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Product Highlights

  • Adjustable! Space the arms to fit your equipment
  • Soft rubber arm pads protect your boards
  • 4 sets of arms for 4 board storage
  • Steel rack holds boards from short to long
  • Multi-purpose to hold wakeboards, snowboards, skis and more!
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XSR Board Storage Rack

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Product Highlights

  • Adjustable! Space the arms to fit your equipment
  • Soft rubber arm pads protect your boards
  • 4 sets of arms for 4 board storage
  • Steel rack holds boards from short to long
  • Multi-purpose to hold wakeboards, snowboards, skis and more!
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Product Description

One of the strongest, most versatile gear wall racks around! Simple, customizable, and functional, the XSR Board Storage Rack's arms can be adjusted to accommodate the dimensions of 4 of your boards. Traditional wood dowel and pipe foam surf racks are for kooks! This rack blows them out of the water.

  • Secure Metal Construction. This Board Storage Rack is built from steel, which is more than strong enough to support your boards on the wall, and it will last for years.
  • Rubber Padded Arms. The point of a rack is to protect your boards from damage! This XSR rack's arms do just that - their Soft Polymer Board Pad blue rubber coating prevents dings or damage during loading or storage. 

An adjustable storage solution. This XSR rack system consists of 2 vertical tracks and 4 sets of rack arms (8 total arms). Mount the tracks to your wall parallel at whatever distance apart you require to fit the length of your gear. Then, insert the arms into the track's holes at the spacing up and down the track that you need. The Insta-lock Brackets make it easy to adjust spacing of the arms on the fly, too. For even more storage versatility, hang your wetsuits, leashes, and other surf gear from the cutout holes in the racks' arms. The "Easy-Load Apex" ramp of the arm makes it easy to load your boards, too.

Mounting and installationIncluded with the rack is everything you need to complete its simple installation. Insert 4 screws through each track into your wall studs, insert your rack arms into the tracks, and you're ready to store your equipment. To best fit the arms securely into the track, tap the top base of each arm with a hammer.

Need even more storage? Add extra rack arms to your XSR Rack (up to 6 total levels), or grab a set of extra rack tracks for additional options. 

  • Arms are 14.6" long
  • 3" wide cradle for your board
  • Height of vertical track is 48"
  • Arms have a 60 degree angle, 30 degrees above parallel to ground
  • (2) Tracks for mounting on the wall
  • (4) pairs of arms 
  • (1) Assembly Instructions
  • (10) Mounting screws, 2"
I am interested in the board storage system. I only have 46" of vertical space. What is the material? I'm thinking of cutting 2" off the top (the rough edge would be at the ceiling). Do you think I could do that?
The rack is made from a mild steel. You should be able to cut off a couple inches of the vertical uprights with any common metal cutting tool such as a reciprocating saw. Since the vertical uprights have slots all along, you will be able to place the arms along the new 46" verticals and still be able to store your boards.
How far out from the wall do the arms reach?
The arms on this board storage rack are 14.6" long, but because they are at an angle, they only reach out about 10" from the wall.
What are the weight limitation on this rack? I'd like to use it to store a paddle board and a kayak on it.
Our adjustable arm multi-sport rack holds a lot of different types of boards and gear, such as skis, surfboards, skateboards, wake and snowboards... but it isn't suited for paddle boards or kayaks, so we do not recommend it for either of those. Its not just the weight, but also the shape of kayaks and SUPs don't work well on this otherwise very versatile gear rack. You can find rack options for SUPs here and some kayak rack options here; a few of those options will work for both kayaks and SUPs .
Great Racks For Longboards
Posted: November 23, 2016
Written by: Anthony H.

Racks are easy to put up. They allow a lot more room in the one car garage that the racks are in. They support the four 10 foot longboards that I have with no problem. Zero complaints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rack for 4
Posted: August 17, 2016
Written by: Dave H.

great design only critizem is the rubber sleeves come off easy. Perhaps a harder material would work better but overall great

Board storage rack
Posted: May 25, 2016
Written by: Linda W.

Product was exactly as advertised. We purchased an extra set of arms and currently are using it to store 5 boogie boards, two beach umbrellas, and two beach chairs.

Looks Great!
Posted: February 4, 2014
Written by: Adam

I really like this rack. It is everything the video makes it out to be. The one think they really need to change are the screws. I wish I would have taken one of the other reviewers advice and replaced all the screws with higher quality ones. I had hoped this problem would have been resolved. I broke two off trying to screw into studs. I even drilled pilot holes! The next screws had to be put in at a slight angle and then do not fit flush into the bevels provided for the screw heads making the rack arms sit at a slight angle. Not good. I managed to finagle them to get them straight, but should not have to do that. I would have given 5 stars except for the screw problem. Otherwise they look great!

good looking space saver
Posted: February 2, 2014
Written by: Pablo Lopez

Diggin this wall rack for my boards. Keeps my quiver off the floor but still ready to grab and strap onto my truck. Easy to mount and position.

Love it!
Posted: April 22, 2013
Written by: Matt Leach

Rack is very easy to install and works great!

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