! If we can’t find the top product in a category we will design and manufacture one ourselves. Our Spire Collective Design Team is focused on developing innovative products in our market niches.

Curated Selection

Leave the hard work to us! The greater Internet is a vast waste land of garbage. We take PRIDE in the products we carry. We search out products that we know our customers will love. That means we carry some of the top, well known brands but we are often more excited about the unique products we dig up all over the USA. These creative companies and craftsman allow us to offer more than the standard one or two products per category.

Honest In-Depth Content

We provide as much useful information as possible about our products so you can make an informed buying decision and be confident in your purchase. Each product description is hand written by one of our gear gurus who lives and breathes these sports. Instead of a one-sentence machine like description we try to let you know what we think about the product, just like if your friend were to recommend a product. We are always looking to improve here. We are working to take this to the next level with more product videos. We are also working on an interactive product page FAQ system where customers can help each other and our gear gurus can chime in to help out as well.

Focused on You

This is all for you! Everything we do revolves around you - the customer. We are constantly working to give you a better experience in every aspect of our business. Let us know how we are doing. We love to hear what you think - Contact Us

User Friendly Design & Interface

Shopping online is a FUN & Effective way to get what you want and need – as long as the website is properly designed. We are constantly tweaking and updating our website design and interface to make it easier for you. Whether it is the straight forward navigation system, the simple clean design, the feature packed but well organized product pages, easy checkout, or the useful recommended accessories these have all been tested and upgraded to better serve you.

Passionate Team

We actually care about these products and use them ourselves! It helps to be in the Board Sport business rather than the toilet bowl cleaner business (but hey – everyone needs it!). Our team loves these sports and can easily relate to why you might need or want our products. Our team meetings are often held at the Lake on the boat or on the Mountain at the Ski Resort. Having the passion about these sports lets us translate that into everything we do.